1. July 3, 2016  

    LF Tradeskillmaster Suite

    Anyone has a full working Tradeskillmaster Suite?

    The whole shabbang, i downloaded the Core, and modules but the dependencies are missing from the Crafting Module, searched for the Item_tracker module but couldnt, cant find it.

    Would be cool if anyone who has the whole working suit "5.4.8" and would share it. Thanks, seriously.

  2. Much much later I know. I just came across the same problem, and then I found "WoW-" on my drive, which is a snapshot of my retail at the time. Including all the TSM stuff. So, if there's still an interest I may well update all the interface/addons/TradeSkillMaster* folders somewhere. Well, I'll test it works in 5.4.8 first of course. It's still unzipping as I type.

  3. Can you upload it somether and post link here? Can't find ItemTracker, so Crafting module don't work :(

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