Basically just looking for a couple of casual players to do some arena with.... Would love to play with a priest, mage, shaman (Resto), druid (Resto), or warlock! :) My preference is 3v3 but i do not mind playing 2v2 for the gear and rating!

Played time on rogue has been pretty much the past couple of years, alternating all specs. Highest rating achieved was during Live Cata: 2.2k and RMP and as RWD (warrior).

Legion sucks for rogues (in my opinion) and i no longer receive any pleasure from playing....
My current rating on this server (Blackrock) is 1.550.... I just started playing today and it's taken me a while to get used to the sped up playstyle, feelsgoodman. *Yes, that does mean i have starter gear*

So yeah hit me up if you're any of the aforementioned classes and regularly play on the server!

(My char name is Restopriest, thought that would be important to mention)

(Also i am Human)