1. You can follow the same tip I gave to Icaro

    @icaro: you have to remove patch-x and patch-w from data folder AND patchenUS-x and patchenUS-w inside enUS folder

  2. Any advice for me? Some character models are still messed up, mostly human and orc NPCs. That's without the patch A and K, I reverted back to WoD models but the human and orc NPCs are still messed up in my game, that's all I'm asking advice about. I gave up on trying to make the Legion characters patches work.

  3. Hey,
    I replied to you. Read the post above yours.

    You can follow the same tip I gave to Icaro

  4. Oh I'm sorry, didn't realize that was for me.

    Edit : So I just did that, removed patch-x and patch-w both from Data folder and enUS folder and put back in patch-A and patch-K, but the Legion character models aren't showing at all. Am I missing a patch? Are one of the Legion patches supposed to go into enUS?

    Edit2: I guess I'm just not seeing the difference. But at least it's not crashing anymore and I don't have messed up textures on any NPC. So I guess it works? I just can't see a difference between the WoD models I had been using and the Legion models.
    Edited: June 21, 2018

  5. Can you post a screenshot of your models?
    No, patches are supposed to be copied only into data folder.

  6. Hello,

    Here are screenshots for each race :

    I don't know about the other races because I only play orcs right now, but I'm pretty sure the orc race model was much higher quality when I was trying to use the Legion char models patch previously but it was crashing. Or maybe I'm just imagining things? Anyway I really appreciate your help and you taking the time to help out.

  7. Mmm I' d say there is something strange with hairs. Hairs are from classic wotlk, and body and face are with updated textures.
    I must ask you for another screenshot of your Data folder and one from enUS folder

  8. mount and creatures patch link from mega doesn't work anymore

  9. Yup, ty, fixed.
    Both files updated by Finsternis

  10. I want to remove a few mount skins(for chopper, mechano-hog and spectral tiger) i want the old skins for them. What do i have to do? Please help me!

  11. July 2, 2018  
    Do the character model upgrades include updated Druid forms? I tried installing the provided files but they still seem to be the old ones.

  12. July 2, 2018  
    For updated druid forms, you need also creatures patch.
    @rebelchy: i'm afraid you cannot

  13. July 2, 2018  

  14. July 2, 2018  

    Here are screenshots of my Data and enUS folder, like you asked :

    I'm fine with those character models to be honest, I don't mind too much, it's not like I spend any time looking at them up close anyway. So don't bother too much trying to troubleshoot this :) appreciate the help and effort in any case.

  15. July 3, 2018  

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