1. FROST Death Knight PvE DPS Guide [3.3.5a]

    Frost Death Knight

    In this guide u will find every information u need to know about ur Death Knight.
    I have arround 8 years of expirience when it comes to DKs (5 of which are on this server), i did all kind of tests when it comes to Specs, Itemisations, Rotation, all kind of stuff, and this is the conclusion.
    If u want to waste ur own time with some tests of ur own, feel free to do so, but i doubt ul find something better than this...
    If not, just read the guide, and read it again if there is something thats unclear.

    DO NOT blindly read the guide!
    Think about everything that i said in it and use ur head...
    If u dont understand some of the things i wrote, again, think with ur head, use that brain, and read the spells/talents/abilities. If u have the basic knowledge of how things work, u should be able to understand everything.

    Guide is simply a guide!
    Its not a magical text that will make u do insane amount of DPS if u blindly follow it like a robot, or if u dont put in the time required in game, aka if u dont practice.

    If u want great Single target DPS with AoE Burst when ur procs align, u want to be a FROST DK.
    If u want great AoE constant DMG with nice Single Target DPS, u want to be a UNHOLY DK.
    If u want to Tank, u want to be a BLOOD DK.

    DK is a class that can do solid Single target DPS, AoE DPS, Tank with any of the 3 specs.
    If u find some other talent build that makes ur gameplay fun and u want to keep it, feel free to do it.
    However, if u want to maximise ur performance and be the best out there,
    u cant outdps a Frost DK on Single Target as Unholy or Blood,
    u cant outdps a Unholy DK on AoE as Frost or Blood,
    u cant Tank better than a Blood DK.
    U can do everything, but not as good...

    If u have any doubts or questions u can check my old Guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=344509
    U can find more itemisations and some of mistakes ive made on my way here...
    Overall this is the conclusion more or less.
    I will also post links of my other 2 guides (Unholy and Tank) in the 1st Comment, so u can read them aswell if u are interested (would suggest doin that since the more u know, the better u are).

    Added Alternative Talent links in the 1st comment, in case any of the ones in the guide are not working properly.
    Please do tell in case u cant see any of the links i provided so i can update the ones in the 1st comment below the guide.

    The most important part of ur DPS as a Death Knight is ROTATION.
    Make sure u master that part, gear will come and go...

    Lets get started.


    Spoiler: Show
    When it comes to PvE, racials have a big impact on ur performance.
    These are the ones u can chose...


    5 expertise while using Axes, passive.
    5% Pet dmg increase, passive.
    Duration of Stun effects reduced by 15%, passive.
    Blood Fury - 322 atk power for 15sec, 2min CD, active.
    This is the best "pure DPS" race, for both PvP and PvE.

    Base Health increased by 5%, passive.
    Stomp - 8 yards AoE stun for 2sec with a 2min CD, active.
    Its great for tanking duo to increase in EHP.

    Blood Elf
    2% miss chance on spells, passive.
    Arcane Torrent - 8 yard AoE silence for 2sec with a 2min CD, active.
    If u want to PvP only, this race might be good for you.

    From my point of view, one and only SUPERIOR race for DKs is Orc.
    Its great for DPSing when it comes to PvE cos of that Expertise, extra Atk Power active and Pet DMG.
    On top of that, with the Stun duration reduction racial, is also great for PvP (Blood Elves and Taurens are good for PvP aswell, but i would still chose Orc).
    Overall, if u are new to this game, u dont care about Alliance or how ur character looks like, and u want to maximise ur performance, u want to be an Orc.


    1% hit chance increase, passive.
    (for u and ur whole group).

    3 expertise while using Swords or Maces, passive.
    Every man for himself - Removes any CC from ur character, 2min CD, active.

    5 expertise while using Maces, passive.
    10% armor increase with a 3min CD, active.

    Night Elf
    Brings 2% miss chance, passive, aka more avoidance when it comes to tanking.
    Shadowmeld - Gets u out of combat, can eat (apsorb) a spell if used corectly, 2min CD, active.

    Its up to u to decide what are u going to take here.
    There is no superior Race on Alliance side (sadly).
    For PvE, I peronaly prefer Draenei mainly cos of that 1% extra hit.
    For PvP, Human is OP cos of that extra trinket proc.
    Overall, they are all the same, since u can always beg for a Draenei in ur grp, and buy PvP trinket, but, again, the BEST and the only race that is Superior to others, when it comes to DKs, is Orc...


    Spoiler: Show
    -1% Melee hit chance = 32.789 Hit rating
    -1% Spell hit chance = 26.24 Hit rating
    -8% chance (263 hit rating) is melee hit cap for special abilities
    (164 hit rating from gear + 3% from Nerves of Cold Steel talent).
    -27% chance (885 hit rating) is melee hit cap for white swings (fak this).
    -17% chance (446 hit rating) is spell hit cap
    (368 hit rating (14%) + 3% from Virulence, or 289 hit rating (11%) + 3% from Virulence + 3% hit chance debuff on the target from Spriest or Boomie).

    -U should try and go for 164-263hit rating from gear (preferably arround 237, as BiS).

    When it comes to White Melee Swings, the cap is 27%.
    U can NEVER cap this, nor u want to. So if u notice ur melee swings missing, thats a normal thing, dont worry about it.
    27% -(minus) X =(equals) Y
    27% (melee hit cap)
    X (hit % u have, gear + talents + buffs/food)
    Y (how much of melee white hits u will miss in %)
    So, for example, if u have 9% hit from gear and 3% hit from talents and 1% hit from a Draenei in ur grp (13% total), u will miss arround 14% of ur total white melee swings.
    Glancing will always be arround 24% (more or less). There is no item, no gem, no stat that will help u get less than 24%...
    These are partial hits. U cant do anything about this, its in blizzards scripts, they simply have to happen. Something like partial resist on spells...

    -1 expertise = 8.1975 expertise rating
    -26 expertise Caps DODGE.
    -56 expertise Caps PARRY (fak this).
    -U should try and go for 26 expertise (173 exp rating from gear + 5 expertise from Tundra Stalker talent)
    (132 exp rating from gear + 5 expertise from Tundra Stalker talent + 5 expertise from Orc Racial)
    -Capping this stat is easy and will provide u with a Healty Rotation.
    If u dont care about that, u can always skip it and hope not a single Dodge will occure (that is something i would NOT recomend, for any of the 3 specs, CAP THAT EXPERTISE!).

    Note: Have in mind that DPS gain from not capping Expertise will be neglectable, while dodged attacks in some bad situations can have an effect on ur overall rune sinc and rotation.
    Also, this stat is finaly fixed. Dodge cap is exactly 26, Parry chance is added to the Boss defence table, so u want to attack ur target from SIDES or from BEHIND or u will get parried (Bosses can only Parry if u attack them from front).

    Armor Penetration:
    -1% Armor Penetration = 13.996 Armor Penetration Rating
    -This stat is best for end game FDK DPS.
    -U need 1386-1400 as BiS.

    -Once u get to a point where u have:
    2/5 T10, Sigil of Awareness, and u are able to reach 1200+ Armor Penetration with Gear, Red Gems and Food,
    u should fill all those RED sockets with 20 armor pen.
    Even tho u are not capped, u should do more DPS on single target compared to Strength gems at this point.

    Note: If u need those Strength gems cos u play Unholy (pvp or pve) aswell, dont gem armor penetration. Try to get some double items for diferent gemming in time, but untill than play with Strength gems...
    U can do perfectly fine and great DPS with BiS gear from the Itemisation section while having Strength gems. This way u can play both specs and u wont do low DPS if ur needed as a Unholy DPS in the raid.

    -1 Strength = 2 Attack Power
    -Get it as much as u can when gearing up.
    -When talking about BIS gear its ur Best stat to go for when it comes to Gems (as primary stat) after u cap, Hit (237), Expertise (26) and Armor Pen (1386+).

    -1% Spell Haste = 32.789 Haste Rating
    -1% Melee Haste = 25.189 Haste Rating
    -Great stat for maximizing DPS when talking about end game itemisation.
    -Will give u the most overall DMG (as secondary stat) out of Melee hits after u cap Hit (237), Expertise (26) and Armor Pen (1386+).
    -Also it reduces spell global cooldown by a small amount which can be helpfull to squise in some extra free Howling Blast from Rime talent in btwn Obliterates...

    1 crit rating = 0.022% crit
    1% crit = 62.5 agility
    -Duo to some talents and spells, our abilities deal 200-250% of normal DMG when they Crit. That makes this stat highly valuable.
    -We get a lot of it from talents aswell, so u don’t need that much from gear alone…
    -U need arround 42-46% crit raid buffed. Dont push for more, try not to go for less...
    -U ussualy need only 1-3 Agy items (gloves, wrist and/or ring) to reach that when Best in Slot (BiS).


    Spoiler: Show

    This talents could be used with any itemisation u have.

