1. Ww monk heal

    Guys . Ww monk heal is bugged or what ? Its totally broken . 1 sphere equaal 20% heal . Is this fro. Retail?

  2. I think you are confused about healing elixir and sphere. Yes they are healing alot, but with proper "technique" if they spend their energy on healing they wont get stack, their damage is low and they will eventually die. WW is very2 strong on duel, ofc it will be hard 1v1 them.

  3. heals is pretty normal. instead of making such a post, check in youtube how retail monks like at 5.4.8

    Please dont say anything you see it as strong

  4. Its bugged they can heal 100k with one orb if they have 10 stacks, 10 stacks are easy to get i have a ilvl 530 monk,, and i can heal 100k...... yes its bugged in retail its max with 10 stacks 40-50 k crit and normal 20k

  5. i do a bit over 100k healing on my ww monk.. in world pvp. not in arena. and certainly not with the healing debuff that is likely placed on me in arena.
    ww monk heals are op though when added in their ability to run like a scared little girl. but it's not just orbs. we have multiple healing spells.

    edit: but doesn't seem bugged, though i havent tested much on monks either

  6. Battle Fatigue:
    Some classes still heal like crazy and others are nerfed to the ground.

    RIP Blood PvP.
    Druids complaining that a tank is harder to kill than balance druid have their prayers answered.

    Take my cat and ask him to balance pvp.
    He will do it better than those Holinkas and whatnots.

    Pst buff human racial moar. I think I saw a Gnome in a bg a months ago. Gnome racial still too op.

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