1. [H] Brand new EU guild "Incursion" is recruiting

    Hi everyone,

    Incursion is our new project, reforming a previous national guild opening our core to all EU players able to communicate in English.
    Despite being a freshly made guild (born September the 1st) we had an incredible start: 50+ people joined us within a week (20 of them are 80 already), adding to our well-geared veteran players.
    Our first goal is a reliable 10-man PvE roster for regular raiding from October on, widening towards Naxx and Uld.
    Thanks to our members we can already run simple fights like Flame Leviathan 10-man, but we're planning to widen our core group so...
    we're looking for more players willing to enjoy the game experience in a friendly environment, helpful and without dictate schedules.

    We can offer:
    - Easy commmunication with officiers through many channels (guild chat, in-game mail, our guild private website, private Teamspeak channel)
    - No presence duties (we don't constrain people to be online on particular days of a week. We want to have as many people as possible to be able to reach an high number of online people, without depending from a single person that won't join. Raids and activities will be set up trying to accomodate the highest number of guild members on "when" and "what" to do)
    - Help new 80 lvl to gear up (carrying through normal/hero instances, no matter what GS you have)
    - English speaking officers (both written and speaking in Teamspeak; we speaks a few EU languages too, number is increasing little by little)
    - Guild bank and members with all the profession maxed to improve the crafting inner market
    - Veteran class players able to supports newcomers on specs, gear, istance/raid tactics and overall wow mechanics
    - Our guild is mainly PvE oriented but we don't disdain joining premade BGs
    - Guild open to all contributors, ranks are mostly reflecting activity and impact on the guild itself; everyone willing to help organize and promote is more than welcome
    - major activities like raid will be set considering CET time evening, mostly

    We require:
    -Knowledge of written and spoken English (at least basilar, it's important to be able to communicate each other: not only for raid coordination and bosses strategies, but to enjoy the social aspect of the guild too)
    -Education. Is important (if not mandatory) to be kind, respectful and willing to help other guild members. The common good is above personal interest
    -Knowledge of your own class. We can advise you in improving your general gameplay, but you must know all your spell and abilities and dedicate to sharpen your skills on your main.

    Ask one of our officers in game for invite or further information:
    - Phex
    - Cresh
    - Theunreal
    - Njal

    You can also check our website (http://incursion.shivtr.red/), it's kinda new so we'll expand it little by little.

  2. Raid Time will be mostly from 19-20 Server Time.

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