1. "plz gear" and other ******ed things

    I don't know if troll or serious, but every time I log in my chat is full of this new "plz gear" trend. It was funny for like 2-3 minutes, I myself spammed that but then I stopped because it is *****. So yea maybe your troll was succesfully since I opened a topic, gz, i just tab on party from now on since idc LFG and i care even less about /say chat, specially when arguments are so deep and interesting.

    Also, I think we discussed a lot, but PUT A LIMITER IN SOLOQ. It's unreal you can create a fresh 1500 char and istant que 3v3 without even have spell in your action bar. Make soloq available to 1700+ 2v2/3v3 players, I'm tired, tired and tired again, even if I'm at 1900 and I don't play much these days but last season was a HELL coming out from the 1500 zone.

    I experienced myself 3v3 isn't the best bracket to learn a new class, so the 1700 limit is very good imho. I tried to soloq with a class i never played and i did like 3-14 W/L and I got insulted by my partners, I always asked sorry that I was new to the class bla bla bla, but well then I stopped because I realized I needed some practice, 2v2 maybe. And duels yes.

    Put deserter to player that intentionally AFK in arena for weird reason (angry with you, something happened in their house) so they can't que again for 30minutes if they did 0 dmg/0healing or they didnt move at all. Because they don't leave for the deserter, they just afk and que another one.

    Oh i forgot no1 cares about this realm and I don't even know why I'm posting this, since the only attention I would get its from 2-3 pvp players that may support me but can't change the situation.

    Whatever, peace, have "fun" in game and plz gear

  2. Time for a change for real, this is beyond my immagination:

    Put a limiter to join soloq, no more fresh 1500 dogs, NO MORE. Get 1800 in 2v2-3v3 or soloq is disabled. End of the story. This bracket is ridicolous and you need to stop ignoring the problems related to it.

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