1. May 25, 2017  
    People that call "This class is easy, that class is easy" should play that class in arenas against top tier pvpers and see them speak after. But for anyone that asks "What to play, what is easier" I would say play what you think is cool, you will develop skill in time (Unless you just do bg's whole day for fun and not to take your class serious). Also to mention people saying "Oh Rets are easy"... actually i think you can count on your fingers of how many good rets there are that actually play on top tier, others just smourne faceroll in bg's thinking they are good.

  2. May 25, 2017  
    When a new player asks "What to play, what is easier", he will probably mean, what class is easy for a beginner or what class is easy to get into the basics.
    And ret pala is a good example for that, cause it is easy to understand the basics and get into action quicker than it will go for other classes. But like every other class there are not many players who play on top tier.

  3. June 3, 2018  
    Easy is hard to define. Everyone likes something different and therefore some playstyles can feel more "easy" even if they are fundamentally hard. I would suggest trying out different specs on Blackrock realm. Easy classes in my opinion are hunter,mages and rogues simply because their most common pvp spec has a spell that resets cooldowns on all abilities. That spell makes beginners fix their mistakes if they make some, and classes on their own have a lot of unique strengths.

  4. June 3, 2018  
    Easy classes in my opinion are mages and rogues
    You are not serious, aren't you ?

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