    Aslong as Blood Caked Blade is doing 2-3%+ of ur total DMG, its the best talent u can get for those last 3 points. The reason is simply cos its not rotation dependant. No matter what u do, aslong as u auto attack ur target, its gona happen.
    In case its doin less than 2% of ur total DMG (on overall DMG done after a dungeon, or a heavy sticky single target DPS fight, like DBS or Festergut), i would suggest maxing out Subversion 3/3 and Chill of the Grave 2/2 and go for Blood Caked Blade 0/3, before u get into better gear overall. This wont increase ur DPS on sticky single target almost at all, but it will increase ur Burst potential (which can be usefull in bursting targets down quickly).

    I consider Black Ice to be a crap talent for Frost DK. If u deal 1milion Frost/Shadow damage, 1/5 will only increase that by 20k, which is nothing. 1 more point in Killing Machine will be better, especialy if u have to AoE (u want to use Howling Blast consuming KM proc, using it without KM is also a waste from my pov), 1 more point in Chill of the Grave will provide u with enough runic power to spam FS like crazy which will in the end provide u with more DMG than Black Ice. And also, its better to go for 1/3 Blood Caked Blade instead of extra talent point in Black Ice.

    Another link to the spec: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#jzZ...ofM0hxc:pakMmV

    Note: If u want to have fun and DPS in Unholy Presence u need the Spec with 3/3 BcB, 2/2 CotG and 4/5 KM while following the "Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS > HoW > Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Pesti > BS > FS" rotation (use HB instead of FS EVERY time u get "Rime" proc). In fights where u can use AMS ofencively and spam **** ton of FSs, u will do same amount of DPS as if u wer in Blood Presence (maybe a bit less, so dont expect anything special), especialy if u have to move a lot, while in fights such as Deathbringer Saurfang, its better to just go DPS in Blood Presence while having 1/2 CotG and 5/5 KM, following 3x Obli > 3x FS rotation.

    I have a lot of fun playing in Unholy Presence in PvE, so i tought u could aswell...
    Also, here u dont need more than 17exp (T10 legs and talents) mainly since u have fast GCD and a lot of downtime cos of it, and u can afford to get dodged without any punishments.
    Try to use FS with KM, since u wont always have RP for it, so its best to wait and not use it sometimes... This ul have to learn urself.

    (More info on these Rotations can be found in "Rotation" section of the guide)

    >>> Screenshots of Recounts <<<
    This one is from TOC 10m normal (26th May, 2017)
    Its there so u can see the % DMG of Blood Caked Blade.
    U can calculate the Frost/Shadow DMG i did and see how much 3 points from BCB in Black Ice will do...
    3 extra points in Black Ice (on Anub Fight) would increase total (217767) Frost/Shadow DMG done by 13066.
    3 points in Blood Caked Blade (on Anub Fight) did 38511 DMG. and that was without Hero or any kind of Pot/Pre Pot.


    Spoiler: Show
    Glyph of Disease
    Glyph of Obliterate
    Glyph of Frost Strike
    Glyph of Horn of Winter
    Glyph of Raise Dead
    Glyph of Pestilence
    There are no better glyphs.
    Use these...


    Spoiler: Show
    BiS list Itemisation:
    Spoiler: Show
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet] - M [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] + R - 50atkp 20crit
    [Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation]- Y (10str10hit)
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates] - R - 40atkp 15crit
    [Varian's Furor] - R - 23haste
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate] - R + [Nightmare Tear] - 10 to all stats
    [Toskk's Maximized Wristguards] - R + R - 50atkp
    [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy] - R + R + R - 15expertise
    [Coldwraith Links] - Y (10str10hit) + R + R
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates] - R + R - 75atkp 22crit
    [Apocalypse's Advance] - R + R - 12hit12crit
    [Might of Blight] - Y (10str10hit)
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might] - Y (10str10haste)
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings] - R - Razorice
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings] - R - Fallen Crusader
    [Sigil of Awareness]

    R gems are [Fractured Cardinal Ruby]
    Y gems are [Etched Ametrine] and [Fierce Ametrine]
    Helm + Shoulders + Chest have [Fractured Dragon's Eye] gems in them.
    Food: 40 Strength

    Total of:
    -1848 Strength
    -1396 Armor Penetration (99.74%).
    -203 Haste (8.05%)
    -239 Hit rating (7.29% melee / 9.11% spell)
    -26 Expertise (173 rating)
    -35.29% melee / 23.16% spell Crit
    without buffs.

    U can also enchant Feet with TBC enchant: 6agility + Minor run Speed increase, and gem Ashen ring with Etched Ametrine, 10str10hit.
    This itemisation will provide u with 237 Hit, a bit less Crit and Minor Movement speed increase.

    If u decide to go for Agility Ashen Ring ([Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance]) just use Icewalker as Feet enchant, and put Bold Cardinal (20str gem) in that agility Ashen Ring.

    If u dont care about Expertise cap, just use: [Penumbra Pendant], Enchant Gloves with 44 Attack Power and use the Strength Ashen Ring. Some dodges might happen here and there, care about that cos it can screw with ur rotation if really unlucky (hence why i dont recomend this build)...

    In case u want to go for Jewelcrafting and Engineering:
    U will lose 15 Expertise from Gloves and 12 Hit from Feet.
    Gem Ashen ring with 10str10hit to reach 237 Hit.
    As for Expertise its up to u if u want to be on:
    17 with Penumbra Pendant,
    24 with Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation without any expertise Gem,
    26 with Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation and 20 Expertise from 1 red gem or 2x 10exp10hit gems instead of 10str10hit ones.
    I would also suggest using 40 Armor Penetration Food with Engineering.

    Its on u to decide which one u want to go for.
    Orc Itemisation:
    Spoiler: Show
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet] - M [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] + R - 50atkp 20crit
    [Penumbra Pendant]- Y (10exp10hit)
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates] - R - 40atkp 15crit
    [Varian's Furor] - R - 23haste
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate] - R + P (10armorpen15stam) - 10 to all stats
    [Toskk's Maximized Wristguards] - R + R - 50atkp
    [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy] - R + R + R - 44atkp
    [Coldwraith Links] - Y (10exp10hit) + R + R
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates] - R + R - 75atkp 22crit
    [Apocalypse's Advance] - R + R - 12hit12crit
    [Might of Blight] - Y (10exp10hit)
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might] - Y (10str10haste)
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings] - R - Razorice
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings] - R - Fallen Crusader
    [Sigil of Awareness]

    R gems are [Fractured Cardinal Ruby]
    Y gems are [Accurate Ametrine] and [Fierce Ametrine]
    Helm + Shoulders + Chest have [Fractured Dragon's Eye] gems in them.
    Food: 40 Strength

    Total of:
    -1829 Strength
    -1398 Armor Penetration (99.88%).
    -203 Haste (8.05%)
    -239 Hit rating (7.29% melee / 9.11% spell)
    -26 Expertise (136 rating)
    -36.85% melee / 24.75% spell Crit
    without buffs.

    In case u want to go for Jewelcrafting and Engineering:
    Use 40 Armor Penetration Food.
    Gem Ashen ring with 10str10hit to reach 237 Hit.
    As for Expertise its up to u if u want to be on:
    22 with 3x 10str10hit gems,
    26 with 3x 10exp10hit gems.

    For Orc itemisation i consider Strength Ashen ring to be a Must, mainly cos u get that extra crit from Penumbra, and cos u have to gem that Expertise which is another Strength loss...
    In case u dont care about Expertise cap, simply use 3x 10str10hit gems instead of 10exp10hit ones...
    In the end, it wont matter which last item, or last gem u decide to go for, make sure u perfect ur ROTATION!
    Spoiler: Show
    When it comes to gemming u should always try to go for those STRENGTH socket bonuses if there are [yellow], and/or [yellow and red] gems in them (aka +4/+6 strength if u match the color).
    Use Etched/Fierce/Inscribed/Accurate Ametrine gems.
    U should only match 1 Blue gem with [Nightmare Tear] (Chest, or any other item that gives u +6 Strength in return) or [Puissant Dreadstone] (in case this gem will put u on 1396-1400 Armor Penetration). In other blue gem slots just put those Red Cardinal Rubyes.
    Alternate itemisations u can go for if u cant get the items from the list above:
    Spoiler: Show
    Itemisation number3:
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet]
    [Penumbra Pendant]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates]
    [Might of the Ocean Serpent]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate]
    [Polar Bear Claw Bracers]
    [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy]
    [Coldwraith Links]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Frostbrood Sapphire Ring]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings]
    [Sigil of Awareness]

    Total of:
    -1866 Strength
    -1359 Armor Penetration
    -193 Haste
    -252 Hit rating
    -26 Expertise
    -35.50% melee / 23.42% spell Crit
    without buffs.
    This itemisation requires u to make ur own 40 armor penetration food.
    If u are lazy and u dont want to, its still fine and u can reach some nice stats, u will need to gem a bit diferently tho.
    This itemisation is the best option if u cant get "TogC 50/50 atempts Strength Hit Cloak" (aka - [Varian's Furor]/[Garrosh's Rage]).

