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    LOD G3 454 (2shotted) (3healed) / RS25hc G2 #325

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    LOD G5 455 (2shotted)

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    LOD G2 457 RS25hc G1 337 / RS25hc G2 338

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    Recruiting open,
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    About us
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    Favourite Nightmare is a friendly/ end-game guild , created on 2014 original from Lordaeron - Horde , we have people from all over the world with a lot of experience on Wotlk and other Wow expansions (including retail TBC/Mop/Cata/WoD) . The guild is back after a break and ready for killing everything that moves again : )
    We're looking for great raiders (it implies knowing tactics, being polite and active ofc), after all we want to be sure that every member is capable to overcome our expectations at every encounter.

    Best progress on new scripted core
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    ICC 25 Heroic Light Of Dawn 8 groups killed per week. Only guild that ever did as much farm Molten/Warmane
    Ruby Sanctum 25 Heroic 11 groups killed per week Only guild that ever did as much farm Molten/Warmane

    0 exploits , 0 hacks

    Specs and classes :
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    Accepting ONLY players with end game gear and that knows how to use their classes 100% also you should have 2-3 alts ready for 25hc raids and know how to play with them properly .

    *****Specially healers and tanks who can perform good with the current LK 25hc /RS25hc scripts .

    Paladin Prot H / Holy H / Retry M
    Shaman Resto H / Elemental H /Enhacment L
    Priest Disc H /holy H /Shadow L
    Deathknight Frostdps H / Unholy H / Tank H
    Hunter MM H
    Druid Resto H / Boomi H / Feral H / Feral Tank H
    Rogue Combat H / Assa M
    Warrior Fury M
    Warlock Demon H / Afli H
    Mage ArcaneM/TTW M

    *H =Highly needed
    *M =Medium needed
    *L =Low needed

    PS: Mainly Healers (Hpala,Rshamy,Disc,Rdruid ) Pala tank , Druid tank . Everything else is open too.
    PS2: Only accepting exceptional applications .

    Send an application to :


    Currently raid time :18.00st Doing atm 6-7LODS 5-7RS25hc 1-2ToGC and several banes.

    PS: Also we need players with 3-4 chars mainly geared (6.3 6.4 6.5) and people who is actually thinking about playing not for being afk inactive .
    PS: Need Prot/Feral Tank (that can tank LOD and RS25hc inside) also healers (that can heal inside RS25hc and 3heal LOD) - Pref with a microphone working .
    PS: All classes open keep in mind that you should be able to do the dps/heal according to your gs and listen and understand all the information provided by raid leaders.
    PS: Everyone who apply need to know EVERYTHING about raiding.

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