1. Fallen Crusader on main hand and Razorice on off right?

  2. Fallen Crusader on main hand and Razorice on off right?
    Vice versa. Even though the extra dps you'd gain from Razorice on MH will never be seen.
    Edited: August 19, 2017

  3. So is it worth changing then?if i wont see dps change

  4. Guide should be completed.

    Will reread it during the week and check everything again.

    Might add the PvP FDK section in future, will see and think about it...

    Focus on "ROTATION" part of the guide, since that is the most important thing when it comes to FDK.

    This is not Unholy spec. Frost is dependant on Strickt and smooth "Perfect" rotation. If u go bananas and add random stuff to it, might aswell respec...

    Best of Luck.

  5. So is it worth changing then?if i wont see dps change
    In my opinion the proper way for someone to play a DD class is to go for every possible damage increase, regardless of magnitude, so long as it doesn't risk a raid wipe. If you're asking me, then my answer is yes.

  6. what guild are the better for dps namber 3 ????? coz the hight strnge one ??

    im humman not Draenei.

    Itemisation number3:
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet]
    [Penumbra Pendant]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates]
    [Might of the Ocean Serpent]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate]
    [Polar Bear Claw Bracers]
    [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy]
    [Coldwraith Links]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Frostbrood Sapphire Ring]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings]
    [Sigil of Awareness]

    Total of:
    -1830 Strength
    -1393 Armor Penetration
    -203 Haste
    -242 Hit rating
    -26 Expertise
    -35.50% melee / 23.42% spell Crit
    without buffs.
    As Draenei.
    As Orc u will have 11 more Strength cos u wont need to gem 10exp in order to cap it

    and should i go
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings] - R - Razorice Mhand
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings] - R - Fallen Crusader Off hand
    Edited: August 25, 2017

  7. Could u edit it once again? I dont understand ur question...
    On the topic of more Strength, it doesnt necesarely means that itemisation has more attack power, or better stat balance.
    If u have more overall agility items u will end up on less Strength, more Crit, but overall attack power diference wont be huge, +/- 50-100 atk power.

    For example, itemisation number4 would have even more Strength if it used Ashen Strength ring over the Agility one i linked in it.
    From my PoV its better to have a good balance btwn all the stats after u cap Arp, Hit and Expertise. If u go for too much Strength/AttackPower and neglect Crit and Haste completely u wont do more DPS, u will do less...
    Edited: August 25, 2017

  8. what if i want to put bracers from RS25 HC:
    Edited: August 27, 2017

  9. I doubt u can cap everything (Arp, Hit, Expertise) if u go for those...
    They are awesome for Unholy DK tho, Frost not so much.

    P.S. I added couple of recounts at the end end of the guide. Focus on Obliterate and Frost Strike ratio/count. Always prio rune usage over runic power.
    Il try to find an easy way to, and maybe record how i do my rotation and post a video of it in the guide. Not sure yet...
    U can check gear and gems for those recounts on my armory: "Gnimo".

  10. what if i want to put bracers from RS25 HC:
    Then you'll have them equiped.

    They're on par with Toskk's and you can achieve a perfect cap of 1400 with them while maintaining minimum hit, but in order to do so you'll give up all/most yellow hybrids. The dps difference between the two is very small (~13 dps) in favor of Toskk's on a 15 minute single target fight according to simulator (I've compared whole sets, not the idividual items). The shorter the fight though, the closer they come to one another. On particularly short fights (>= 2 minutes) Umrage starts becoming superior by little.

    I suspect that these results are due to how hit becomes more and more benefitial the longer a fight lasts due to how we simply don't cap spell hit. With Umbrage you'd have less/no yellow sockets for Etched Ametrines thus whenever target switches occur, or the fight is long, or there is more than one target of importance (LK p2 comes to mind) Umbrage is strictly inferior to Toskk's.

  11. they all suck and heir is the best also agilty sucks donkey dick especially for orcs

    if ur content doing 15k dps as fdk this guide is the way to go

    ecks dee

  12. they all suck and heir is the best also agilty sucks donkey dick especially for orcs

    if ur content doing 15k dps as fdk this guide is the way to go

    ecks dee
    Any empirical evidence to support that or are you just going to be a mouthbreather?

  13. Oh lol, look, its our favourite Full Strength FDK that doesnt like Blood Caked Blade.

    Welcome back buddy, I missed ur fani comments. :)

    (shoutout to Rifokelt for provoding his old one, since im bad and i cant record my own - they are basicly the same)

    TRACK HIS RUNE USAGE and notice Couple of things (minor diference in opener):

    "/cancelaura Blood Tap" comes in handy at 0:11-0:19

    As u see, since there are both Death and Blood runes awailable when he does "Blood Strike", ability will always prio the NORMAL rune over DEATH rune.
    If both runes wer Blood, the 1st aka the Left Blood Rune would be used first, instead the 2nd aka the Right one that got used in the video (@ 0:20).
    This is why i like using the cancelaura macro, cos sooner or later u will use the 1st rune first instead of 2nd rune, and might **** up Rune Grace period by 1sec (which can be huge when it comes to diseases refresh timer since its always close).
    I use it somewhere arround 0:12+, right after i use Obliterate Consuming 2 Death Runes, before 0:19 when he used "Blood Strike" again in the Video.

    Notice and REMEMBER the part from 0:21, when he refreshes diseases with pestilence, untill 0:41 when he does it again.
    No matter what happens, no matter how many targets u switch, no matters how many misses or dodges happen, u always, ALWAYS have to try and make ur rotation look like that.

    That is the:
    Pesti > BS > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > FS > Pesti > BS > Obli > ...
    part of the rotation from the guide.
    (with him doin BS > Pesti instead of Pesti > BS in the video)

    Note: i do Pesti first cos sometimes if it misses or it get resisted, if u are lucky and fast enough u can repeat Pesti again using the 2nd Blood Rune and refresh the Diseases.
    A lot of "IF"s but its worth if u make it.
    Also, sometimes it might be better to use BS > Pesti.
    Best Example is 1st Transition Phase on Lich King when u are DPSing the Ragings.
    There, u want to cast Pestilence and Spread diseases from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd Raging so u dont have to IT > PS on it again (More Obliterates!).
    Since Ragings Spawns a bit latter its best to use BS and wait 1-2 sec for that Pestilence if u can and cast it right when the 2nd (3rd) one spawns.

    P.S. I will add this in the guide aswell. I only made this comment cos i think its really important for all the FDKs out there to visualy see the "Rotation" i linked in the guide. Rotation is really 90% of ur DPS as Frost DK. Master it.

  15. Did you every tried to alternate more your obliterates and frost strikes? i mean, very often i see the following 6 spells being used: 3 obliterates (in a row), and 3 frost strikes (in a row). As the runes cooldown is always 10s, if you use the first empower rune weapon to syncronize that they will come out of cooldown ALWAYS with a break in between every use, it will still be 6 spells used, but instead of 3 obliterate in a row and then 3 frost strikes in a row, you can do 1 obliterate, 1 frost strike, 1 obliterate, 1 frost strike, 1 obliterate, 1 frost strike

    the point is: to try to make a better usage of the killing machine, as they have more chance to proc when you put 1 obliterate between each frost strike used

    you even mention something about that on the main page of the guide, but only regarding the use of howling blast

    Im sure that if you try it out, and compare the frequency of crit (% of total) of your frost strike on the end of the long encounter, it will be higher than if you do 3 in a row/3 in a row; and you dont lose any number of obliterates or frost strikes, you just change the sequence that they are being used

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