1. June 1, 2016  

    Goblin Starting Guide

    I worked out a mini-guide to start playing with a Goblin. These quest chains are COMPLETELY Bugged, so bear with me.


    The Quests on Kezar are pretty straightforward. You will be leveling up fast and quest-givers may not appear on your map. Keep in mind nearly ALL of your quests will be given by Sassy Hardwrench and the NPC's around her. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A QUEST OR GET LOST... go find her. You will find her at or near the KTC Headquarters. (See Map) You complete them until you come across the quest where you give your life savings to The Yacht Captain. When you accept that quest from Sassy Hardwrench, CLICK on her again and take the auto-ride. DO NOT go to the yacht on your own. You MUST take this auto ride.

    After handing over your life savings you will encounter a cut-scene. DO NOT skip the cinematic. Watch it all, go to the WC/Bathroom or whatever till it's done. After it finishes, you should be left with a BLACK SCREEN. That is normal as far as I know. LOGOUT. Log Back in. You should now be at the Lost Isles. Gratz. Now it gets REALLY fun.


    Once you are revived by the defibrillator on the lost isles and wake up on your floating plank, immediately talk to both of the NPC's around you. Keep in mind that you will be a higher level than the quests you are trying to complete, so keep that low-level quest button activated, and be patient. After completing the quest chains, you will have your very own Goblin.
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  2. thank you very much sir :) i was playing on official though i couldn't pay for subscription anymore and i was in pain with the quest chains in kezan (i am not really fan of any other race :P i REALLY love gobos... and almost never played any other class except goblins (except trying some classes that aren't working on gobos ofc...
    this guide helped me really much ;) thank you very much sir :)

  3. tried to make a goblin but had to delete it, after the revive from defibrillator i got the quest to rescue survivors... but there were none. logged out and in, still nothing. couldnt go on. delete. rip.

  4. Hi everybody!
    I started levelling a goblin priest and now I'm stuck with the quest "The Vicious Vale", where I shoud look for an npc next to those moving plants. The fact is that there is no npc and the plants are not moving. I also tried to look for him all over the island, but I couldn't find him. It's already been a few weeks since I started to clear this quest, but I cannot go on and I'd really like to level this character. Please, can someone help me?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Can confirm what goetel says. The Vicious Vale is impossible to complete as the NPC Orc you need to speak to isn't there at all, making it impossible to progress as a Goblin. This is extremely irritating as Goblins are my fave race and currently without a bugfix, I can't find any way to progress at all.

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