1. [HORDE-ICECROWN]Ele Shaman LF Destro Lock/Shadow Priest/Bala Druid for 2v2 arena

    Hi all,

    Im (Ele shaman) looking for Destro Lock/Shadow Priest/Balance Druid for 2v2 arena in HORDE - ICECROWN


    - Teamspeak (EN/PL language)
    - PvP experience 1800 min. (you should know basic pvp macros for your class, combos, CC etc.)
    - Gear (5.6+ gs pvp)
    - BRAIN :)

    As team i want to aim as high as possible, playing for serious but also with lot of fun and without flame on each other.

    If you're intresed please contact in game Gawith or Zanjin or here.
    Edited: October 19, 2016

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