1. Why do a lot of these "available" dungeons say "Instance Closed" when I try to use them?

  2. Add Slave Pens to TBC dungeons
    it may be open but its soooo bugged.... lots of dead naga that attack you and cant be killed first boss is the same way and when he unbugged and I killed him no loot.

  3. May 15, 2018  
    Some instances have been closed.
    Why has Magister Terrace been closed? It had no problems whatsoever, I ran it many many times for the low lvl community and not one bug was seen in normal or heroic....

    I haven't gotten an answer to this for sometime now.

  4. in naxxramas my raid stops after some time when kel thuzad becomes active. it just resets. why does this happen?

  5. I play on Icecrown Realm, and I can't complete Willing Caverns, Muyoh got stuck trying to revive Naralex at the end of the Guild.
    Is this bugged?

  6. Formated it to be easy to read. Please feel free to use this.

    Spoiler: Show

    Available Dungeons & Raids


    Spoiler: Show

    The Burning Crusade

    Spoiler: Show

    The Blood Furnace 58 Karazhan 70 - T4
    Setthek Halls 63 Gruul's lair 70 - T4
    The Steamvault 65 Magtheridon's Lair 70 - T4
    The Black Morass 65 Tempest Keep 70 - T5
    Magisters' Terrace 65 Serpentshrine Cavern 70 - T5
    The Botanica 65 Hyjal Summit 70 - T6
    Black Temple 70 - T6
    Sunwell Plateau 70 - T6

    Wrath of the Lich King


    Spoiler: Show

    The Deadmines HC 85 The Bastion of Twinlight 85 - T11
    Firelands 85 - T12
    Dragon Soul 85 - T13

    Mist of Pandaria

    Spoiler: Show

    Stormstout Brewery [HC] [CM] 85 A Little Patience 90 Mogu'shan Vaults [HC] 90
    Temple of the Jade Serpent [HC] [CM] 85 Brewmoon Festival 90 Heart of Fear [HC] 90 - T14
    Mogu'shan Palace [HC] [CM] 87 Arena of Annihilation 90 Terrace of Endless Spring [HC] 90 - T14
    Shado-Pan Monastery [HC] [CM] 87 Unga Ingoo 90 Throne of Thunder [HC] 90 - T15
    Siege of Niuzao Temple [HC] [CM] 88 Siege of Orgrimmar [HC] 90 - T16
    Gate of the Setting Sun [HC] [CM] 89
    Scarlet Halls [HC] [CM] 90
    Scarlet Monastery [HC] [CM] 90
    Scholomance [HC] [CM] 90

    * Note: <HC> Red coloured means that Heroic mode is available, gray as counterpart closed. <CM> Gold coloured means that Challenge Mode is working, gray as counterpart closed. Gray coloured Raid or Instances has been recently closed or are under maintenance.

  7. Since we are on xmas time, can you please open all low raids and dungeons even if they are unscripted?

    I dont know if is your plan to let Frostwolf die slowly like Neltharion, but we got alot of content closed without any reason.

    Please moderators and admin's take this in consideration.


  8. I dont know if is your plan to let Frostwolf die slowly like Neltharion, but we got alot of content closed without any reason.
    it's not their plan but it's definitely happening

  9. The Bastion of Twilight is bugged as hell! It is open but you can't go there if you are not a healer or your class is a dudu or rogue, this should get fixed asap! There's a spell at the entrance of the raid that belongs to one of the last bosses of the raid, which could duplicate and makes 20k dps per second. They should remove it or fix it, simple.

  10. June 1, 2019  
    as of few days ago
    SWP is OPEN
    and i was was able to solo kalegos
    just killed the demon when ported and fight was over
    and the legendary bow dropped at last boss

    Edited: June 7, 2019

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