1. LOD G3 454 (2shotted) (3healed) / RS25hc G2 #325

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  2. LOD G5 455 (2shotted)

    Edited: March 11, 2019

  3. LOD G2 457 RS25hc G1 337 / RS25hc G2 338

  4. Recruiting open,
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    About us
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    Favourite Nightmare is a friendly/ end-game guild , created on 2014 original from Lordaeron - Horde , we have people from all over the world with a lot of experience on Wotlk and other Wow expansions (including retail TBC/Mop/Cata/WoD) . The guild is back after a break and ready for killing everything that moves again : )
    We're looking for great raiders (it implies knowing tactics, being polite and active ofc), after all we want to be sure that every member is capable to overcome our expectations at every encounter.

    Best progress on new scripted core
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    ICC 25 Heroic Light Of Dawn 8 groups killed per week. Only guild that ever did as much farm Molten/Warmane
    Ruby Sanctum 25 Heroic 11 groups killed per week Only guild that ever did as much farm Molten/Warmane

    0 exploits , 0 hacks

    Specs and classes :
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    Accepting ONLY players with end game gear and that knows how to use their classes 100% also you should have 2-3 alts ready for 25hc raids and know how to play with them properly .

    *****Specially healers and tanks who can perform good with the current LK 25hc /RS25hc scripts .

    Paladin Prot H / Holy H / Retry M
    Shaman Resto H / Elemental H /Enhacment L
    Priest Disc H /holy H /Shadow L
    Deathknight Frostdps H / Unholy H / Tank H
    Hunter MM H
    Druid Resto H / Boomi H / Feral H / Feral Tank H
    Rogue Combat H / Assa M
    Warrior Fury M
    Warlock Demon H / Afli H
    Mage ArcaneM/TTW M

    *H =Highly needed
    *M =Medium needed
    *L =Low needed

    PS: Mainly Healers (Hpala,Rshamy,Disc,Rdruid ) Pala tank , Druid tank . Everything else is open too.
    PS2: Only accepting exceptional applications .

    Send an application to :


    Currently raid time :18.00st Doing atm 6-7LODS 5-7RS25hc 1-2ToGC and several banes.

    PS: Also we need players with 3-4 chars mainly geared (6.3 6.4 6.5) and people who is actually thinking about playing not for being afk inactive .
    PS: Need Prot/Feral Tank (that can tank LOD and RS25hc inside) also healers (that can heal inside RS25hc and 3heal LOD) - Pref with a microphone working .
    PS: All classes open keep in mind that you should be able to do the dps/heal according to your gs and listen and understand all the information provided by raid leaders.
    PS: Everyone who apply need to know EVERYTHING about raiding.

  5. LOD G1 459 & G2 460 Cleared

    We are in dire need of some competent players for G2, G3 and forward. Players who are multi-role capable are also welcomed.

    Apply at : http://favnightmare.shivtr.com/ or contact me on Discord; Silent#3594

  6. Major Guild Updates..

    1.) We will be recruiting without applications from today until we believe we have acquired reasonable amount of core players.

    The guild is NOT dying. We still have passionate Officers who are willing to sacrifice their time and efforts into the guild in general, including myself.

    Many of our Core/Veteran members have gone inactive for their personal reasons, and we are in a place where it takes almost an hour to fill the raid currently. (We start inviting at 17:45, and it usually gets filled around 18:20 or so.)

    Requirements to join the guild would not be altered, however. You would still need a toon that is reasonably geared (that is 6k+ that can pull at MINIMUM 12K DPS) and knowledge in all heroic encounters. If you believe you meet the requirement and able to commit into a guild, please "/who Fav" and look for an Officer in-game and if there are none available, find me on Discord; Silent#3594.

    2.) We will not kick you out of the guild because XYZ if you are a Trial.

    Honestly, if you did fail to do a VERY simply heroic mechanics, such as Defile or Necrotic Plague or Unchained Magic etc-, you would still be heavily punished via DKP or even a guild kick depending on its severity.

    However, we would be, and actually ARE more soft on the Trial members. Even if you fail once or twice, we would simply whisper you and ask you to please, step up and play better or pay better attention around him. We just want to build a drama free environment where people can feel like they are at home.

    3.) And following, regarding "Trials cannot bid on items" rule.

    So, as some of you more experienced players might know, we do have "Trials cannot bid on items" rule in place. People had problem with this as some were stuck on Trial for almost a month and so on.

    I thought we were being very reasonable with it, as when we invited Trials into the guild raid, it wasn't because we wanted them to gear up to become a better player, we wanted to see what they've got. (Literally, the definition of "Trial")

    If you play extremely well (pulling more DPS / HPS then Members/Raiders/Cores/Veterans), there is absolutely NO reason why Officers would not promote you right up to Member on your first raid. We aren't talking about "Hey let's intentionally not promote these trials so we can just use them for free forever, HEHEEKSDEE" something like that in Officer chats...

    However, I still understand there are cases where people who are actually legitimately good or bad, but have spent many hours in raid with us stuck in Trial. So, I will put a new rule in place..

    - If Trial has over 10,000 DKP, one should be immediately be promoted to Member.

    With this new rule in place, it is more clear to see when you will actually be promoted without being so stood out of everyone.

    4.) Guild bank update?

    It's a built-in default Blizzard thing, but we have never actually been using Guild Bank... I am planning to link GB with DKP system we have, so it can be more active. We would have a solid rule after discussing it in detail with other Officers, but it would be something like;

    BoE item <-> X amount of DKP
    Craft 264 BoE for the guild <-> X amount of DKP
    Craft a stack of Flasks for the guild <-> X amount of DKP

    And btw, one more LOD & RS cleared today.
    Edited: April 6, 2019

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