1. May 26, 2016  
    Okay, so, for the most part what you're doing is actually healthy for the realm, but you're still making a few mistakes.

    1. VIP commands removal is very unnecessary cosidering they make no significant impact on the actual gameplay.

    2. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Arena flush once per week is unsuitable for the PvP FUN realm due to unreasonably long period of time required to obtain the needed gear. In 2012 AT had the perfect arena points system everyone was happy about so I suggest you to implement it now on Blackrock.

    3. Possibility to chose the queuing location is one of the reasons people don't get tired of the monoton gameplay on the same patch very quickly. I suggest you to reverse Teleporter NPC to its 2012 state with such options like Undercity, Thunderbluff, Silvermoon, Stormwind etc.

    Overall, though, your ideas are not that bad. Surprisingly.

  2. May 26, 2016  
    3 time per week flush inc, there will be more activity in the ladder instead of 2 times a week flush

  3. May 26, 2016  
    I would love to see furious pvp gear as the starting point, with trinkets being limited to what they were before (lvl 217 I think). This would lower the PvP pace where ele shams and destro locks can one shot you, where disc priest against a dk/warr is a 100% loss, where polymorph can be casted in 0.5 - 0.6 seconds. Idk just sounds soooo appealing to me.

    Please bring furious back

  4. May 26, 2016  
    If I like to farm my gear over and over again I could also do it on retail servers - at least there is some new content. People still playing on blackrock looking for challenge in pvp, not in 0815 farming **** which requires time in worst case. But hey, you already know this and the workflow for buying full wrathful gear is already programmed and in place, you just forget to announce it, huh?! To me it looks like your devs are gone for good and your product has reached the stage of "milking cows" speaking from economy perspective.

    good luck.

  5. May 27, 2016  
    Wait what? VIPs what? vip gear gone what? ..... I'll never gonna trust this server again to donate.

    I agree with everything except the huge **** you are gonna take over your donators, at least say we'll get access to the free gear after a month or so.

    And you also took away teleport commands.. I mean... what the actual ****? I'm out of here.
    Edited: May 27, 2016

  6. May 27, 2016  

  7. May 27, 2016  
    hmmm, this doesn't sound that good....at least leave the statistics....

  8. May 27, 2016  
    In my opinion, if I am going to start fighting for gear and collect points, I would rather just stick to my level 80s that are in different realms and do that there. I will not gear up toons here and there AGAIN. RIP Blackrock.

  9. May 27, 2016  
    umm...how bout warsong??!
    All you wotlk people are so spoiled.

  10. May 27, 2016  
    what about trinkets ilvl ? i think we all agree stuff like dbl solace/DC, bauble,phylactery are not really fun to play with/against. they give some specs/classes/comps and even races (human) unfair advantages. really hate how a single trinket just changes your capabilities by SO MUCH. much more than all of your other gear combined. i don't think this is healthy at all. trinkets should give your character unique buff in some area, but not carry that hard and make the absolute difference between winning and losing.

    seriously if you really want to keep the trinkets at that high item level, just remove human racial every man for himself or nerf it, becouse it is truly ridicolous when you start stacking some stuff. i think these are stuff we argued about years ago on old AT forums and the community/staff was pretty certain that it is not healthy for the server at all.

    So i guess the question here is - do you want balanced and diverse arena meta in which your players have fun and you gain popularity and population becouse of this (by providing unique and quality expirience), or do you want to milk Blackrock for money and keep it ****ty 3.3.5a blizzlike forever and bore people to death (they will just leave shortly, becouse of no changes in the meta - it is no coincidence that exacly 3.3.5b is what keeps blackrock alive). Afterall the merge into warmane seems to hurt the server more than it helps. AT was destined for greatness and it had it, but becouse of your lazy ideas and that warmane merge it is slowly dying. The interest of players doesnt seem to matter anymore. how do you ever expect a server to be popular and good(or maybe you don't care about that anymore) if you dont satisfy the interests of the people who play it?

    instead of making things spicy and have every AT season with different gear (deadly->furious->rele->wrathful) and change trinket ilvl to a more balanced state, you will just keep the gear at a certain level and let the server die (people get bored easily. especially by the almost 6 years old s8 arena meta/gear which we all despise by now.)
    Edited: May 27, 2016

  11. May 27, 2016  
    Malaco I think you are really doing the right thing here. The server needs a fresh start!

    All people screaming about titles, yes it is unfair but what is the point of those deadseason glad titles + the real old glads who don't even play because it is boring? The game is about playing and having fun or in this servers case showing you are the glad by playing! Not just sitting in the corner with a title and bragging about it. Anyway who is good and wants it, will get back the title.

