1. hey i have a Transmog question..

    if i buy a warlock tier item from website using coins for a mage character..(eg the merciless gladiator robes for 9 coins) will i be able to transmog it using scroll of deception as a mage? or it wouldnt work?

  2. Depends. If you cannot equip, then no, you cannot transmog it.

  3. I am dk and I can equip polearm but still cant transmog on axe why ?

  4. U can only mog a polearm to a staff, and the other way around.
    Axe can only be mogged to sword and mace.

  5. is it possible to transmog Heaven's Fall, Kryss of a Thousand Lies ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=50426/he...-thousand-lies ) tto looks like Phantom Blade ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=7961/phantom-blade )?
    Both weapons are one-hand, and i wanna do it on rogue (he can equip swords too). Thanks.

  6. Heres what u want to know:

    Spoiler: Show
    You need to be able to equip the item, otherwise you won't be able to transmogrify it.

    1H Sword <> 1H Axe <> 1H Mace
    2H Sword <> 2H Axe <> 2H Mace

    Polearm <> Staff

    Bow <> Gun <> Crossbow

    Daggers <> Daggers
    Fist weapons <> fist weapons
    Wands <> Wands
    Shields <> Shields

  7. hey i know this is a crazy question but the polearm to staff transmog is great but lets say you are a DK and want to transmog your polearm to look like a staff. DK are unable to equip staves due to not having a skill for it, so does this mean it is not possible to transmog the polearm to look like a staff?

  8. Depends. If you cannot equip, then no, you cannot transmog it.
    That should answer it.

  9. thanks was pretty sure that it would be that way.
    too bad that this only allows for two classes to actually use this option though, seems a waste.

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