1. The new warmane client comes with character's new models and some custom npc's models.
    Not with new mount models then

  2. NEW UPDATED MODELS (Character + Hybrid NPCs + Mounts and Creatures)

    Patch for Character Models: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzy...JxRUdibGs/view
    Patch for compatibility with mount models: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzy...pHcFR4WlE/view

    Patch for mount and creatures: https://mega.nz/#!sIUWATzZ!DYLDF1Xla...kVI_NwsBfO9hPI
    Patch for mount and creatures: https://mega.nz/#!YN9hybKa!55nL2Ppnt...gBWeid3-NISsRo

    N.W: For apply these patches, in case you have old "classic" wow client:
    - Simply download, unzip and apply the patches in WoW Data folder

    DALARAN ERROR ? READ HERE --> To mitigate and in most cases to fix the issue, use Large Address Aware (http://www.filedropper.com/largeaddressaware).
    Unzip it, double-click on the executable, select your Wow.exe from your directory, tick the box in Large Address Aware "enable application to use more than 2 gb of memory", click on Save. Open the game

    READY TO PLAY WOTLK CLIENT -> Go to the warmane's download page (https://www.warmane.com/download) and download the wotlk client (NOT the one flagged as "Old"). This client comes with updated character and npc models.

    ALL MODEL CREDITS TO FINSTERNIS (http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?act...ofile;u=197569)
    the second Patch for mount and creatures is dead but is it needed?

  3. the second Patch for mount link still dead...

  4. @divinner: I suggest you to use the patch linked in first page of this thread. That patches in the topic you linkedmight be old and outdated.
    @aangel: re-try. Modder did some fixes.

  5. Which one of them went through change?

  6. Deathcharger's Reins have missing textures,and it has green ones.

  7. Does anyone have any clue how I can race swap with legion models? What I want to achieve is make my Human male model look like a Scourge male. This used to be possible with a simple MPQ file without updated models, those obviously don't work with these patches. Anyone know how to achieve this with these? I've tried asking this question here before but have been completely ignored, which is strange, cause race swaps are normally quite popular.

  8. Green texture may be a texture error not a missing texture.
    What version of mount patch you have? Try to redownload the new version and reapply it.

  9. Second patch "Patch for mount and creatures: https://mega.nz/#!YN9hybKa!55nL2Ppnt...gBWeid3-NISsRo" doesn´t work. Can you fix it?

  10. OMFG :DD

    Awesome druid resto form, thanks! (and I dont even play as a druid lol)

  11. :D i agree with you, it's awesome!

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