1. As for The Shattered Soul it is a Horde guild of 60s and 70s: http://armory.warmane.com/guild/The+...stwolf/summary
    I should very much like to have a discussion with members of <The Shattered Soul>.

  2. Digitailove is no longer GM of <Too Close To Twenty> I handed over GM rights to Zulhinal.
    Please update!
    Thank you.

  3. Please add Lordaeron (A) 59 twink guild "The Legendary" led by Baeldorf

  4. <Twinks R Us> Alliance currently only active 19 Alliance guild, Classic is disbanded.

  5. Updates for Lordaeron:
    'really good twinks' is a 19 twink guild and Nerdpartyqt is their GM.
    'Our Own Hell' is another active 19 twink guild and Pechemignon is their GM.
    Please change the GM of 'Bad to the Bone' to Gwynerear.
    Ez PvP Lover has one member and should be removed
    IDDQD has 3 lvl 60s and should be removed
    Saturate doesn't exist
    Edited: March 27, 2017

  6. May 27, 2017  
    Added The Two Outland guilds that I know of.

  7. May 30, 2017  
    <Famed> on Lordaeron, led by Xshooter.
    Edited: December 13, 2017

  8. Added some more OL guilds.

  9. Hello all! I'm new to Warmane but am actively searching for a private server with an active 59 or 69 Twink bracket. I see that Icecrown has a 69 guild on both factions. Are games still going on? Please say yes.. :/

  10. I don't play on Icecrown anymore you would have to ask the GMs of the guilds. Be warned though, there is a lot of heat with the current 60 twinks if you decide to roll 69. Welcome and have fun.

  11. Hey guys what is the best server for twinking Lordaeron, outland? Overall i think Wotlk would be more fun, but maybe outland is more active? Talking about 19s or even 29s if those happen?

  12. Best horde twink guild is Little Ones for every kind of twinks but moslty are 10-19 lvl

  13. Level 19 twink guilds on Icecrown have one for horde and Allinace. Allinace is Twinks. Horde is Too Close To Twenty. :)

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