1. Can be a good idea.
    I'm lazy, but i'll try to do it ^^

  2. Which one is the 4th link on the reddit page? I don't know the letter/number correlation. ;_;

  3. It's better to download from my post (the patches are all updated) or directly from modcraft.
    Btw: the patch you need should be G, but again, download all the patches from my post

  4. hi, i have put mount patch but dk and lock horses are the same old

  5. i cant download patch F from Onedrive... i dont know why!
    can u pls upload it to drive.google?

    i dont know why 2 links are in drive.google and 2 others in the Onedrive!!

    pls do it for us.
    Best regards and thanks.

  6. Add a torrnet link for patch F or something else because it isn't downloading for a lot of ppl

  7. The official download link of the patch F is this one: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%...&action=locate

    I will upload that file on another hosting service in some hrs

    EDIT: try downloadin patch F from here https://ufile.io/dd026 I'll post another link btw
    Edited: November 27, 2016

  8. Some boars are invisibly tiny. They actualy do have models, but they're so small you can't see them. Like the Plagued Swines in Borean Tundra.

  9. This issue is known for some creatures.
    Can u post a screen here so i can report it to the modder?

  10. This is simply the best thing ever.

  11. hi, i have put mount patch but dk and lock horses are the same old
    Yup, dunno if it's intended or not.
    I don't even know if their model is updated in Legion or not

    @Cl0udz: agree with you

  12. I'm reading in game that some ppl are experiencing crashes when in dalaran with these new models or warmane's one installed.
    This is not a model-related problem but a wotlk limitation.
    You have to use Large Address Aware to mitigate the problem: http://www.filedropper.com/laa204_1
    1) download the archive, unzip it
    2) execute the program
    3) select your wow.exe executable, by clicking in the search icon in the program
    4) tick the box in the program (in this way wow.exe can use more than 2gb of memory)
    5) click "save"

  13. Regarding Large Address Aware: If you find this does not solve the crashes, please make sure your wow.exe is not set as Read Only.

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