1. Donation Issues - Temporary Fix

    As certain players continue to have issues donating using Paymentwall, we have reached a temporary middle-ground with them: Paymentwall has asked that players with this problem contact them individually, so they can try to offer some alternative method to work with each case. This isn't an ideal solution, nor should it be a final one, so we will keep pressing them for information and a way to solve this, but this temporary one is the update we can offer for now.

    Here is the link for Paymentwall Support.

    Paymentwall Support

    Thanks for the patience and comprehension.


    Before contacting Paymentwall, there's a few things you should try first however DO NOT continually re-attempt 'failed' donations.

    Doing so could result in multiple charges & you'd have to wait 3-5 buisness days for these to be fully reverted.
    Wait at least 5 minutes and ensure that you haven't been charged before re-attempting.

    - Contact your card issuer. It's possible that your payment method has international transaction restrictions or overly aggressive anti-fraud measures which will prevent the transaction from initiating.

    - Try initiating the donation with a different & up to date web browser or in Private / Incognito browsing of your current browser. This will ensure that it's not a cookie / cache related problem.

    - If you're utilizing Proxies / VPN's to access the Warmane website, you'll need to disable them. Accepted payment methods are based on location.

  2. Glad to see you guys are trying to work through this finally.

    To be honest, I am not happy with this situation nor this temporary solution as Paymentwall is NOTORIOUS for having a literal garbage support system.

    I hope you guys find another way around, such as, Google wallet. It seemed to have worked fine before. Why don't you guys go for that?

  3. This is not even Temporary solution i will show u my whole conversation with paymentwall support and their individual approach wich is - they did nothing. This is with card i donated before with no problems and buying other things trough other platforms :

    i have 1 more inquiry but it's almost the same so i will not post it but you can clearly see how helpful are these people

    inquiry 1 :





    inquiry 2 :




  4. Why i cant donate with paysafecard or paypal??

  5. First post updated.
    I try but nothing happend. I donate before 2-3 months how I can see on Payment wall but now I cant.

  6. You're lucky the even replied in your case . Mine was completely ignored . Paymentwall for life I guess

  7. Why dont we just go back to SKRILL ? it was soo much easier, idk what kinda of ****ty (sorry) (no) business u do have with that ****ty site but even the support is bad, the multiple accounts creation is bollocks, and ppl simply CANNOT donate .. ppl is complaining of IC queue and u say "donate" but WE CANNOT donate so GG, no game - no donate .. good job latetly

  8. What should I do if i m not receiving my donation for 7 days and your support isnt helpful?

  9. Can Skrill and Google Wallet just please be re-enabled as options?

    Having only 1 option (and a notoriously ****ty one at that) screws over both Warmane and the players who want to donate....Which is not exactly what is happening.

  10. We would like to return all of those previous payment formats, but at the moment it is not possible to do so. We are looking into workarounds for the time being. We know about the requests to increase cap while at it, but it isn't an option either for now.

  11. Is there any workaround for this ? I really did everything I could and still cannot donate . Paymentwall's support system didn't reply to me . I even tried to purchase a prepaid mastercard dropped money in and tried again on payment wall . Still nothing .

  12. Hey y'all.

    i have a problem with the Mobile device donation. It simply won't work for some reason, asap i click it i see on the left corner it's loading, after that is just dissapears and the site gets a little darker but nothing happens further. how ?

  13. porque que eu não posso doar através do mobile tenho aqui dinheiro parado xD e assim ajudava o server
    vala activem la essa opção por favor

  14. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    We've raised your concern to the appropriate department. Our specialists will be working with the website to have this resolved. We'll send you an update once we receive feedback.

    Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best Regards,
    Paymentwall Team

    Bullsh*t they just made it look like its warmanes fault and not theirs. Leaves me with nothing and I feel that I got scammed ....

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