1. May 24, 2016  

    Mage lf god SP/Warlock for 2s

    Need a shadow priest or a warlock to conquer the 2v2 bracket.
    I am experienced mage ( over 4 years of playing) with ratings over 2k in 3s and 2s on at, and glad on other servers.
    Currently as the season progresses i am looking to gear up and get as high as we can(depending on how many players play above 2k, and 2.2k).
    Bla bla further questions you can ask me in pm. Preferably during this season i am looking for as above mentioned, because simply it works wonders untill later gear is introduced.
    Edited: May 24, 2016

  2. May 24, 2016  
    whats ur experience mage lock? i got 2.5k lock i can prove on blackrock server. I am lvl 50 atm but if u no the comp i wud be down to play... i need to find a good mage to gear with....aiming 2.4k+ if possible on this server
    Edited: May 24, 2016

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