1. May 23, 2016  

    Upcoming changes for Blackrock

    Hey guys.

    Majority of you already know that the upcoming changes is catering towards a fresh new restart of the realm.
    So in this topic i will list all the changes that is confirmed to happen and undecided ideas.
    This topic can be updated at any time with additional or changed information.

    Those changes will go live 28th may.

    - All gear will get removed.
    - New starting gear: Relentless
    - Fight for Wrathful (ilvl 264 cap)
    - Wrathful shoulders will only be obtainable through 3vs3

    Arena system
    - We will move back to arena points and the arena flush will be twice per week.
    - You will be able to earn arena points from 2vs2, 3vs3 and solo qeueu.
    - Arena season will be reset.

    Dampening / Dementia
    - The starting timers will now start at 20 min rather than 8 min.
    - The time between a buff gets applied is now the double time.

    - You will no longer need keys to open the arena cases.
    - The drop chance of cases will get lowered.
    - Transmog tokens will now drop from arena cases.

    Titles and arena statistics
    - All titles will be removed
    - Arena statistics from 2s, 3s and 5s (solo queue) will be reset.

    - VIP will no longer grant teleport commands.
    - Gear is no longer obtainable from the VIP malls.

    3.3.5b patch
    - The 3.3.5b patch will not be removed at a start. Its something we will reevaluate later on.

    Teleport npc
    - Teleports you to a random arena queue location (will come after the launch)

    - The profession system will remain the same however we will reduce all the profession skills down to 1.


    Elaborated forum reply 1.

    Okay allow me to break things down for you and shine some light behind the logic.

    Sure i do understand that some people gets frustrated and feel betrayed here.
    But if we start look at the specific changes

    - Removal of titles
    Its simply because the server has been alive for over 7 years now.
    There's actually a very small amount that is the original owner of those gladiator characters.
    And if we wanna talk about unique-ness. Your titles doesn't mean anything when so many players have the same title.

    - Removal of arena statistics
    This is related to the statement i made above.
    And in an addition, people are not able to reach the 3k mark like they could years ago when the server was more active.
    The arena statistics is creating a false illusion of the players current skill and also gives them an easy ride for arena transmogs.

    - Removal of VIP benefits
    Yes yes, I completely understand that you feel entitled to the benefits of the 60€ you spent 5 years ago.
    You got so much value out of that donation over the years and we're now reformatting the realm to be more sustainable and so it can contribute for upcoming tournaments.

    The most healthy way for the server's environment is to restart the server with clean characters.
    I really think this can blow some fresh air into the server. The end result will be better than what we have today.

    Edited: May 28, 2016

  2. May 23, 2016  
    I don't really get to understand the removal of VIP. Not to whine or anything, it would be fine if you dont get full gear with it instantly, not talking about that, but the removal of .tele commands? Why is it good for anyone? You should definitely KEEP VIP and actually implement it into the warmane store so people buy it. You always say Malaco that Blackrock does not contribute money towards Warmane... well here is the chance for it. And it was also a really good feature for Gladiator/Tournament players to give as reward. I really hope you reconsider this topic.

    And the second thing I strongly disagree with is the weekly arena flush. Of course I understand that you want the gearing process to be longer, but man, this is WAY TOO long. As you said as well, this is not 2011 anymore, WoW itself and especially arena servers are not that big of a thing anymore, people do not really want to just farm gear for months. It should be AT LEAST 2x a week I think, but I would rather say every 2 days or something.

    I really like the rest of the changes though. Hope there will be 3s tournaments again in the future as well.

    And also special thanks again Malaco for caring about Blackrock. PS: rename to Arena-Tournament?))
    Edited: May 23, 2016

  3. May 23, 2016  
    Those who have wrathfull already and powerfull items on them equiped(soulbound) will get deleted? Sooo after 31 may all(we the players) will have chars naked and will have to take relentless?
    Or those who have wrathfull will keep their gears?

  4. May 23, 2016  
    there are some "confirmed" ideas which I do not like.
    "- The starting timers will now start at 20 min rather than 8 min."
    why? isn't too much 20 min? some 2s match will be more boring than before, I suggest 10 mins or 12min, also the Dementia for 3s will stay as it is now or will be like a "dumpening" (like for 2s) ?

    "- We will move back to arena points and the arena flush will be once per week. "
    I understand that make it once a week will increase the days to get full wrathful but it has a side-effect, once a player got a decent rating he might consider to do only 10 arena per week, which is not good at all, so I suggest 2 "flush per week" like it happens on Warsong realm with molten core, so the same GM who do the flush on Warsong will just need to log-in on Blackrock too

    "- VIP will no longer grant teleport commands."
    Why this shoudl help the realm? eheh, you are already going to remove free gear to them let them use .tele at least :P

    What will happen to Honor system? it will become like before so we need to use it for Off-parts? or it will stay as it is and offpart will be for Arena Point?
    Edited: May 23, 2016

  5. May 23, 2016  
    Please make wf shoulders or at least arena points obtainable from Solo Queue too, 2s/3s aren't fun anymore (too few teams , op comps, tryhards etc.). I think a lot of ppl on the server are there only because of sq, don't force people to play other brackets.

