1. [A] <Go Reborn>

    Who are we:

    <Go Reborn> is an old guild recently moved to Warmane - Icecrown - Alliance. We are a hardcore endgame raiding guild.
    We are a french community, based on a core of players coming from another WotLK french private server called Paragon. Despite the good quality of the scripting there, the development team slowly abandoned the project and eventually we decided to move our guild to Warmane. After losing some members in the process, we’re looking for players on a similar level with us to refill our ranks. Originally our guild consisted of solely French-speaking people, but finding the local french community rather small we decided to start recruiting English-speaking people as well. Our goal is to find other good players so we can enjoy this game together while farming the end PVE content together.

    Our past progress (on our previous server):

    We cleared all WotLK raids: RS 25/10 N/H ; ICC 10/25 N/H; TOC 10/25 N/H even Ulduar (including Herald of the Titans)

    Since September 2015 till March 2016: ICC 25hc + RS 25hc +TOC 25h (50 try) in 4 hours both

    Our progress here on Warmane:

    Icc 10/25 nm 12/12
    Icc 10 hc (11/12) LK down to 14% (4%)
    Icc 25 hc (9/12)
    RS 10 nm/hc

    Our core team:

    Niala (Guild Master), Blaako, Blackash, Draenovich, Elyreen, Gorchak, Malabarism, Piggynette, Psycotix, Seaya, Tinyball, Tsue, Volkathetrue.

    What we’re looking for:

    We are looking for players experienced on WotLK endgame PVE. We prefer LoD people with a quick mind to adapt to our tactics, as we don’t use the ones common on Warmane. We plan ahead of every boss so that we use the full potential of all classes, trying to achieve maximum efficiency during every encounter.

    Raid schedule:

    Raid time is from 18:00 till 21:30 ST. Joining a raid and leaving before this time may result in you not getting invited for another raid. Sometimes we choose to stay for a little longer but past 21:30 you don’t have to.
    Thursday : ICC25HC
    Monday : ICC25NM
    Rest of the week: random 10-man and alt boosting

    Raid Rules:

    Loot is generally rolled for.
    However, in special cases of very poor or excellent performance, the raid leader may choose to overrule the rolls and give a BIS item to someone who deserves.
    We use TS3 on French still, but if our english community grows (we hope so) we will raid in English (so far English speakers are lead in a different room by 1 of us). TS3 is mandatory for ALL raiders. We love to chat during raids, but once the encounter starts only the leaders may talk. TS3 is the main method of communication. Sometimes the raid leader might not even use Raid Warnings so pay attention.


    ... consist of contacting one of our cores. They will decide whether to invite you or not. Currently we are especially interested in:
    1 Demo Lock
    1 Boomy
    1 Frost DK DPS
    1 Very good Rogue to work alongside ours

    For Apply : http://go-reborn.shivtr.com/

    Edited: October 10, 2016

  2. RS 10hc : Down !

    Raiders :

    Tanks : Lo, Seaya
    Healers : Blaako, Piggynette
    DPS : Foop, Malabarism, Niala, Petitemerde, Sanjinn, Tinyball

    Edited: September 28, 2016

  3. PP and Sindy down
    New progress 25HC 11/12
    Video Coming !


  4. Sindragosa 25hc

    Notes : PP was down at the 2rd try ; Sindy at the 4th.
    Edited: October 12, 2016

  5. Hi !

    We looking for a RetPaly for our raid at Thurday the 13th. A Ret who can made over then 14k dps on all bosses of Icc 25hc (except PP, 11k would be fine)

    And a healer as Rsham, Rdrud or HolyPriest.

    We raid at 18:00 Server Time, we will try to be LoD.

    For more infos, wisp me (Tinyball) in game today or tomorrow.

    Edited: October 12, 2016

  6. Same PP 25hc

    Mage PoV :

    We are looking for theses classes :
    Demono Lock
    Frost DK

    And whatever ppl who his capable of going in our top 5 dps.

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