    Itemisation number4:
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet]
    [Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates]
    [Winding Sheet]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate]
    [Toskk's Maximized Wristguards]
    [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy]
    [Coldwraith Links]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Might of Blight]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings]
    [Bloodvenom Blade]
    [Sigil of Awareness]

    Total of:
    -1865 Strength
    -1400 Armor Penetration
    -205 Haste
    -264 Hit rating
    -26 Expertise
    -33.95% melee / 22.00% spell Crit
    without buffs.
    This itemisation is good if u dont farm RS nor TOGC almost at all...
    Note that u need to get Feet and Trinket from RS somehow.
    I guess u could use 46 coins for those two items (and 23 extra for Havoc).

    In any of these Itemisations [Sigil of Awareness] IS A MUST!
    Especialy once u get 2/5 T10 bonus activated.
    U can chose to use eather [Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance], or [Ashen Band of Endless Might], it depends purely on if u want more Attack Power or more Crit. (they will both work well and do same DPS in the end, more or less)

    There are also more itemisations that u can use that i didnt link...
    The point of Alternate Itemisations is to show u which items u can use in case u dont have all the items from the "BiS list".
    They are not there to replace the BiS list, they are there simply to show u what to use to maximise ur performace while still farming those other items.
    Overall, non of it matter if ur rotation sux. Focus on ROTATION more than on ur items first.

    BiS and Orc lists are the ones that will provide u with most DPS from gear alone.
    Itemisation 3 is basicly the same stuff, with a bit less base stats.
    Itemisation 4 is something that u can get and maximise ur DPS with the least amount of Coins/Farm i guess.

    When it comes to any gear setup before these 4, i cant help u much, so please dont ask me is item A better than item B.
    Its all dependant on the rest of ur items. Just aim for those Hit and Expertise caps first and u will be fine.

    U can also use exactly the same itemisation as in the "BIS list" with the LDW 277 neck [Ahn'kahar Onyx Neckguard], and Emblem 264 cloak [Might of the Ocean Serpent]. Will give u less stats overall but the idea when it comes to stat balance will stay the same more or less.

    As said, it wont matter that much in the end...
    Aslong as u can get 237-264 hit, 26 expertise and 1200+ Armor Penetration, with Sigil of Awareness and 4/5 T10, u should be doin awesome DPS.
    If u have Limited amount of coins, this is the item prio:
    Spoiler: Show
    1. [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings]
    2. [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    3. [Apocalypse's Advance]
    4. [Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron Kings], (2nd Havoc)
    5. [Penumbra Pendant], only if u want to use this item for Frost DPS (as Orc or if u dont want to cap Expertise), if u are going for "BiS" itemisation with BQL neck, skip "part.5!"
    6. [Varian's Furor]/[Garrosh's Rage]
    7. ICC items (prio is based on Boss Dificulty and how many of other Classes are in Need for that item)
    For Example: Deathbringer's Will and Coldwraith Links should be the first items u want to go for... After that u can get [Toskk's Maximized Wristguards] and maybe [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy] since most of the Melee classes use these 2 agility items.
    U can finish with some Tear 10 items like Helm or Chest, that u ussualy cant get in VoA for example... (even if u donate for those, it wont be a waste, the moment u decide to try out Unholy DPS aswell, u will need another Helm, Chest, Shoulders and Legs cos of the diference in Gemming: Arp for Frost, Str for Unholy)


    Spoiler: Show
    I prefer going for JC + BS.
    JC - 3x 34 Armor Penetration/Strength Gems
    (total of 42 Extra Stats from JC gems)
    BS - 2 Extra Gem Sockets
    -Total of passive 82 bonus Armor Penetration/Strength

    -U can also go for Tailoring or/and Enginering, since they have some nice proc/activation enchants, or w/e u call them...
    (I would NOT recomend doin this, mainly cos u lose stats from normal Enchants u would use otherwise).
    -I personaly dont like Tailoring at all.
    -When it comes to Enginering i can say it has its uses, and some players say its BIS prof in combination with JC, BUT, i wouldnt go for it with any other Race exept as an Orc (tho id most likely still go JC + BS, even as an Orc).
    The greatest plus in Engineering are Rocket Boots which let u play a bit more greedy in situations where u might have to move fast or die/wipe the raid.

    Get this one aswell. There is NO reason why u shouldnt get this prof. Its awesome!
    It will provide u with extra 40 Strength / Armor Penetration (and u dont have to beg for Fisk). Its easy to level, and mats are cheap on AH, and/or easy to farm. If u want to maximise ur DPS, u want this prof (if u lvl Fishing aswell u will be able to farm all mats urself).
    Those extra 40 Armor Penetration from food will let u gem better, aka match some yellow socket bonuses u couldnt otherwise and gain more stats overall. Get cooking!

    I would recomend going for JC + BS (with COOKING aswell ofc!).
    JC + Engineering works best on Orc, but u might need to make ur own 40 armor penetration Food from Cooking for this to cap all stats (hit, exp, arp).

    Runes and Runic Power:

    Spoiler: Show
    This section will provide u with some Basic Knowledge when it comes to both Runes and Runic Power.
    This is our Mana, our Rage, our Energy...
    Altho its a bit more complicated...

    We need certain runes in order to cast our Abilities.
    After u cast any Ability that uses Runes, u will generate Runic Power:

    Runic Power Generation:
    IT = 10 runic power (+ Chill of the Grave)
    PS = 10 runic power (+ Dirge)
    BS = 10 runic power
    Pesti = 10 runic power
    SS = 15 runic power (+ Dirge)
    Obli = 15 runic power (+ Chill of the Grave)
    DnD = 15 runic power

    Any ability that uses 1 Rune will generate 10 runic power.
    Any ability that uses 2+ Runes will generate 15 runic power.

    As u alrdy noticed, our Runes have a 10sec CD after we use them... But! There is more to it...

    Rune Grace Period
    Our Runes have 10sec Cooldown while we are out of combat.
    The moment we enter combat RGP kicks in... (RGP = Rune Grace Period)
    RGP gives us extra 2.5sec CD countdown after our runes finish their cooldown.
    This means if ur Rune finished its cooldown, it will continue to count down 2.5sec as if u used that rune, even tho u didnt use it (10... 9... 8... 7.5sec).

    When we are out of combat, and our Runes finish their cooldown, the moment we use them (the same Rune) again they will be on the 10sec CD timer again.
    When we are in combat, the moment they (Runes) finish their cooldown is the time when they will start counting down those 2.5sec, regardless of if u used it or not. Depending on when we use them (the same Rune) again, they will have 10 minus 2.5sec CD.
    If u use that Rune instantly after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 10sec.
    If u use that Rune 1sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 9sec.
    If u use that Rune 1.2sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 8.8sec.
    If u use that Rune 1.9sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 8.1sec.
    If u use that Rune 2sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 8sec.
    If u use that Rune 2.5sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 7.5sec.
    If u use that Rune 5sec after it finished its cooldown (while u are still in same combat), the new cooldown on that Rune will be 7.5sec.
    If u use that Rune 15sec after it finished its cooldown(while u are still in same combat), the new cooldown on that Rune will be 7.5sec.
    The range of Rune CD reduction is from 0-2.5 sec, it will never go below 7.5sec CD mark (while beeing in same combat from the time u used the Rune first time).
    I hope this helped u out to understand how this thing works.

    Death, Frost, Unholy, Blood Runes:
    When u look at ur runes u can see u have 2 blood 2 frost 2 unholy runes.
    So, lets call ur LEFT blood rune 1st and ur RIGHT blood rune 2nd (same goes for both Frost and Unholy runes)

    As u alrdy saw, our Abilities consume sertain runes when we cast them.
    Those same abilities will ALWAYS prio using LEFT (1st) rune.
    Those same abilities will ALWAYS prio using NORMAL (Frost, Unholy, Blood) runes over Death Runes.

    How runes work, test it urself while doing this:
    <Left> <Right> <Left> <Right> <Left> <Right>
    Stand still, dont do anyhing.
    After u cast Blood Boil, ur 1st (left) rune will be on Cooldown, not the 2nd (right) one, cos they wer both Blood Runes. <Left> <Right>
    Now, use Blood Tap. U will have 1 Death and 1 Blood Rune. <Left> <Right>
    When u cast Blood Boil, u will see that ur 2nd (right) BLOOD rune goes on Cooldown, even tho ur 1st (left) Blood Rune was ready as Death Rune.
    This goes for both Frost and Unholy Runes aswell.
    Ur abilities will ALWAYS prio NORMAL runes over DEATH runes, and ur abilities will ALWAYS prio using LEFT rune over RIGHT rune.

    Some may think knowing this is useless and that it wont help u...
    Belive me, sooner or latter u will be in a tough spot, where ur runes will be completely ****ed up, not sinergised at all.
    Knowing this lets me make some wild decisions (like spamming **** ton of Frost Strike untill my Runes are Aligned corectly, sometimes few, sometimes all of them) that will help me fix my runes and make more DPS on the long run.
    Always think about the long run...
    If the fight will last for 2 more min, and ur runes are ****ed up, try to fix them.
    If the fight will last for 30 more sec, try to get the most out of those ****ed up runes and think about what can u improve not to make the same mistake in the next fight.

