1. July 4, 2018  
    Link fixed and updated.
    @Folken: That Patch T isnt a patch from Finsternis. It may be the cause of those mixed texture in character models.

  2. July 4, 2018  
    Hey, just a quick question dont really know if it was answered already but Warmanes updaetd client includes NPC+player textures with new models for druid forms???

  3. July 5, 2018  
    Yes, the client is updated with an earlier version of the patches you can find here, but it doesnt come with updated druid forms

  4. Hi,

    How can I update the warmane client with the last version of the patches with updated druid forms?

    Thanks in advance :)

  5. Is there a way to fix the dalaran error for Mac since Large Address Aware isnt compatible for Mac and I still receiver crashes at Dalaran for the character Model, everything else works great

  6. Download and copy the patches you find here (http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....=1#post2738706) into your Data folder. If you have the warmane's updated client you have to remove patch-x and patch-w from Data folder AND patch-enUS-x and patch-enUS-w from Data/enUS folder.

    @Chimtovl: No, there is not a way to fix it on Mac as far as I know

  7. Hi,

    I'm having an issue where the ears, eyes and tusks become green (Untextured). How do i fix this?

    Makes it look like this https://imgur.com/wQNutWJ.

    Seems to be for Blood elf female, troll female, orc male. As far as i can see, my male troll is still fine.
    Edited: July 15, 2018

  8. Nevermind, was an issue on my side. I just overwrote the old files i had, works when used on a fresh "install"

  9. Is it possible to disable/uninstall this mods? i want to see the characters in its original form. Ty!

  10. @lumpen: Sure you can. Do you have the warmane's updated client or you downloaded and applied the patches from my post?
    If you have the updated warmane's client you just need to remove patch-w, patch-x from Data folder AND patch-enUS-w, patch-enUS-x from Data->enUS folder.
    If you using the patches taken from here (http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....=1#post2738706), then you need to cut away/delete patch A, K, F, G from Data folder.

  11. I really like all this models. but..

    i want to know if there is a patch where i can has lightforged draenei instead regular draenei? :)

  12. Is there any chance to make it work with russian locale pack? It works great witn enGB, but looks like mess with ruRU :(
    UPD: i managed to fix the problem, just moved and renamed (Patch-ruRU-4, Patch-ruRU-5, Patch-ruRU-6, Patch-ruRU-7) all 4 patches to ruRU folder.
    Edited: July 17, 2018

  13. Hello

    I'm trying to add updated creature and mount models to my client which seems to work okay when I add patches G, F and K.
    The problem is that when I do so, the NPC models turn into untextured boxes while the character models work as intended.
    Perhaps it could be something to do with the Warmane WoD models patch.
    Am I doing something wrong?


  14. Yep, you need to delete patch-w.mpq and patch-x.mpq. Same goes for patches patch-enUS-w and patch-enUS-x in enUS folder. You need only A, K, F, G patches in you Data folder.

  15. Thank you @Oak , and well done for the workaround for ruRU client :)

    @chiferman: no, these models are regular updated legion models.
    Edited: July 18, 2018

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