1. Guys, i'm currently playing for Alliance side and looking for proper online guild 70-79. In the description i saw guild <Carried> but there small number of active players online and guild looks like dying.
    If someone here can give me advice where i can find active guild?
    I want:
    - non-stop WSG, Arathi Basin
    - often Alterac Valley 40x40 full of twinks
    - command game based on good teamwork and coordination (maybe with VOIP)
    - polite and cheerful guildmembers who carried about each other.
    BTW, 70-79 most attractive bracket, do more twinks please, so community here never died.

  2. Wrong server mate. U should roll Loardeon, not IC.

  3. 69 <Go Cry To Your Eighty> Ran by: Druidboii Horde

  4. Famed is a horde guild with lvl 19s and guild master is now Lucho.
    Our Own Hell have now lvl 29s and 39s twink.

  5. There is a difference between a leader and a GM.. Lucho has been inactive for a year. Don't try to change my post you backpedaling dog.

  6. dont listen to xshooter, he is non active for almost a year on the 19s bracket, he have no knowledge of the state of it and also is a hater of mine, so of course he will deny everything i wrote and prefer to whisper me ingame raging message or non senses propaganda.

    WANTED Twinks is a horde guild with lvl 19s and GM is Sliucha on Lordreaon

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    Add my Guild,
    Classic Terrorists (60)
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