1. [a] the law - pve guild

    Hello everyone, "THE LAW" is a newly formed guild formed by people with past heroic end game content experience and is recruiting people to fill up our ranks, spots in the guild.

    Cleared content:
    DS10HC 8/8
    FL10HC 7/7
    BOT10HC 5/5

    Current raiding schedule:
    Every day from 3PM SVT to 8PM SVT

    What can we offer you?

    -Friendly and helpful atmosphere in the guild, which means if u have any questions in terms of your class or any class that you want to play feel free to ask our officers ingame about it, and about coaching you about specific class etc.
    -Officers and raid leaders with top leadership and professional experience .
    -Discord channel where you have our officers/members online.
    -Clean raids without any high pressure.
    -Streamed raids.

    What do we expect from you?

    -Already known heroic experience in all Cataclysm raids.
    -Dedication towards the game and gamesense.
    -Have working microphone for better communications in raids.

    All our raids are streamed by our officer Kenny at https://www.twitch.tv/kenny1337r

    If you want to join feel free to message any of our officers ingame or just send an ingame mail.

    IGN of officers:
    Edited: December 25, 2016

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