1. Carried are currently looking for more healers, DKs and Protection warriors/paladins to fill their ranks, the horde team is growing quicker each day!

    Again we do not accept just anyone who can afford 7/8 blue set with engineering goggles, please prove in some way you are good.

    Whisper Crymorefgts, Aluvon, Hyper, Nourne or Sauce for invite.

    All the best, your friend.

    Crymore x

  2. Still on the hunt for frontlines and healers.

    Thank you,

    Take care.


  3. The search continues for more active healers.



  4. We all know the only backet worth paying attention to is, and forever will be 79, and so I will throw another bump to the Carried recruitment thread, despite lack of forum replies we receive a lot of in-game attention and applications.

    Thank you all,

    Take care.


  5. Bumping on the forum side of recruitment. Again as stated above by Crymore. We are actively looking for more members to fill our ranks. We're currently looking for more frontlines(but will consider anyone). If you're looking for aid/help or just knowledge about the 70-79 community, feel free to whisper me. If I'm not on Sauce than I can be found on the following toons: Duckie, Dirty, Unsauceable, Soundcloud, or Sauceasarous.

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