1. lf active PVE guild ( H )

    386 resto / 380 enha shaman lf active pve guild that still runs normals.I've been looking for a guild for the past 2 days but no one seems to use guild finder and i'm not one to spam global so i thought i'd try my chance here.In terms of my experience i haven't done any heroics yet but i completed 8/8 DS on normal .I'm not exactly a seasoned veteran in pve but i learn pretty quickly and anyone can read some scripts ( already know DS mind you ).I've also got a 378 prot / 378 arms cow which i'd like to get going in some raids. If you feel i could fit in the guild and don't require 400 ilvl and glory of the ds raider achieve feel free to leave a comment here or /w me ingame.Thanks

    p.s : i don't mind if the guild isn't lvl 25 and filled with bis officers as long as the chat isn't dead and we can get some raids going.

    Shaman -- Bbqsauce
    Warrior -- Hornmagt

  2. Try looking for ingame players from the guild <Prime>. Been with them awhile and it seems pretty good compared to most i've seen.

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