1. May 23, 2016  

    Regarding server chages

    1. Removing Wrathful gear to go back to Relentless is a really good change as long as you can farm it in1 month time, not 3 months.The change itself is good because it will boost 2s ladder activity and is a way of dealing with unlegit players but 3 months is way too long and will demotivate players because the expansion itself is old and they already farmed gear before the free wrath gear change. Farming all over again will be seen more as an obligation/chore rather that a motivation to play.

    2. VIP

    It is okay to remove .teleport and .appear commands from VIP accounts, BUT DON'T REMOVE VIP ACCOUNTS, this will also upset and demotivate players that already bought VIP. Instead, you could add the possibility to buy VIP for profit and rework the way VIP accounts work by adding features like:
    - VIP only queue spots
    - VIP only transmog
    - Faster honor/arena points gain (or vendors with discount) so VIP's dont get full gear while others are still farming.
    - VIP mounts

    3. Solo Queue

    Keep solo queue the way it is - a good feature. Reverting back to MCH mode (paired with going back to 3.3.5a) will:

    -render some specs like enhancement shamans, balance druids, etc, useless in solo queue, because the nature of the comps resulting and they will be overshadowed by warriors / ele shamans/ warlocks. This is actually the opposite intention of adding patch 3.3.5B which brought something new for the players and made AT a bit more alive when it was added.
    - will severely increase queue times for solo q, which again is not a thing you want on a pvp realm.

    4. Transmog system

    Keep the current transmog system, I personally don't see anything wrong with it, it is way more complex and flexible than the old one. The only thing that blinds people into thinking it's bad is the high price for a transmog token. So, if you re-add arena points system again, there is logically no needed change for the current transmog system except changing the price of tokens/keys/cases from honor to arena points, or make them available at the vendor both in honor and arena points.

    5. 3.3.5b

    As many people said, keep patch 3.3.5b. The players who designed it did it specially to improve the quality of the game and most of the players already accepted it and got used to it. Removing it will bring back broken "Sacred cleansing" talent , will make feral/balance druids again severely disadvantaged and probably dissapear from ladder again, and other unwanted changes really. Patch 3.3.5B is a good thing for the overall health of the server

    6. Dampening and dementia

    Again good features. Currently dampening in 2s starts ticking in at 8 minutes time, and ticks for 1% every 10 seconds up to a total of 70% stacks which are reached at ~20 minutes into the arena so increasing 8 minute marker or making it tick every 15-20 seconds would make it less aggressive and abusable by players.

    7. Pvp items

    The current item choice is balanced overall, however having lower ilvl trinkets will solve some problems with the current meta.

    There is way too much mana regen available for healers. having high end mana regen trinkets(bauble+solace), paired with class mana regen skills is giving insane amounts of mana regen to healers. This means the effort put into mantaining mana efficiencly is extremely low, it pretty much removes mana draining tactics and mana wars from the meta, taking away from the game. You have bad positioning and eat mana burn? no problem, you have enough mana regen to recover with minimal impact. You make godlike plays to create burn opportunities? doesn't really matter because again the enemy healer has enough mana regen to make your play have a low impact. Enemy team outplays you? No problem, you can always use bauble trinket to save you. Not having high ilvl trinkets makes the game more fluent, more enjoyable to play. Just remember when this change was tested on AT, alot of high exp players enjoyed it, but since they are a minority on the server, they reverted back.

    So basically instead of removing the high end trinkets, the staff decided to apply the Dampening system which gradually reduces all healing/absorb in arenas up to 70%. This system is more efficient in dealing with 40+ minute long arenas, though has some downsides, it highly favors some comps while making other struggle. Some teams can just play defensive on purpose until dementia kicks in, taking advantage of the system.

    Thanks if you read so far in the post
    Edited: May 23, 2016

  2. May 23, 2016  
    Hey fastlight1.

    I agree with many of your points here and part of it will take effect.
    I will probably post a topic later today about what changes that will be made

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