1. Rshaman +lock 2v2 icecrown

    Guys what do you think is better for 2v2 on Icecrown
    Rshaman + Destro or Affli lock? Me and my partner are kinda skilled but non donors so our gear aint the best thats why iam asking
    And i would appriciate some tips about this combo too
    Thanks for all answers

  2. You will have a hard time there, 50-60% teams are 6,9k GS warriors with cleanse spamers behind them

  3. If I were you, I'd try ele+destro with lower gear. You will still have a chance to instagib even geared people at lower ratings.

  4. but if we want play resto + lock ... whats better affli or destro for this comp

  5. deffo destro. As affli u usually dont have enough pressure and the games are so damn long that its just exhausting.

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