1. some conflict
    Patches must be applied on a "classic" wow client. Not the new client from warmane.
    If you are using the new client, you have to delete patch-w and patch-x inside data folder AND patch-enUS-w and patch-enUS-x inside Data->enUS folder

  2. Hi, does anyone know how to for example fix mechano hog or other mounts. So the patch doesnt apply to that model. and keeps the old one? I tried opening it in MPQ editor but all the file names are more or less the same so i have no idea which one is which

  3. I have a problem with Mekgineer's Chopper, when it moves it doesnt make any motor sound, do other people have it? if yes even the horde counterpart?

  4. can i get a download link where the character models are old and the textures/mounts etc are updated? i can't find any.
    in my opinion WOD character models are fookin disgusting

  5. Hello,
    Some of you have problems with legion models/mount/creature packs?
    I see a lot of particles effect as white squares. (fire elementals, consortium, etc)

  6. quick question @j4ckor.
    I have download other mods like blood mod, textiles, etc. but they were not like the patches u provided, they are folders. like this :
    question is, how to apply those mods ? do i just copy the whole folder into my wow Data folder ? or do i have to copy the content of the folder which are like the following:
    into the data folder ?.
    Noting that the when the creator of the mod was asked how to apply it he responded " Put them inside an MPQ.
    (Or in your WoW folder, if it's patched)" which i dunno what does he mean, can you please help me sir ?
    Thanks in advance <3

  7. 1 more thing @j4ckor.
    does this seems right :
    the reason i am asking is i am not sure the mods are applied accurately.
    this is a screen shot of a client with all mods applied:
    this is a screen shot with a client with no mods recently downloaded from warmane(includes WOD models):
    the thing is, creature mods are applied as mounts are different, but as u can see in both of the attached screen shots, there is no difference whatsoever between the two when it comes to character models. specfically if u can see the horns (the mage`s head) it shouldnt look that way if modded, am i right ?

    Again. thanks in advance.

  8. I downloaded warmane's client

    My orc, other players and NPC's (humanoids) are changed with newer models. But world creatures and mounts are still old.

    I downloaded this patches from the first post: Patch A, F, J, K - they do change creatures, but they mess up the NPC's. NPC's look really weird, with their jaws in their crotches and just awful :d

    How can I correct that?

    Thanks !

    And Dalaran Error is still not solved. :/
    Edited: December 25, 2019 Reason: rechecked

  9. When will be a patch to improve the spells like bfa

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