    Presence Usage:

    Spoiler: Show
    -Blood Presence – Its great for both Frost and Unholy DK, especialy in "Tank and Spank" fights where u just stand there and DPS (Deathbringer Saurfang, Festergut, Rotface...), cos its double dipping for ablities like: Obliterate, Scourge Strike, Blood Strike (increases both Weapon DMG, that will increase Ability DMG, and it increases the Overall TOTAL End DMG of ur Abilities). On top of that, u wont have a lot of Down Time (couple of seconds when u cant do anything and u just Auto Attack while waiting for CD on runes to end), which will happen if u DPS in Unholy Presence.
    -Unholy Presence – When u need high burst DMG and on top of that extra movement speed, this presence can be awesome. Its usefull on bosses such as:
    Lady Deathwisper phase1, when u need to switch from the Boss to the Adds, and DPS them asap,
    Profesor Putricide, where u need to constantly move and switch from Boss to Oozes,
    Any other boss where higher movement speed and burst potential will help a lot,
    like Yogg Saron in Ulduar for example...
    Unholy Presence is also usefull when Clearing Dungeons.
    Only downside of Unholy Presence is "Down Time". Since u have limited amount of resources, after u use them all, u will have to wait for Rune Cooldown to end before u can do stuff again.
    The time while u just auto attack and wait for those Cooldowns to end is called "Down Time"...
    So basicly, if u have to switch a lot of targets, burst them down, move a lot, all of this constantly, Unholy > Blood Presence.
    If ur target Dies before u spread ur diseases and cast Obliterate / Scourge Strike, or Howling Blast / Death and Decay, that means u should’ve used Unholy Presence for DPS and not Blood Presence…
    -Frost Presence – Use it when u have to tank/survive something. Save Icebound Fortitude for these situations aswell. Dont forget to swap back to Blood/Unholy after that or u will most likely overagro and die.

    I would suggest queing RDF as much as u can.
    Do 1 RDF fully with Blood Presence.
    Do another RDF fully with Unholy Presence.
    That is great practice and easy way to notice the diference in both of them...
    The more u know about ur class and how it functions, the better.

    Note: For Lich King encounter, use Blood Presence. Even tho u switch targets and move constantly. Most of ur Time will be spent tunneling the Boss, and since all of the targets spawn right next to each other, its easy to spread Diseases with Pestilence and keep on nuking them down with Obliterates. Unholy Presence is better in fights where u have to constantly reaply ur diseases manualy, using IT and PS, thats the main diference here...

    Keybinds and Macroes:

    Spoiler: Show
    Keybinds are important part of ur gameplay.
    Whatever u do, DONT BE A CLICKER (dont click on ur abilities using mouse).
    Bind as many abilities as u can and make ur life easyer (on top of that become a better player aswell).

    Keybinds I use:
    Q, E, R, F, C, X, Z, V, T, G, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, mouse scroll down, mouse scroll up, midle mouse button, all other mouse side buttons
    Shift + Q, Shift + E, Shift + R, Ctrl + (all the letters and numbers from above)... Shift + mouse scroll down, Shift + mouse scroll up, Shift + midle mouse button, Shift + all other mouse side buttons
    Ctrl + Q, Ctrl + E, Ctrl + R, Ctrl + (all the letters and numbers from above)... Ctrl + mouse scroll down, Ctrl + mouse scroll up, Ctrl + midle mouse button, Ctrl + all other mouse side buttons
    U can also use Shift + Space and Ctrl + Space to set up Focus Target and Target in btwn them.
    Use Alt + X, Alt + C, and Alt + V, to toggle inbtwn: All Name Plates, Enemy Name Plates only, Friendly Name Plates only.

    Eather use "A" and "D" to strafe Left or Right, or simply use them as Turn arround buttons, but constantly use ur Right Mouse Click and hold it to Strafe in the time of need.
    I mainly bind my main spells on 1 2 3 4 Q E R F C V since they are easiest for me to push.
    I put my Major Cooldowns on Shift + Q E R F C V and i use Shift + 1 2 3 4 or Ctrl + 1 2 3 4 for some pet commands and god knows what...
    Overall just find best solution for ur own gameplay.

    "/cancelaura" could be usefull when canceling Chaos Bane, Divine Shield, Ice Block, Hand of Protection or any kind of buff u want to remove instantly.
    "/cast [target=focus]" could be usefull so u dont have to target ur focus, and simply cast a spell on him while auto attacking ur main target.
    "/cast [@party1]" could be usefull so u can cast suportive spells on ur team mate without targeting him (u can use numbers from 1-5).
    "/cast [target=Gnimo]" could be usefull if u want to cast a specific spell on a specific target, something like MD, Tricks, Hysteria (just tipe in the name of the player u want to cast any spell on, instead of "Gnimo").

    Full Macroes (examples):
    /cancelaura Hand of Protection
    #showtooltip Death Grip
    /cast [target=focus]Death Grip

    U can use this for any spell...

    These macroes have main use in PvP.
    As for PvE i mainly use /cancelaura Hand of Protection, to get those trollish HoPs out of the way.


    This is THE MOST important part of ur DPS.

    Spoiler: Show
    It doesnt matter which stats or talents u go for, if ur rotation sucks u wont do good DPS.

    IT > PS > … first.
    DO NOT use any other ability if ur target does not have Frost Fever and Blood Plague on them.

    ALWAYS prio RUNE usage over RUNIC POWER usage.
    Spend ur Runes FIRST and use Runic Power as a filler while u wait for ur Rune Cooldown to end.
    Use Frost and Unholy runes for Obliterate (or IT and PS if u need to reaply ur diseases).
    Use Blood Runes for Pestilence and Blood Strike (ALWAYS use them together, one after another).
    Use Death Runes u get for Obliterate (or IT and PS if u need to reaply ur diseases).

    To simplify this thing i said:
    Spoiler: Show
    1. Keep Frost Fever up
    2. Keep Blood Plague up
    3. Obliterate
    4. Pestilence and Blood Strike (make sure that both blood/death runes are synchronized)
    5. KM FS or Max/close to Max RP FS
    6. HB with a Rime proc
    7. regular FS
    8. Horn of Winter (prio this over everything else if u have to refresh it)

    Guide for dummies (skip this part if u are not completely new to DKs):
    Spoiler: Show
    IT - Icy Touch
    PS - Plague Strike
    Pesti - Pestilence
    BS - Blood Strike
    Obli - Obliterate (the more u know)
    FS - Frost Strike
    HB - Howling Blast
    UA - Unbreakable Armor
    BT - Blood Tap
    ERW - Empovered Rune Weapon
    HoW - Horn of Winter
    RP - Runic Power
    AMS - Anty Magic Shell
    DnD - Death and Decay
    AotD - Army of the Dead

    Opener - The things u should do when u start DPSing ur target, OR Swith to a new Target, OR Reaply Diseases in case u lost them...

    IT > PS > BT > Pesti > UA > Obli > FS* > ERW
    Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > FS > step1

    FS* = U can skip this Frost Strike, ESPECIALY if u don’t have Killing Machine proc up.

    Opener without ERW, with Army of the Dead:
    DnD > Army of the Dead (8-9sec before the pull)
    IT > PS > Obli > BT > UA > Pesti > FS* > step2

    -For this to work, u must GET IN COMBAT before any of the runes finish their CD, aka, ALL RUNES have to be on CD the moment u get in combat.
    -This will let activate Rune Grace Period the moment u enter combat.
    -U probably wont use this way of pulling often, unless u joined a speed run of some sort.
    -Dont use ERW more than once in a fight (on the start) and u wont need this almost at all.
    -Use this opener mainly when ERW is on Cooldown.
    If u do this and ur Runes are NOT on cooldown once u get in combat, u didnt do it corectly.
    If u do this and only 3/6 Runes are on cooldown once u get in combat, u didnt do it corectly. (this is the WORST scenario)
    In case u need to RUN towards to the boss to hit it after tank pulls, or in case u think someone will ninja pull, its better to do this 1 sec sooner (6-7sec before the pull), just to make sure u get it right.

    Opener without ERW and without AotD:
    IT > PS > Obli > BT > UA > Pesti > FS* > step2

    *U can make a Macro for this:*
    /use Unbreakable Armor
    /use Blood Tap

    And spam the **** out of it before that Pesti.

    Opener when u switch targets:
    IT > PS > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS* > step2 (in case u had 2 Blood Runes)
    IT > PS > Obli > Obli > FS > step1 (in case u had 2 Death Runes)

    Constant rotation after "Opener" (diseases on target):
    step1: Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS* > FS* > step2
    step2: Obli > Obli > FS* > Obli > FS* > FS* > step1

    FS* = If u have Killing Machine up, and runic power for it, use FS over anything else
    FS* = Use Howling Blast if Rime procs, especialy when u are low on runic power
    FS* = Use Horn of Winter if not enough Runic Power, no Rime proc up, or if u have to refresh it
    FS* = Skip if u dont have Horn of Winter or Runic Power or Howling Blast from Rime
    FS* = Use Frost Strike ALWAYS if u have 95%+ Runic Power

    **For those that are new to FDK i would suggest this first:**
    Step2: Obli > Obli > Obli > FS* > FS* > Step1,
    since its easyer this way to refresh diseases with pestilence.

