1. Failed to find a suitable display device

    Hi all,

    Could anyone please help me with this problem? Every time I try to start the game client, I get this notification. I scanned the internet to find out what was wrong. There I found something about my videocard. I updated it, but I still get the same message when I start the client! You are my superhero if you could help me out with this problem.

  2. First uninstall the old drivers, then install the new.
    If you tell me your GFX card name and OS you're using I'll provide you with a link to the latest drivers.

  3. Manufacturer: Acer
    Model: Aspire X3300
    Classification: 3,9
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor 2,80GHz
    RAM: 3,00 GB
    64-bit system

    GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 310

    Translated from Dutch, hope I did it right so u understand. Thank you for helping me!

  4. When I try this, it says:

    ''NVIDIA-installprogram can't continue

    ''This graphic driver could not find any compatible graphic hardware''

  5. Same thing.... It weird, I played wow in the past on this pc, but never had this problem before

  6. Try this http://www.driverscape.com/files/201...hql_driver.zip but before it follow these steps.

    Go to your desktop > Click personalize > Display > Change display settings > Advanced settings > Troubleshoot and see if you're able to click on Change settings, if so move the hardware acceleration slider to full (if it wasn't) and see if you're able to launch the game.

    Btw did you restart your PC after applying the new drivers?

  7. Well, installing didn't work, so restarting my pc would be pointless, I will try this now

  8. Hi, I followed your stept. The link doesn''t work and I'm also not able to click on change settings :(

  9. Well if it isn't clickable, you don't have to change it.
    It seems like the URL has a time limit, so just go here http://www.driverscape.com/download/nvidia-geforce-310m and click the third download from top to bottom.

  10. Done it, download worked actually this time, then restarted my pc. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work :(

  11. Did you install the new drivers?

    I'm really out of ideas if it still doesn't work >.>

  12. yeah... when I tried to install new drivers after this update, it showed an error, maybe I can try that later

  13. When I try this, it says:

    ''NVIDIA-installprogram can't continue

    ''This graphic driver could not find any compatible graphic hardware''
    Are you sure that is the right GPU model? Choosing the right exact model should always work.
    What about on Windows updates? Under the optional tab there might be your GPU drivers (unless you have installed them already).

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