1. Orgrimmar arena

    Hello, wanna ask why Orgrimmar arena is not implemented in the game. And if there is a possibility of bringing it alive.
    You are trying to do everything as retail so this could be another step :)

  2. You play a Priest, right? Why would you want it back, then?

  3. You play a Priest, right? Why would you want it back, then?
    It's not a matter of our preference,it has to be implemented because that's the way it should be.

    The community must understand that their personal opinion has nothing to do with the "to do" list of the developers.

  4. Why not, it certainly has a potential to make arenas more entertaining

  5. It doesn't matter what i prefer to play. It's about trying everything. Why this is the only arena which is not in the game? - I don't take opinions about disbalance (because every arena is disbalanced for some combos - AND THATS IT - WE NEED THIS ARENA TO COMPLETE THE CIRCLE!) - I also don't take opinions that it's impossible to script (because if there is a possibility to script Ulduar or elevators in Thunder Bluff or water in Dalaran arena, there could not be problem to script 4 moving pillars).

    This could help Lordaeron to make PvP better, one step ahead other servers :) PLS THINK ABOUT IT [and about 3V3 ANNOUNCER too ;)]

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