My guild will offer you peace of mind. No one will bother you in guild chat. No one will beg **** from you or ask you to help them over and over.

You will have the ability to never speak in guild chat unless you wish to, never need TS3/Skype/Hitbox/Tinder or any other damn devices so people can spam you with links to view them and possibly sex them because they are lonely and losers.

I offer you a safe place to spend your hours online enjoying them, if you want to raid, go raid, if you wish to raid with me , come with me, if you wish to pick flowers and talk to NPC's around the realm hoping not to encounter a bunch of `' ;;'`'`''' '' `'` in the text, then by all means do that. If you enjoyment is to pick flowers and listen to the water flowing down a blood red stream near Undercity, do that too. If you like fishing, for whatever reason in a broken puddle in the middle of concrete, then by all means my yellow helmet friend, do that as well.

I will literally ban and remove anyone from the guild harassing anyone without cause. This includes name calling, up and down dancing on them, inappropriate naming of any kind, remarks that i hear about that pissed someone off, basically if you act like an asshat, im going to make you one and boot you the **** out of my guild.

I do not play, i have successfully managed now 4 guilds two of which held 600+ active members in a different MMORPG created by Verant long ago in a little room where people had imagination.

I recommend you consider if you are happy where you are listening to countless drawn out battles about whos penis is larger and how amazing they feel to themselves when they look at themselves in selfies, or if you would like a change of scene so that you remain playing the game you once enjoyed.

I cannot offer you immediate Clearings of FL DS MMOS STOP or RDF DRF DDRF - But i will send you to the person that can, and you can still hang out in my guild and be respectful and have silence when u need it.

Come grow with me and my family, come show some of these lemmings out there that there still is a need for decency in the game. That not every sentence needs to be concluded with KAK or xD or LaL, yes i said LaL. I literally have a friend in game that feels the need to say LaL instead of LoL. This is the immaturity I will strive to change. If they don't change, i'll beat the snot out of em.

Join OwnedCraft today, Wear the kickass Tabbard that took me 22 seconds to make for us, Use my gold to do ****, have a great time and love your game again.

Peace -- All claims are sponsored by the letters F and U and by the number 2. Send msg in game if you need an invite.