1. 3s titles

    How come you gave the rank 1 title to the THIRD top team instead of the first? Would REALLY love some clarification.


    Possible explanation: Having multiple characters in 1 team. How is this a reason to DQ? Not to mention the 2nd team also had an extra character in it. How come they didn't get DQ'd? Lots of questions to answer
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  2. I guess all titles were handled out, after all, just not correctly...

  3. Your team has most probably been disbanded due to suspicios activity.It has happened before.And just happened again on icecrow.R1 team on icecrown got disbanded as well

  4. Yeah well you need to ask a GM whats the reason exactly.Afaik the things that are causing the team disband are:wintrading, boosting, dropping mmr.
    Good luck!

  5. Rule of thumb.Keep teams clean and spotless.Best way to push r1 without probs.But Exey pm Altharios for more info.That's only advice i can give.Should light matter then.
    Most likely from experience it was playing with 2 others wit lower mmr to push 2200.
    Either that or direct report from some1 if you faced some1 from guild(3s).

    Anways pm aldtharios for further info.
    Thats why a SERIOUS 3S cmpendum of what not to do should be posted by Gm team to avoid confusion.
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  6. Gear has no value in this case.Either a report from someone who saw some weird matches (sniped thru all seasons with detailed info) or too many players in team.

    Stop posting pointless comments,you guys look like kids braggin for epeen

  7. Hello, I see you guys debating some stuff I got some experience in. At the moment on Icc/Lord, when there are teams fighting for rank1 (or just titles, generally) and nobody wins the competition constantly (a team wins some, the loses some and so on), the team with more friends or that can multiclass will eventually get it.

    For example, with the current MMR system on ICC/Lord, you're ****ed if you don't have multiple geared (and with low mmr) characters to play and the other team does.

    Now, If you guys want a fair system for everyone, my opinion is that you should ask for the same MMR system as on Blackrock. What is that? After 20 seconds, the range extends with + and - 200 rating. So if you have a 2200 team, after 20 seconds without getting a queue you're going to have the range between 2000 and 2400. Queues are going to be fast and nobody can dodge queue you with 1500 MMR alts in 2200 rated team while you have nothing than main chars.

    In this way, the best 3v3 team will get R1 because they are going to play Terminator style : queing into everyone, low mmr or high mmr, and winning no matter what.
    Also, MMR abusing should be forbidden: inviting low MMR alts of the same members into high rated team just to get points or to dodge somebody who doesen't have low MMR alts.

    Tl;dr to avoid situations like this: MMR system as on Blackrock, ban MMR abusing.


  8. I want to preface this by saying Soumi, and whoever he chooses to team with is almost always the best team on icecrown, 2s or 3s, so this isn't a flame or anything.

    That being said it's a serious discrepancy a Lordaeron team being disbanded for using multiple low mmr alts when this is exactly what Soumi and co did in their Icecrown team, there was easily double figures amount of chars in his team which got title (3s). In 2s everyone dodges so it's somewhat understandable that he used multiple alts to get queues, though still presumably against the rules, as per the way they were enforced on Lord.

    Not saying anyone should or shouldn't be disbanded, just that I think there needs to be clarification on what is and isn't legal within the current mmr system, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence when one rule is upheld for a) one realm or b) different people

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