    *After u get a little bit into Basics and Rotation, start doing this:*
    Step2: Obli > Obli > Obli > FS* > FS* > FS* > Step1,

    **When u manage to refresh diseases with that extra FS aswell, start practicing the Constant Rotation after “Opener”.**

    If u miss Pestilence, just do:
    Pesti (miss) > BS > BS > FS** > IT > PS > Obli > Obli > FS* > FS* > step1

    If Pestilence is resisted, just do:
    Pesti (resist) > BS* > FS > FS** > IT > PS > Obli > Obli > FS* > FS* > step1

    BS* - If u can repeat Pestilence and still somehow manage to Refresh ur Diseases do Pestilence instead of Blood Strike. If ur diseases ran off alrdy and there is no way that Pestilence will be helpfull, just do Blood Strike and refresh Diseases manualy.
    FS** - I would recomend skipping this FS (in case u are new to the class), especialy If u have hard time doin IT > PS and not ****ing up Rune Grace Period on PS. If ur FPS and latency are awesome and u know how Rune Grace Period works, u can squise that FS in ur rotation.

    Doin UA while in combat:
    1st way:
    Step2: Obli > Obli > FS > UA > BT > Obli > FS > FS > step1

    2nd way:
    Step2: Obli > Obli > FS > Obli > BT > UA > FS > FS > step1

    3rd way:
    Step1: Obli > Obli > BT > UA > Pesti > FS > FS > step2

    *If u are new to DK, start using 3rd way first, untill u get used to constant rotation*
    *For 2nd and 3rd way u should use the "Macro" (/use UA /use BT)*
    *For 1st way i suggest u to use them Manualy, One by One, using ur Keybinds. Otherwise,
    if u try to use macro here aswell, it will **** u up 99% of the times.*

    *1st way is the best there is, so try perfecting it since its not that hard and all u need is practice and understanding how runes work.
    ALWAYS, always use FIRST aka LEFT Blood Rune for UA(>BT), if u use SECOND aka RIGHT Blood Rune it WONT WORK
    If u use Second (Right) rune for UA, BT will convert First (Left) Blood Rune, basicly making a Death Rune into a Death Rune, while ur Second Blood Rune will stay Blood and go on Cooldown cos u used it for UA.
    (BT will always convert First aka Left Blood Rune to Death)

    The point of UA > BT is to use First (left) rune for UA, making it go on Cooldown as Blood Rune, so when u use BT it will make that Blood Rune into Death Rune with no Cooldown on it.

    Altho, depending on a fight and situation u are in, any of the 3 ways of doin it could be usefull. Perfect them all.

    *2nd way is there if u have difficulties with the 1st one (spam that Macro). I personaly dont like this one cos it delays rune regen timer. Try perfecting way number1.
    *For way number 1, again, u should use the spells urself, one by one (avoid using any kind of macro cos it will **** u up most of the times).
    Try to bind them close to each other, to make it easyer for u to do it, example: 1 > 2 ( UA > BT ).
    *For way number 2, again, u should use the macro from above and spam the **** out of it as soon as u hit that Obli.

    *Again, every singe way is usable within one Fight. If u miss Pestilence, or if Pestilence get resisted, or if u have to Switch Targets, try to think ahead and use the one (out of all 3 ways) thats best for ur curent situation... Even tho i said way number2 is less efficiant than way number1 on single target tank and spank, it doesnt mean its always like that. In some unexpected situations, way number2 can be better. Have that in mind. Wait sometimes and use UA in next rotation, its not the end of the world if u dont use it exactly off Cooldown, but dont wait for too long.

    AoE Rotation:
    Priority list is:
    Howling Blast with KM > Obliterate

    This one u need to learn urself, and is highly situational.
    Just prio using Howling Blast with KM instead of Obliterate when off CD, after that keep spamming the normal rotation and whenever Obliterate gives u free Howling Blast use it instead of FS.
    Try not to use Killing Machine for anything else exept Howling Blast, especialy if HB is getting off CD in 2sec. If the CD on Howling Blast is more than 4sec for example and u used all ur runes, feel free to use FS.
    Think ahead, its always better to skip using 1 FS that consumes KM in order to have a sick huge AoE burst with Howling Blast.

    DO NOT, i will repeat, DO NOT USE DEATH AND DECAY!!!
    It will **** up ur rotation and DMG done on a long run.
    It will make u lose atleast 3 Obliterates and 3 potential free Howling Blasts from "Rime".
    Just forget about it as Frost DK dps. If u want to use it, go Unholy.
    If u want to AoE as FDK, perfect timing ur Killing Machine with Howling Blasts, after that spam Obliterate and hope "Rime" will give u a free HB proc.
    Also DO NOT use Blood Boil. U can remove those 2 abilities from ur bars.

    2-4min DPS rotation:
    Spoiler: Show
    IT > PS > BT > UA > Pesti > Obli > FS* > ERW >
    Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > HB >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > HoW >
    Obli > Obli > HB > Obli > FS > FS >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS >
    Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > HoW >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS >
    Obli > Obli > HB > UA > BT > Obli > FS > FS >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti (miss) > BS > BS > FS >
    IT > PS > Obli > Obli > FS > FS >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > HB >
    Obli > Obli > FS > Obli > HB > FS >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti (resist) > BS > FS > FS >
    IT > PS > Obli > Obli > FS > HoW >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > HB > FS >
    Obli > Obli > FS > UA > BT > Obli > FS > FS >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS >
    Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > FS >

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > HoW > FS >
    Obli > Obli > HB > Obli > FS > FS >

    So on.....

    This is something i got out of my head and something i used just to show u how can rotation look like when merged all together.

    *Lets say that for every HB (Howling Blast) we had a Rime proc.
    *Lets say that for every FS (Frost Strike) we had enough Runic Power.
    *When u have Killing Machine proc up, prio FS over HB (For Single Target).

    Some final TIPS&TRICKS
    When u do:
    Obli > Obli > FS* (or HB*) > Obli > FS > FS > ... ALWAYS prio HB.
    Reason for this is cos HB has lower GCD duo to Haste from gear and Haste from raid/self buffs and its going to be both safer and easier to make it on time to refresh Diseases with Pestilence.
    If u have enough runic power for FSs, try to save that HB for that (Obli > Obli > HB > Obli > ...) part of rotation

    *When u spam 2-3 FSs in a row, there are couple of things u can do.
    1 - FS > HoW > FS. This is the perfect time to refresh HoW.
    U separate the two FSs giving ur Killing Machine that extra sec or two to proc so u have 2 Crit FSs.
    U can stack up some Runic Power when u dont need that much burst DMG on ur curent target.
    2 - If u are low on Runic Power u can just do FS > wait for 1sec > FS.
    *When u wait for that 1sec, u give ur Killing Machine a chance to proc so ur 2nd FS can be a crit.
    If u practice enough u will see that sometimes KM procs right after a fully normal hit FS, there is nothing more frustrating than that (im not counting Pestilence Miss/Resist)
    3 - If u can wait for 0.1sec in order to get that KM proc before u FS, do it... U should do this whenever u notice there is a chance for it.

    U should probably make a macro: /cancelaura Blood Tap and use it after the UA > BT > Obli part of rotation.
    If u dont use it, it wont matter most of the time. U could however **** up rune grace period timer a bit in case u use that 2nd Blood Rune for pestilence first, since ur 1st Blood Rune will be Death Rune.
    (ur spells will always prio normal runes over death runes)

    Perfect rotation:
    Spoiler: Show
    U have 12 GCDs per rotation cycle and this is the best way to use them.

    When u enter combat all ur runes have to be off Cooldown.

    AotD (11-13sec before the pull) > Raise Dead (3-5sec before the pull) > HoW (1.5-3sec before the pull)

    IT > PS > BT > UA > Pesti > Obli > ERW >
    Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > FS

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > UA > BT > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > UA > BT > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > UA > BT > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > Obli > FS* > FS*

    Obli > Obli > Pesti > BS > FS > FS
    Obli > Obli > HB* > UA > BT > Obli > FS* > FS*


    -HB* and FS* can be swaped.
    -Its safer to use HB between those Obliterates cos it has a bit lower GCD than FS (u wont fail to refresh diseases, and u wont **** up rune grace period timer).
    -I would suggest using 1 rotation cycle with HB in btwn Obliterates and the next one with FS (if u have enough runic power, if not use HB a lot).
    -FS will always deal more DMG than HB on single target.
    -When it comes to 2+ targets, prio HB over FS always, aka whenever u get free HB from "Rime" talent after casting Obliterate, and try maximising KM usage on HB here aswell.

