1. July 3, 2016  

    LF Tradeskillmaster Suite

    Anyone has a full working Tradeskillmaster Suite?

    The whole shabbang, i downloaded the Core, and modules but the dependencies are missing from the Crafting Module, searched for the Item_tracker module but couldnt, cant find it.

    Would be cool if anyone who has the whole working suit "5.4.8" and would share it. Thanks, seriously.

  2. Much much later I know. I just came across the same problem, and then I found "WoW-" on my drive, which is a snapshot of my retail at the time. Including all the TSM stuff. So, if there's still an interest I may well update all the interface/addons/TradeSkillMaster* folders somewhere. Well, I'll test it works in 5.4.8 first of course. It's still unzipping as I type.

  3. Can you upload it somether and post link here? Can't find ItemTracker, so Crafting module don't work :(

  4. Been having the same problem, cant find the itemtracker module for crafting :(
    Does anyone has it?

  5. May 2, 2019  

    I believe I edited some code back in the day, fixed some bugs and changed how some things look, but it works fine for me.

    Otherwise you can download it from website like curse but go to "earlier versions".

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