1. [Guide] Retribution PvE ToGC BiS List

    Head: T9 HC

    Neck: Charge of the Eredar - Jaraxxus 25 HC

    Shoulders: T9 HC

    Back: Slyvanas' Cunning - Anub'Arak 25 HC // Cloak of the Untamed Predator HC - Beasts 25 HC if not downing Anub'Arak HC

    Chest: Vest of Calamitous Fate HC - Jaraxxus 25 HC // Cuirass of Cruel Intent HC - Beasts 25 HC is a good alternative too (only 8 DPS less than Vest)

    Wrists: Bracers of Dark Determination HC - Anub'Arak 25 HC

    Gloves: T9 HC

    Belt: Belt of the Pitiless Killer HC - Twins 25 HC

    Legs: T9 HC

    Boots: Greaves of the Saronite Citadel HC - Anub'Arak 25 HC

    Ring 1: Ring of the Violent Temperament HC - Beasts 25 HC

    Ring 2: Band of Callous Aggression HC - Champions 25 HC

    Trinket 1: Death's Choice HC - Twins 25 HC

    Trinket 2: Death's Choice - Twins 25 NM

    Weapon: Dual-Blade Butcher HC - Champions 25 HC

    Libram: Libram of Valiance - 25 EoT Vendor

    This is the ToGC Retribution Paladin BiS list for Alliance side and this list has about 30 more DPS than the other BiS list which uses Catastrophy and Legguards of Ascension with the T9 HC Chest. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them in the section below and I'll try my best to get back to them.
    Edited: May 1, 2017

  2. Thank you for posting this! :)

    I did some tinkering with things I might consider changing, but the only slot that remotely worked out was the Ring 2 slot with Carnivorous Band (Carnivorous Band if the link doesn't appear)
    The difference is -98ap, -1.33% crit and +3.46% haste. It would work alright, but a bit undesirable due to the importance of crit @setbonus.

    The point, this gear setup is very good and I couldn't find anything I would change in it after doing about ~30 minutes of looking around and crunching numbers.

    This is what the stats will look like when fully setup; all items equipped, gemmed and enchanted.
    This does not include any profession-specific perks, glyphs, talents or buffs.

    Gems and enchants setup;
    Spoiler: Show
    Ench: 50 ap, 20 crit
    Meta: 21 agi, 3% crit damage
    Y Socket: Str/Crit

    R Socket: Str

    Ench: 40 ap, 15 crit
    R Socket: Str

    Ench: 22 agi
    R Socket: Str

    Ench: +10 all stats
    Y, B, R Sockets: Str

    Ench: 50 ap
    B & R Sockets: Str

    Ench: 44 ap
    Y Socket: Str

    Y, R, P Sockets: Str

    Ench: 75 ap, 22 crit
    Y Socket: Str/Crit
    R Socket: Str

    Ench: 32 ap
    Y Socket: Str/Crit
    R Socket: Str

    Y & B Sockets: Str

    Ench: Berserking
    R Socket: Str
    B Socket: Nightmare Tear

    - P Socket = Prismatic
    - This setup puts you at 7.72% hit rating and 18.76 expertise.
    - You will be hit capped if you are in the same group (5 person group, buff is not raid-wide) as a Draenei or are playing as a Draenei. If you do not have the benefit of a Draenei, simply replacing any ONE of the Str/Crit gems with a Str/Hit gem will cap your hit rating.
    - You will be expertise capped at 28.76 expertise (cap is 26) with Glyph of Seal of Vengeance.

    Pretty straight-forward for those who already know how to setup a Ret, but naturally this can be useful for beginners or used to double-check if necessary for intermediate players.

  3. No problem ^^ Also I checked out your Gem and Enchant setup and it's completely identical to the one I would use. Also, Carnivorous Band is a good alternative to the Ring of Callous Aggression if one is having trouble obtaining the ring.

  4. Very useful, thanks for clearing what the actual BiS for retribution paladins are. I should have looked here months back


  5. If you're horde, this BIS list still applies, you would just have to use a 10 str 10 hit rating gem in a yellow socket to reach hit cap.

  6. I think Dan is not playing anymore...
    Take whichever item u can get i guess and more importantly, try not to spam since that wont make him answer faster. :D

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