    This "perfect rotation" is something that probably wont happen that often, since u will most likely lack Runic Power for all those Frost Strikes, have a random miss/resist, not enough HB "rime" procs, have to switch targets...
    This is something u want to aim for all the time. The closer ur rotation looks like this, the more DPS u will do.
    Most of the time u wont be able to do everything like this duo to all kind of situations u are facing, but u should aim to maintain it as much as posible, or to try and fix ur rotation at any point of a fight and make it exactly like this.

    This right here separates the good, the bad, the awesome FDK. The ability to work ur way to a perfect rotation in diferent kind of situations u are facing. This requires a lot of practice and full knowledge of a class and how our stuff works. FDK has the hardest and most punishable to **** ups rotation out there. Have this in mind also.

    Its posible and easy to achive it aslong as u dont have to switch targets a lot, and if RNG doesnt **** u over.
    It just takes a lot of practice and expirience...
    So... PRACTICE!!!

    This is how ur Recount and Ability Count (aka Obliterate and Frost Strike ratio) should look like:
    This is from Udba 0% Icecrown Lich King Fight.

    This one is from a Dummy (with some Bad Obliterate Crit RNG)

    Do them Obliterates!!!

    I cant stress this enough, Frost Death Knight DPS is purely dependant on for how long u can keep the "perfect rotation" going. U have to think about the long run, and not make hasted dumb decisions (like using Death and Decay). Even if u gain something at that moment, it will cost u on the long run.

    Rules of a good Frost DK:
    Think ahead!
    NEVER dps without both Frost Fever and Blood Plague on ur target.
    ALWAYS prio RUNE usage over runic power usage.
    Never use Frost Strike if u have Runes Up and Ready for Obliterates.
    FDK is purely a Single Target DPS class with only Howling Blast as a AoE tool.
    If u want to maximise ur AoE potential, use Howling Blast and Killing Machine carefully.
    Never use Unbreakable Armor consuming a Frost Rune, always use it consuming a Death Rune in combination with Blood Tap.
    Always synchronize Frost and Unholy runes (Obliterate), use them one after another (Icy Touch into Plague Strike).
    Always synchronize Blood runes, use them one after another (Pestilence into Blood Strike, or the other way arround).
    Always synchronize Death Runes, use them one after another (Obliterate, or same as Blood Runes).
    ALWAYS be one step ahead of everyone in the raid. Think. Ahead. !!!

    The more u go away from these rules the less DPS u will do...

    Spoiler: Show
    After u master the class completely and after u do flawless "Perfect" rotations in any kind of situations, u can advance even further beyond!
    This rotation will give u better results on hard Tank and Spank fights in which u just hit the boss without moving or switching targets. (DBS, Festergut, Rotface)
    This rotation is something u should use on every opener, regardless of what Boss u are facing.
    The only downside and problem with it is, if u have to switch targets, it can get tricky to get back on track in spamming Obli > FS > Obli > FS ...
    This is why i said u need to be on PRO LEVEL OF GAMEPLAY when it comes to FDK to actualy understand, and successfully manage to use it in any kind of situations (since i dont have a lot of practice with it i still find some hard time doin this myself when it comes to target swap)
    This rotation can not be explained on anything else exept on a tank and spank fight, since every time u change ur target, rule of the game change completely.

    IT > PS > BT + UA (macro) > Pesti > Obli > ERW
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS >
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Pesti > BS >

    repeat this part after the "opener"...

    Constant rotation:
    step1: Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS >
    step2: Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Pesti > BS >

    Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS >
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS* > Pesti > BS > HB*
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS >
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS* > Pesti > BS > HB*
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS >
    Obli > FS > Obli > FS* > Pesti > BS > HB* ...

    -U can also use FS instead of HB*.
    -If u notice u are constantly low on Runic Power and u are barely managing to use FS after every Obliterate, skip that last HB* (or FS) part completely.
    (Get 2/2 Chill of the Grave, and u wont have this problem aslong as Rime procs from time to time)
    -Care when using that extra HB* (or FS), cos if u do it recklessly, u wont be able to refresh Diseases on time.
    -U can add 1 more HB or FS in rotation (aslong as u have the proc or runic power for it) and still have a good rotation, u just need to know how everything works and u need to watch the rune cooldown timers a lot.
    -In case u notice that u wont be able to refresh Diseases on time if u used that extra HB* (or FS) just skip the "FS*" part of the rotation and go straigth to Pesti.
    -Again, this rotation is only for those that are really confident in their DK skills, u should be able to notice these things urself in time if u start practicing the rotation...

    -Refresh UA with BT same as in the guide.
    (Obli > FS > Obli > FS > UA > BT > Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Pesti > BS > ...)
    -In case Pestilence miss or resist happens, just use those leftover Blood Runes on BS, and refresh IT > PS asap. After this continue the "constant rotation - Obli > FS > ...".
    -Use Howling Blast instead of FS ALWAYS if "Rime" (Freezing Fog) proc is up.
    (if u are on 90%+ Runic Power, use Frost Strike over Howling Blast proc so u dont cap urself on Runic Power)
    -Use Horn of Winter if u dont have Runic Power for FS nor Rime proc up.
    (this wont happen most of the time, unless u are reeealy unlucky)

    DO NOT atempt to use this rotation untill u perfect the "Perfect Rotation", and/or u fully understand how everything, from Runes to Runic Power works...

    The rotation will do almost exactly the same amount of DMG/DPS as the one in the guide ("Perfect Rotation").
    It is slightly better than "Perfect Rotation" cos u maximise the usage of KM and Rime procs.
    This one will be better in case u have to AoE, since it maximises the usage of every HB proc u can get.
    This one will let u go 4/5 KM and get that 1 talent elsewhere since u will use EVERY single one KM proc cos of splitting Obli and FS, aka doing them one after another constantly (2/2 CotG or 3/5 BI).
    Again, DO NOT atempt to use this rotation if u didnt learn the one from the guide first.
    It gets a bit tricky if u have to switch targets or stop DPS for couple of sec.
    If u notice that u CANT master this one, just go and use the old one, again u wont see any diference in DMG done/DPS.
    (it will only maximise both KM and Rime proc usage, which wont matter almost at all)

    Screen Shot of Flawless 5minute Rotation on a Dummy:
    Food - 40 Armor Penetration (forgot to SS this one aswell...)
    Once u get to this point, where u can DPS for 5min straight without droping ur Diseases once, and end up on 9k+ DPS with BiS gear, u are the best version of urself as a FDK.
    I know u need a bit of luck aswell (no pestilence miss/resist) but thats the point.
    Practice untill u get to this 1 Dummy DPS run where everything is perfect for 5 minutes.
    After that u can abandon Dummy for good... :D
    And another one: https://imgur.com/a/E4rCB with less luck on Pestilence RNG.


    This is ANOTHER important part of ur DPS.

    Spoiler: Show
    by Rifokelt:
    Spoiler: Show
    1st September 2017:
    (shoutout to Rifokelt for provoding his old one, since im bad and i cant record my own - they are basicly the same)

    TRACK HIS RUNE USAGE and notice Couple of things (minor diference in opener):

    "/cancelaura Blood Tap" comes in handy at 0:11-0:19

    As u see, since there are both Death and Blood runes awailable when he does "Blood Strike", ability will always prio the NORMAL rune over DEATH rune.
    If both runes wer Blood, the 1st aka the Left Blood Rune would be used first, instead the 2nd aka the Right one that got used in the video (@ 0:20).
    This is why i like using the cancelaura macro, cos sooner or later u will use the 1st rune first instead of 2nd rune, and might **** up Rune Grace period by 1sec (which can be huge when it comes to diseases refresh timer since its always close).
    I use it somewhere arround 0:12+, right after i use Obliterate Consuming 2 Death Runes, before 0:19 when he used "Blood Strike" again in the Video.

    Notice and REMEMBER the part from 0:21, when he refreshes diseases with pestilence, untill 0:41 when he does it again.
    No matter what happens, no matter how many targets u switch, no matters how many misses or dodges happen, u always, ALWAYS have to try and make ur rotation look like that.

    That is the:
    Pesti > BS > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > Obli > Obli > Obli > FS > FS > FS > Pesti > BS > Obli > ...
    part of the rotation from the guide.
    (with him doin BS > Pesti instead of Pesti > BS in the video)

    Note: i do Pesti first cos sometimes if it misses or it get resisted, if u are lucky and fast enough u can repeat Pesti again using the 2nd Blood Rune and refresh the Diseases.
    A lot of "IF"s but its worth if u make it.
    Also, sometimes it might be better to use BS > Pesti.
    Best Example is 1st Transition Phase on Lich King when u are DPSing the Ragings.
    There, u want to cast Pestilence and Spread diseases from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd Raging so u dont have to IT > PS on it again (More Obliterates!).
    Since Ragings Spawns a bit latter its best to use BS and wait 1-2 sec for that Pestilence if u can and cast it right when the 2nd (3rd) one spawns.

    19th September2017:
    Rifokelt sent me a new opener for u guys to use if u are interested.
    With this one u will get an extra Blood Strike at the start.
    If u find hard time executing this one, just keep using the old one since the DPS gain wont be noticable at all, but if u **** it up u will notice a DPS loss...

    by Gnimo:
    Spoiler: Show
    12th January 2018:

    FDK Obli > FS > Obli > FS rotation:

    FDK 3x Obli > 3x FS rotation:


    Target Swap and some shenanigans!

