1. Spec for world PvP?

    Hey, long story short: i haven't played here for a while and wanted to start again. I kinda wanna lvl a char up, get some gear/proffs etc and then just go on a world pvp rampage. Would love to have some small group of ppl to have some fun with, killing 80 and lowbies too, just killing everyone tbh :D Going around trying to start battles and slicing ppl that are out in the world as it should be in WARcraft, having some fun.

    So i thought to myself " what class am i gonna play", now since i have some exp with pala/priest/mage/rogue, i thought well " i ain't gonna learn a new class, so i'll just roll something from those" and for world pvp i think the rogue is the most fun. You can just have so much more fun with stealth than u can without it. When you kill ppl you can sneak around and even if they bring their friends or main if u killed a lowbie, they can't find you and when their friend or main leaves, u can attack again :D You can sneak around in enemy bases etc :D

    Now i don't have any goals of trying to get high arena rated or raid so my gear would prolly be a mix of the best pvp set i can get from bgs+ hc dung items+some BoE's from AH and maybe some crafted stuff. I'm not some pro, but i ain't a scrub either. Should be relatively aight ( just not BiS or anything), making gold is not a problem for me. So with that in mind, what kind of spec would you recommend to me? This would mainly be a solo world pvp spec so keep that in mind too obviously. I just wanna go around with ok-ish gear and some lads that are looking to have fun and have some brains and create mayhem :p

    If you'd post a link to a spec and glyphs that would be great, feel free to give tips too :)

  2. It depends, as does pretty much everything. Gear is most important, if you have gear youll win, if you have none and arent a frost mage vs a melee or a very good sub rogue you wont. Then theres what you expect to face, multiple low geared equal level people, multiple people with gear or 1v1s with people with equal gear?

    Of the ones you mentioned, sub rogue and frost mage are the best 1v1 specs but spriest/pala will do better vs more people at once.

    Play what you like and prefer playing as most classes have upsides and downsides in world pvp. And it all comes down to what you want, do you want to sit ouside a town and gank everyone without risk - rogue, do you want to be in a town and kill everything and just overpower everything - spriest/pala and so on and forth.

    You might also want to consider feral druid as its basicely everything rolled into one (has the stealth ganking of a rogue with sustainability and very good gtfo chances).

  3. Rogue is sad without arp. (read = top pve gear).
    If you want to pwn in scraps - play agility feral.
    Agi feral is also sad compare to arp feral, but at least you can kill high armor targets.

  4. Well gear is important yeah, but so is brains and other things, although i suspect most ppl here aren't newbs and have played wow for quite a while and that's why they are here. But even then pvers and quite crap in pvp mostly. I already decided to make another class anyway. I just cba with all the positioning a rogue requires, they're fun ye but meh.
    As far as the gear goes i didn't say i'm gonna be naked. Hc dung gear + best pvp set i can get from bg + boe from ah/crafted if need be and reps. That's enough to pwn random clowns in the world :p Most ppl are not some 25hm ulduar raiders or 2,2k arena players :p
    Pala is boring and not that strong imo and fmage is meh.

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