Hi there

Im usually a mage main, played MoP a lot if not the most, after wotlk and legion, MoP 5.2 being the most fun patch for mage i suppose *gg*

however, im not yet registered on the server, cuz the populations seems kinda low.
But im looking for a nice guild that would help me get Siege of Ogrimmar ready and wants to clear the content.
It was very much of fun for me, i did SoO nhc clear and HC i think at least 4 bosses back in the old days...

if its possible to get into that, raiding the old content like it was. with ppl that want to raid it too with normal gear, not everyone overpowered already from garrosh hc :D would be fun.

Lemme know please if its worth to play on the server. with fun people it would nice without its just boring then :P