    It doesnt matter which rotation u decide to follow.
    If u use Rifokelts or mine, and execute it properly, u will do insane amount of DMG.
    Chose the one that suits u the most and pew pew!


    27th January 2018
    This is the newest video.
    It has EVERYTHING u need to know about FDK and DPS.
    Watch it closely...
    Spoiler: Show
    Blood Presence:
    First part of the Video.
    Second part of the Video.
    In first part of the Video, u can see the full duration (5min) of "Perfect" rotation.
    Its a combination of the 2 rotations above...
    Obli > Obli > FS > Obli > FS > FS > Obli > Obli > FS > Pesti > BS > FS > repeat...
    Spec used had 1/3 Subversion, 3/3 BcB, 1/2 CotG, 5/5 KM.
    Food was 40 armor penetration.
    Itemisation: "BiS" list, with 10str10crit gem in Gloves yellow socket.

    In second part of the Video, u can see all of the 3 ways how to refresh UA (all 3 ways from "rotation" section).
    As u can see, if u use UA > BT before Obliterate that uses Death Runes, u wont delay the cooldown of ur 1st Blood Rune by a lot.
    If u use BT > UA after Obliterate that uses Death Runes, u will delay the CD of ur 1st Blood Rune by ~1 sec, which can be bad for ur overall rotation if repeated multiple times (pestilence that refreshed diseases used 2nd Blood Rune).
    After that i used BT > UA consuming normal Blood Rune to fix the problem and even reduce the CD of that 1st Blood Rune by a small amount.
    In second part of the video, u can also see how to open without ERW, how to get out of bad RNG situations like missed Pestilence and Icy Touch after it, and how to get out of situation where u lagged and didnt make it to Pestilence on time.
    Basicly, u have EVERYTHING described in rotation part in this 1 video. U just need to watch it carefully.

    Unholy Presence:
    In order for this to work, u need a lot of luck with "Rime" procs (something i didnt have here), and u need to be able to use AMS in a way that will fill ur Runic Power to 100% while u constantly spam FS.
    Even tho it did a lot less DPS on a dummy, thats perfectly normal. On fights like PP u might end up doing more DPS in Unholy Presence than as if u wer in Blood Presence.

    If u dont understand Rotation part, nor u understand what is going on in all the Videos i linked here, reroll to another class.

    Usefull Addons:

    Spoiler: Show
    Deadly Boss Mods
    Will show u timers of Boss abilities and warn u when they come.
    Perfect for those that are new to the game.
    As u start getting used to game, boss and ur class start playing without relying on Warnings DBM gives u and just track timers.

    Move Anything
    U can basicly move anything when it comes to ur Interface. I like it since u can adjust the simple and basic Blizzard UI as u like. U can change the position of ur Portrait, Target, Buffs, w/e and wherever u want and set up and make a perfect UI that suits u, without those flashy thingies others use.

    GET THIS STUFF! Its not that usefull for DKs, u will only use it to see Debuffs on other Players and urself, but when it comes to Rets, Shadowpriests, Healers, this is the perfect addon. It will show u ur Group Frame and u can bind Spells in it that will help u assist ur raid with Dispels, Heals, Hand of Protection/Sacrifice/Freedom, Buffs,... Its gona be hard to set up at first, but all u need to do is Bind Spells and Ajust Frame size and maybe change how it looks, but its worth it.

    Need to Know
    Great addon to track anything u want. Debuffs on ur Targets, Buffs on urself, Spell Cooldown, Item Cooldown, anything, its awesome.

    U cast ur abilities after u release the button u pushed. Thats how it is... So basicly, u do ur abilities with a 0.001sec delay. This addon makes u use abilities as soon as u press that button. Its GREAT for MELEE classes, but it sucks when it comes to CASTERS (Mage, Warlock, anything that casts spells constantly).
    As a DK i would suggest using this addon.
    (Test this by holding ur Blood Boil keybind without releasing it while not using this addon. U will see that nothing will happen untill u release that key. After u turn on this addon, do this again and ul see that even tho u didnt release the keybind, u will cast Blood Boil.)

    Helps u track the remaining time on ur CDs.

    Mics Scrolling Battle Text
    It can help u track ur procs and when u crit (its SHINY!).
    Overall it gives u better view on how much DMG ur abilities did and if some of them missed, got dodged, resisted, parried...

    Helps u manage ur threat.

    If u want fancy Casting bars and some extra stuff in this field i guess...

    Helps ur penis grow when u outdps others. Seriously, DONT use it for this ****...
    Try not to tunnel and try not to be that one moron in the raid grp that links it 24/7 without any reason.
    Use it so u can track ur abilities after every fight, analyze ur overall dmg, dmg on some certain abilities u want to track, how u improve and to check ur avrg dmg and talent value, so u can change whatever u need.

    Thank you Linaq for the list of almost all the addons.
    U can download anything u want here.

    Couple of more Addons u might find usefull:
    Atlas Loot
    Combat Log Fixer

    *Linaq said he got DDOSd so idk if he fixed the website. If it doesnt work for u, sorry, try using google i guess.*

    How to get to End Game raiding:

    Spoiler: Show
    First of all, open ur Spellbook and READ EVERY SINGLE ABILITY!
    Second of all, open ur Spellbook and READ EVERY SINGLE ABILITY U HAVE THERE, AGAIN!
    Now, there is no spec for everything when it comes to, lets call it Early game.

    U need both Frost and Unholy specs. Get that Dual Talent Specialisation and spec into both.

    Check both Frost and Unholy guide "Spec" sections. U have explanations there how u could use the specs aswell... The more u know the better...

    Frost Spec:
    BcB Blood Presence Spec:
    BcB Unholy Presence Spec:
    Subversion Spec (works for both presences):

    Unholy Spec:
    Dungeons Spec (Unholy Presence):
    All Arround Spec (both Presences):
    Raid Spec (Blood Presence):
    I would suggest u to start with Dungeon Spec (if u are new to the game) and go for All Arround Spec once u start raiding.

    Im serious, if u dont know how ur class, spells and talents work, u can NEVER maximise ur DPS/Gameplay in the curent situation u are facing. Knowledge is power...

    Use Frost Spec for Raids.
    Use Unholy Spec for Clearing Dungeons.
    Check both "Rotation" sections in the guides on how to play these specs correctly.

    Now when it comes to Raids and Dugneons... ALWAYS BE PREPARED!
    Never, i repeat NEVER enter a raid grp without knowing how that boss works.
    If u are completely new to the game there are Guides back from retail that give detailed info on how **** works
    (TANKSPOT guides): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWtJL-A81u0
    Go to: Youtube > Search for: Tankspot ___(tipe in the name of a boss and dificulty u want to watch)
    and u have urself a great guide.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1x9MErf5NA one of the great LK guides u can find outside of Tankspot videos.

    Try to get a Two Handed Weapon for Unholy and 2x 2.6sec Speed One Handed Weapons for Frost.
    Frost has greater single target DPS potential when it comes to early game, so its perfect for boss fights.
    Unholy has greater aoe DPS potential when it comes to early game, so its perfect for clearing dungeons.

    When Gearing up, try to get 237-289 Hit rating and 26 Expertise asap, for both specs, and just gem Strength.
    When it comes to other stats u cant do much about it since u lack items. Try to get as much Crit as possible without sacrificing those 3 stats from above (hit, exp, too much strength) and wait for better items.
    Feel free to use Frost for Dungeons and Unholy for Raids aswell. U should try out both in those situations (both raids and dungeons) so u can transition to ur Main Spec in End Game. However, if u notice doing a lot more DPS with one spec, dont use the other one when the raid needs ur top performance.
    After couple of Raids and Dungeons u should see which spec and playstile suits u more.

    For players that want to play FROST:
    Always use 2x 2.6sec speed one handed Weapons.
    Try to get 2/5 T10 asap. After that get Sigil of Awareness. Before that u can use Sigil of Virulence since its BiS for Unholy and good for Early game Frost. T10 Gloves and Legs are perfect 2 items u can get in order to cap Hit and Expertise faster, especialy from a lucky VoA boss drops. Keep farming emblems, items, gold...

    For players that want to play UNHOLY:
    Always use Two Handed Weapon.
    I would suggest farming Dungeons more often so u can get 4/5 T9 asap. Get Sigil of Virulence, its BiS. For raids and single target boss fights try going for 2/5 T10 asap, again, Gloves and Legs are perfect. Keep farming emblems, items, gold...

    Don’t be afraid to waste those emblems on both Gloves and Legs in Early game stages. There will come a time when u join a good Guild when u will have to play both specs for them, so u wont waste emblems since Gloves are BiS for Unholy DPS and Legs are BiS for Frost DPS in end game (talking about T10).
    Never stop farming Emblems of Frost, especialy if u want to play both Frost and Unholy in PvE. Those two specs require different gems when BiS (Frost - Armor Pen / Unholy - Strength) so u might need 2x 4/5 T10 set items (2 Helms, 2 Shoulders, 2 Chest, 2 Legs).