    1 thing only Malaco, arena flush should be made for each day, not once or twice a week like some normal server. This is arena server and arena should be main thing to do. It should not be about farming points and doing bgs when it gets boring.

  12. May 27, 2016  
    Long time player reporting in. I started to play on your servers when the TBC realm was still called Euro-WoW. I started to play actively arena after the rename. Due to irl stuff I only played to Duelist (back when it was arena title). I also played with Seldomis, Draake, Blazin, Enrg and all the other good guys.
    I even contributed something for the realm codewise but can't remember anymore what lol.
    Heck, do you even remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8vwrlgzKZ8
    After some time I moved to Abyssal and then AT in 2011ish after a small break.

    But the changes you want to make.
    I don't mind. Some people in this thread suggested furious => wrathful which is imo too big gearcap. It's pointless to get one-shotted by wrathful mmr abusers etc. BUT in fresh start first deadly => furious, then in new season furious => relentless and last relentless => wrathful could work. Shoulders yes 2.2k 3s. T2 weps perhaps should be unobtainable. Think about the old metas. NO ilvl264 trinkets or higher, same with pve gear.

    Arena System:
    3.3.5b patch:
    Teleport npc:
    All sounds good.

    Dampening / Dementia:
    Can't really say, haven't played for a while now. But some suggested to remove the one from 2s?

    Titles and arena statistics:
    This. The server is full of "3k" players. In reality they are 1700ish who have wasted 500 euros on r1 character.
    This is a damn good change. I don't understand how much people can whine about this. Hell, if you have earned a nice r1 glad title or rival title, prove it that you truly were r1 / rival instead of whining in corner like a damn kid. I haven't had time to farm for any titles here or AT but if you would had wiped titles in the TBC realm, and I would had maybe glad title, I hadn't whined about it. I'd have just farmed it again.

    I bought VIP on AT because my irl stuff took so much time away from me and I just simply hadn't time to farm gear for alts.
    The removal of teleport command? How that command gives advantages in gameplay? I'd keep that as it is.
    The gear? Sure, it's sad for people who have no time to farm gear but want to play sometimes, like myself. But then again it would give huge advantages, atleast in the very beginning. Perhaps make the gear free after some time have passed and majority of players are geared up.
    But then again I understand if you have no plans to give gear at any time. People, you've donated 60/40 euros many years ago and you still keep whining about it. If you are truly that poor, then you shouldn't have ever donated. Think it like this: you have donated money to a charity and you get something small in return, but then after couple years you go to talk to the charity guys and you still _demand_ to get something small in return. Though I understand that we were supporting AT (paying server costs etc), and I can't say where would it be now without our support.

    Also, the hackers/scripters/abusers should be taken care of respectively. There are barely any GMs online.

    The server can still be saved. Keep it up.

  13. May 27, 2016  

  14. May 27, 2016  
    I play since Abyssal-WoW and I'm agrre all these change will make everyone go away.

    Best times was when u started relentless, flush was EVERYDAY and u were able to play every comp until 2k, because it was balanced. Now what happens, u face r1 and 2k2 players at 1400 mmr even at half season, and always the same comps, hpal/war, hpal/dk, hunt/ret, lock/sham, beastcleave, really?

    Soloq is broken as hell, you can be a god but when u are in team with 2 braindead, keyboardturner afkers clickers you have no chance. Its just frustrating.

    Removing gear, why? should be an istant pvp server not a grinding server. But this can be "ok". Im just sorry for people who got their shadowmourne, warglaive and then you will wipe them. Not to mention they are not obtainable anymore, only with trasmo, which isnt' exactly the same thing but whatever.

    Reseting statistics? I don't understand how can this improve the game and population. If there is something no one can lie is their max rating by inspecting them, so why wiping it? Reset team is ok, statistics and achievements not.

    Reseting titles: ok, just farm them again, im agree.

    Again about oloq: do something based on max rating achieved. Like a new character who never stepped into the arena cant join soloq, let him do 1600-1700 in some bracket before. The amount of newbies joining soloq just to annoy you is incredibiling high.

  15. May 27, 2016  
    For what did i pay 60€ on old AT ? now i dont have anything for it... just wasted money

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