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    Im glad i could help. :D

    As for people that are asking questions on forums and ingame, again, "Read the Guide multiple times".

    Guide is simply a guide, something to give u basic info about how things work, after which u need to work urself in order to become better, and/or the best DK out there.
    Dont bother urself with minor minmaxing or some other random ****, just read the guide, practice what u got out of it, and play the game as much as u can in order to become better and better.

    I wrote EVERYTHING I KNOW in each one of these guides.
    I also wrote the things other GREAT DKs that i know told me i was missing.
    If u think i made a mistake or if u think i can add something, please do tell, but questions like:
    "I have 4k GS should i gem this or that?"
    "U lose Icy Talons for 1sec if u use Glyph of Disease, should i use something else?"
    "Can u type rotation again (in game wisper)?"
    "I missed more auto attacks than i have hit, is that a bug?"

    ... and so many others, are just getting a bit anoying lately.

    Questions are welcome, dont get me wrong, but if u ask me something cos u didnt read what i alrdy said, or if u are just lazy, that is what makes me a bit mad. :D

    Anyway, hope this guide makes even more great DKs out there, and please do tell if i forgot to write something in it, or made some mistakes...
    Best of Luck and Happy Holidays!

    p.s. When i get the time il reread the guides and see if i can update something in them.
    But, again, for the 100th time, u have all the info about DK as a Class in general in them alrdy.
    Read it, Read it again, and AGAIN, if something is unclear.

    "9k+ DPS on a dummy as Frost is a GREAT JOB."
    "8k+ DPS on a dummy as Unholy is a GREAT JOB."
    Those kind of things will be added in the guide to avoid getting spammed with that kind of questions ingame. :D

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    All 3 guides have been updated a bit.
    I didnt have the time to look trought them completely, so there still might be some minor mistakes in them.
    If u notice them please do inform me about them so i can fix them asap.

    The major updates in them are videos of rotation.
    There is a new section for those, so u can go and check them out...

    I also added alternate talent links in the first comment, since some of u told me that u cant see talents at all.
    U have both Glyphs and Talents in those links all combined.
    In case u cant see any of the talent links i provided, please do inform me so i can try to find another way to post them.

    Anyway i think that there is nothing else i can add to the guide.
    This is basicly everything i know about this class.
    Sure, they can be better written, sure they can be flashy and all, but some of us, while learning to play, didnt even have this much.

    Would like to ask all of u to stop asking trivial questions in game such as:
    I have 4k GS, should i gem Strength or Armor Penetration?"
    U lose Icy Talons for 0.01sec, should i use Glyph of Icy Touch instead of Glyph of Diseases cos of it?"
    Can u please type in the rotation again?
    In wisper yes, i need to see something..."

    U have everything in the guide.
    Just read it. Dont be lazy.
    If something is not in it, i eather think its not important, i eather dont know anything more, or i forgot.

    I dont have anything against good and constructive questions, but when u ask this kind of things, u are just a lazy scrub and im sorry i simply cant deal with those kind of questions anymore...

    Im glad i could help some of u out with ur DK skills.
    For those that i didnt, im sorry, and i hope u find someone who will.

    Best of Luck, have fun bois and grillz!

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