1. [A[{StrikeWitches][PVE]

    Strike Witches

    The Guild " Strike Witches " LF new Memberīs, to join our community and our Raidīs. At the moment, we rebuild the Guild, since many Memberīs left the Server or are AFK, due the failed Low Dungeon Update. After the most got fixxed now, and Endgame Content is mostly Raidable again we start to rebuild our CoreGroup and overall the Guild to make 10 Man and 25 Man Raidīs again. Raidtime is between 5pm and 7pm Servertime (Starttime).

    What we offer

    - A friendly and helpful Atmospere
    - Skilled Playerīs with knowledge in PVE and PVP
    - A helpful and friendly Guildlead with many Years of Retail experience from FTH
    - A simple Rank System
    - A GuildBank that is usable for all Memberīs we donīt deposit Items to watch them 10y
    - Rhotīs, Weekly Raidīs, Premadeīs <- but we are mostly PVE and just some players make PVP
    - All Raidīs on Normal Cleared, DS 8/8 HC Clear.
    - A Forum with included Raidplaner

    Recruitement Requirements

    - No Itemlevel Requirement at the Moment
    - No Raidknowledge needed at the Moment
    - Be polite
    - Dont Buguse
    - Dont Ninjaloot
    - Be Helpful

    Our Rules

    - GuildRules
    - ForumRules

    How to Contact US

    Their are 2 options to contact us:

    - Write Alvie or an Officer Ingame
    - Write a short Application in our Forum

    So if it sounds interesting for you, feel free to whisoer us if have more questions, or apply if you want :-)
    Edited: February 11, 2017

  2. Were still Recruiting, and still Bugusing and Exploiting results in a Guild Kick, we play to have fun and not to buguse.

  3. what i remember alive play here so u can raid rdf hc with good group rhot

  4. Hi There, i recently just started playing wow cata again. Can you please add me to your guild, my alliance character is Markeous. I would love to join but i am only level 52 now i think... still a long ways to get to level 85.

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