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    You can follow the same tip I gave to Icaro

    @icaro: you have to remove patch-x and patch-w from data folder AND patchenUS-x and patchenUS-w inside enUS folder

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    Any advice for me? Some character models are still messed up, mostly human and orc NPCs. That's without the patch A and K, I reverted back to WoD models but the human and orc NPCs are still messed up in my game, that's all I'm asking advice about. I gave up on trying to make the Legion characters patches work.

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    I replied to you. Read the post above yours.

    You can follow the same tip I gave to Icaro

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    Oh I'm sorry, didn't realize that was for me.

    Edit : So I just did that, removed patch-x and patch-w both from Data folder and enUS folder and put back in patch-A and patch-K, but the Legion character models aren't showing at all. Am I missing a patch? Are one of the Legion patches supposed to go into enUS?

    Edit2: I guess I'm just not seeing the difference. But at least it's not crashing anymore and I don't have messed up textures on any NPC. So I guess it works? I just can't see a difference between the WoD models I had been using and the Legion models.
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    Can you post a screenshot of your models?
    No, patches are supposed to be copied only into data folder.

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    Here are screenshots for each race :

    I don't know about the other races because I only play orcs right now, but I'm pretty sure the orc race model was much higher quality when I was trying to use the Legion char models patch previously but it was crashing. Or maybe I'm just imagining things? Anyway I really appreciate your help and you taking the time to help out.

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    Mmm I' d say there is something strange with hairs. Hairs are from classic wotlk, and body and face are with updated textures.
    I must ask you for another screenshot of your Data folder and one from enUS folder

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    mount and creatures patch link from mega doesn't work anymore

  9. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Yup, ty, fixed.
    Both files updated by Finsternis

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    I want to remove a few mount skins(for chopper, mechano-hog and spectral tiger) i want the old skins for them. What do i have to do? Please help me!

  11. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Do the character model upgrades include updated Druid forms? I tried installing the provided files but they still seem to be the old ones.

  12. 2 Weeks Ago  
    For updated druid forms, you need also creatures patch.
    @rebelchy: i'm afraid you cannot

  13. 2 Weeks Ago  

  14. 2 Weeks Ago  

    Here are screenshots of my Data and enUS folder, like you asked :

    I'm fine with those character models to be honest, I don't mind too much, it's not like I spend any time looking at them up close anyway. So don't bother too much trying to troubleshoot this :) appreciate the help and effort in any case.

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