    To the tmog changes, you said it will get reverted to the old system, now this isn't it all. Farming for gear (for months!) + tmogs too?

  6. May 23, 2016  
    Well, too bad I will have to move to another free gear pvp realm, since I do not have time to farm anything. What does vip accounts get after all? Nothing. Dropping gear to relentless its just fail. Or maybe let free gear for BGs, Isle, duels.... Malaco, you did really bad here. Was fun to play, now RIP.

  7. May 23, 2016  
    What does vip accounts get after all? Nothing. Dropping gear to relentless its just fail..
    it make sense to remove gear for Vips, so everyone will start with same gear, if Vips keep the gear then arenas would be unbalanced. Maybe after few months they might consider to re-add the free wrathful for Vips since most of the blackrock's players will be equipped too.

    Anyway if this is the reason they decided to remove free gear for Vips I hope they remove the Gear for Coins at marketpalce, otherwise who danate now will be advantaged and in this way the spirit of this change would be lost

    Edit: I am a bit scared by all these Big changes, removing all the gear + flush once per week + resetting statistics might have as conseguence to move blackrock's players to try Icecrown since it would be "almost" the same.
    Same for new players, with Icecrown available maybe the "free wrathful for everyone" was a good choice to attract them
    I hope to be wrong obviously :)
    Edited: May 24, 2016

  8. May 23, 2016  
    i like everything except the rele->wrathful. i would have loved furious->relentless. would have truly be a fresh air.

  9. May 23, 2016  
    Thanks ErzaLIVE and skullbashat for the constructive feedback.
    The things you guys brought up can get changed.
    I want to try out how one reset per month turns out.
    If its terrible we can always change it.

  10. May 24, 2016  
    I am sure many players will move to Icecrown server just because of what you said skullbashat. I only log here to duel and play Bgs and Isle... If I need to farm for gear (I will simply go to some pve realm (with more population)). The meta of PvP servers is to make free gear for all (makes it fair). Malaco, you won't make players play more if you delete gear. Perhaps, this could be the downfall for Blackrock (AT). Make VIP account available and I am sure many players will donate for that.

  11. May 24, 2016  
    Yeah, VIP should not be removed. At least not the teleport commands. While removing free gear from VIP is quite fair, at least give us back the VIP transmog. It does not ruin the balance, and yet we keep what we have paid for back in AT days.

    In addition, please make Bauble of True Blood usable only by healing classes, e.g: Requires Shaman, Priest, Druid, Paladin.

    I think removing T2 weapons overall would be the best. That would make PvE weapons such as Bryntoll equal. Nobody considers using PvE weapons at this point. 3v3 players should still benefit slightly more than others. While that would motivate people play the bracket more, it would still be unfair to allow such stat difference. Shoulders + good old 264 icc chest/shoulders/etc would be enough + some transmog.

    Please, do not remove 3.3.5b. Instead, as promised, make 3.3.5c! There are still things that should be fixed such as DODGE from Priests, Mages, Warlocks(TO BE REMOVED PLEASE), even from warriors and DKs. In addition, Locks, Mages and DKs entering combat through their pets(aka pet bugging), too.

    3.3.5c, if it ever sees a bright day, should be focused on reducing RNG even more. You changed Sacred Cleansing's effect. You also made Cloak of Shadows pure gem. Now do the same with dispels, dodge, miss, parry, resist. PvP should not be about luck at all!
    Edited: May 24, 2016

  12. May 24, 2016  

  13. May 24, 2016  
    I am sure many players will move to Icecrown server just because of what you said skullbashat.
    then here is a list of good reasons to still prefer Blackrock (exept the most obvious reason like instant lvl 80, free enchant etc..):
    Spoiler: Show
    1a.Free change race/faction
    1b.Cross faction chat, allowing to find partner on opposite faction too
    2. wargames/subwar via .challenge playername command
    3. PvE Gear via honor/Arena Point (so via PvP acticity)
    4. duels with "reset cd" feature
    5. Solo que
    6a Transmog system...
    6b. ... via PvP activity
    7. .utility morph command
    8. higher number of "skilled" players ( I can't confirm tho, but I hope so :P )
    Edited: May 24, 2016

  14. May 24, 2016  
    I don't get the reasoing behind removing " X Gladiator" titles. Don't you think that people spent a lot of time obtaining them and wouldn't that demotivate them to play again or try hard again? Since a lot of their teammates probably quit the game and finding new and good teammates is hard, especially if you are aiming for rank 1 again. Also what about titles obtained from Solo Queue and old tournaments? Such as: The Immortal, The Undying, The Supreme, Arena Master, Battlemaster. Furthermore you should really consider enabling Namechange for a day or two, since a lot of people got surprised by not being able to change their name anymore and might want to stick to an other name for the rest of the time

  15. May 24, 2016  
    Dampening / Dementia
    - The starting timers will now start at 20 min rather than 8 min.
    - The time between a buff gets applied is now the double time.
    This isn't good enough, warpal still autowins but it just takes 30min instead of 15, put damage increase instead of healing reduce.
    I want to play other classes than just warrior.
    Edited: May 24, 2016

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