1. Whats your experience with the old content?

    So yeah, as it was said above, how do you guys feel about the old content release?

    My view on it is:

    1. They released major part of the content in the schedule (they said by the end of October and they kept that promise, we still have 10 days to go, so lets hope new stuff comes out)
    2. Highly stable server, altho some might not agree with me but besides first 1-2h of the patch release time, the server became stable after it.
    3. Lack of bugs. I can easily say that this is one of the least buggiest patches I ever witnessed on Frostwolf. There are few things that are glitched but all in all its amazing. Most of the things that are glitched are usually some side things (not counting Gunship in ICC and I am glad it wasnt added due to crashes and such) but overall its 9/10.
    4. Population increase. Well not maybe significant, but Ive seen more people walking around than usually, probably due to fact new stuff was released and most of them were actually doing Old content instead of farming stuff with bots. Maybe this isnt a population increase but actual "awakening" of players.

    All in all, I am more than happy to see stuff like these being released. We have witnessed some extreme proffessionality from the Warmane devs, they proven many people wrong with the "SoonTM" way of thinking and they certainly suprised many by releasing a really nice patch.

    As said above, this is my personal view on the situation, some might disagree, but I think we all agree that Warmane Devs didnt let us down in any shape or form that we can just say

    THANK YOU GUYS and I honestly hope that this patch is possibly beggining of something amazing, I hope that the content we see in future is released in the same quality as this one was.

    Once again, thank you devs and entire Warmane staff for giving us such an amazing experience!

    EDIT: I just made this thread to actually thank these guys for their work, in past 2 months we have all witnessed constant spam on the forums how they are not going to do **** bla bla bla, but honestly I think that have done amazing job and that we finally have a hope that this realm can and will become something that we can see on Lich King (quality wise and hopefully population wise).

    Sorry due to lack of English, kinda tired!
    Edited: October 19, 2016

  2. i agree good work,but its still buugy,not realmshattering buggy but buggy i give an 8 out of 10 and just thanks for the old content

  3. I loved it can't wait for the next week to do it all again :D

  4. are you part of the staff or willing to join the staff?

  5. As OP said so far so good , few glitches here and there some bosses in Naxx and ICC have more HP then others not sure if that intentional i never did play that much wotlk raiding , still did clear all of it solo as Destro warlock.

    I had problems with Kel Thuzad when he cast mind control fights just resets. i know i should make bug tracker for this probbly but to lazy to do that , I love challange modes as well they are super fan beside being easy because of ilvl not scaling down it still overall good Patch so far.

    Also i do remember watching soloing videos from Retail back in MoP and they where able to join raid without any group that would be good to have.
    Edited: October 20, 2016

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