    Since u will most likely have nice reputation when it comes to Knights of Ebon Blade, u can find almost perfect Blue (rare) Weapons for both Frost and Unholy at their vendor in Icecrown.
    If u are starting from Scrach, and u are new to this game, try to look into some guides on how to level profesions.
    Going for Blacksmithing will provide u with some nice close to 200 ilvl gear and Jewelcrafting with some nice Jewelry. Altho u might need to get Mining in order to lvl these profesions and make some money out of it first...
    (Both Mining and Herbalism can be awesome for farming Gold. U can start with those 2 profesions and once u are confident in ur welth u can go Mining + BS and in the end BS + JC)
    Farm some quests in Northrend for gold which will on top of that give u Reputation with other factions. There are nice 200 ilvl Rares and Epics u can get from Northrend reputation vendors for some minor gold amounts that can help u start farming RDFs better (try to get Atlas Loot addon to help u with this, so u know which reputation faction can give u what item, so u know where to farm and do quests).

    Overall Conclusion for Early Game stages:
    Open that Spellbook and Talent tree, READ EVERYTHING. Learn how ur class works!
    Watch some Tankspot or w/e Guides on how Bosses work.
    Get both Specs. (dual talent specialisation)
    Get 237+ (Frost) or 279+ (Unholy) hit rating, 26 Expertise, asap, go for Strength and Crit in items, and keep on farming and practicing.
    T10 2/5 is perfect start(Gloves and Legs), get a great Sigil (Virulence for both at start, Awareness for Frost after u get 2/5 T10), and a Weapon hopefully, and keep on farming and practicing.
    Use Profesions, quests, Reputation to gear up and farm some Gold.
    Keep on Practicing.

    Herald of the Titans:

    Spoiler: Show
    Frost DK is the strongest out of all 3 specs when it comes to early game raiding.
    Its perfect spec for Herald of the Titans achivement duo to 20% Melee Haste and 155 Strength and Agility buff to the raid.
    On top of that it does AWESOME DPS.
    U will most likely top DPS at the end of the fight as Frost DK when u are doing this achivement (if u know how to play it).
    The only one that can get close to u is Arcane Mage DPSwhoring, aka not DPSing the Colapsing Stars (Avocado???).

    When it comes to Rotation u should use the same rotation i linked ABOVE in the Guide.

    Spec should also be the same as the one linked ABOVE in the Guide.

    If u want to spend money on Coins u have the list i consider is BiS ("BiS" list itemisation, just chose what u want to buy carefully cos some items u can use for both specs and some u cant, some items u can get easy from raiding cos noone wants them, on some u have to waste **** ton of DKP or roll high numbers).
    When it comes to Point shop, u should get BiS Herald gear.
    It doesnt matter if there is a slightly better item in the shop (239 item level stuff u can buy for some extra points), u dont care about those items.
    U will get even better items from ToC 10-25m/ICC 10-25m soon enough, and sell 239 items for Gold, or let them root in ur Bank, but u can always use those 226(232 weapons) items for this achivement.
    So, if u have those points and u want to spend them somewhere, here is a list of items i consider to be Best in Slot for this Achivement...

    Itemisation for Herald of the Titans achivement:

    [Conqueror's Darkruned Helmet]
    [Strength of the Heavens]
    [Conqueror's Darkruned Shoulderplates]
    [Drape of the Faceless General]
    [Conqueror's Darkruned Battleplate]
    [Bitter Cold Armguards]
    [Gloves of the Endless Dark]
    [Starfall Girdle]
    [Conqueror's Darkruned Legplates]
    [Footpads of Silence]
    [Band of Lights]
    [Brann's Sealing Ring]
    [Blood of the Old God]
    [Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron]
    [Caress of Insanity]
    [Caress of Insanity]
    [Sigil of Awareness]

    Total of:
    -1382 Strength
    -146 Armor Penetration (10.43%).
    -311 Haste (12.33%)
    -274 Hit rating (8.36% melee / 10.45% spell)
    -26 Expertise
    -28.95% melee / 16.64% spell Crit
    without buffs.

    Other items u can use aswell:
    [Battlelord's Plate Boots] - feet
    [Fluxing Energy Coils] - wrist
    [Seed of Budding Carnage] - neck
    [Loop of the Agile] - ring
    [Mjolnir Runestone] - trinket
    [Dark Matter] - trinket
    [Serilas, Blood Blade of Invar One-Arm] - weapon

    U will mostly Gem this gear with 20 Strength Cardinals, with 2-4 10 Strength and 10 Crit Ametrine gems, in items where u can get +4/+6 strength and +6 agility (cloak and gloves), with 1 Nightmare Tear in Legs.

    Screenshot of dummy DPS while in this gear:

    Yes, there are a lot of agility items. The reason is simple. They are better.
    Even tho they have Agility as original stat in them, they have a LOT of Attack Power with the Extra gem slots that will make up for the Strength lost and overall u will have more stats in total.
    More or less when it comes to Herald (if u cant get all of these items), u should get as many 226 items (232 Weapons) as posible with as many Gem slots in them. Going for exact list i linked will result in the almost same DPS as if u chose items i linked below it, as the ones u can use aswell, or any other 226 item with a gem slot in it.
    I would also suggest going trough couple of Farm Runs before using Points for items. U might get some of the items legit, so u can use points on those u are missing.
    Try to get 7-10% Melee Hit and cap Expertise. After that it doesnt matter which item u go for tbh...

    PvP Itemisation and Spec:

    Spoiler: Show

    2v2 maximum DMG spec

    3v3 more control spec

    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm]
    [Ahn'kahar Onyx Neckguard]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders]
    [Winding Sheet]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Chestpiece]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Bracers of Triumph]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Gauntlets]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Legguards]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Skeleton Lord's Circle]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Death's Verdict]
    [Death's Verdict](HC)
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Truncheon] - Rune of Razorice
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Truncheon] - Rune of Fallen Crusader
    [Sigil of the Vengeful Heart]

    This itemisation is for "Human" only.
    Any other class should use [Medallion of the Alliance/Horde] instead of DV/DC normal.

    Yes, with talents u will be overcapped with Hit.
    No, there is no better stat u can go for, nor better items in WotLK (the only better stat would be haste, but there is no 277+ itlvl Neck with Strength and Haste on it).
    Same goes for Ring, even tho Expertise wont help u almost at all in PvP, it will help a bit and there is no better item in WotLK to fit that slot.
    Armor Penetration SUCKS in PvP. I tryed it, it wont help u...
    More Hit = More melee hits = More Killing Machine Procs = More HUGE Frost Strikes = More kills.

    If u are Orc, u should use:
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Handaxe]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Splitter]
    As weapons (cos of the extra Expertise Racial).

    Gem Resilience untill u reach 1200. After that get as much Strength as posible.
    [Mystic King's Amber] 20 resilience
    [Resplendent Ametrine] 10 strength 10 resilience
    [Bold Cardinal Ruby] 20 strength
    gems in order to reach that point.

    When it comes to itemisation, u can use items like:
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Victory]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Victory]
    in case u want even more resilience...
    I personaly dont like doing this cos u lose both Gem slot and **** ton of Strength.
    U can reach total of 1253 Resilience with the itemisation i linked while having BS + JC as profesion (i play with ~1200+ resi).

    This is some basic info on spec and itemisation i gathered when it comes to Frost PvP DK.
    When it comes to playstile, i wont make this a huge section. U need to learn that **** on ur own.

    The main idea of the FDK in PvP is:
    NEVER drop Frost Fever off ur target, u will do no DMG if u lose it...
    farm **** ton of Runic Power with the use of Chains of Ice, Plague Strike and Blood Strike,
    on trinket procs, spam the **** out of Frost Strike on ur target,
    use Howling Blast and Obliterate to gain some extra Runic Power while spamming FS for even more DMG on ur target,

    while focusing on one target, use Grip to pull the other target close to u and use [Hungering Cold] to freeze them both,
    after that just burn the target u want to kill, and prepare ur next CC on the other target that is frozen for 10sec.
    Repeat this part untill ur target dies,

    dont forget to use Unbreakable Armor when bursting ur target after Hungering Cold
    (try use it like in PvE - "rotation" section of the guide, read more about it below - fast tip:
    use UA consuming Death Rune, instantly BT to convert that Blood Rune to Death again, and Howling Blast/Obliterate after that using both Death Runes)
    Note: Howling Blast deals more Single Target DMG than Obliterate in PvP. Always prio HB over Obli.

    Thats it for this sections bois and grills. Hope it helped a bit...

    While u are gearing up there is not much u can do.
    U want to work ur way and PERFECT ur Rotation and playstyle.
    All the Best in Slot items will be gained once u start raiding TogC 25m hc, ICC 25m hc, RS 25m hc.
    Untill than, aslong as Item A gives u more Strength, Crit and Armor Penetration/Haste than Item B, u want to go for Item A (aslong as u are Hit and Expertise capped), so pls dont ask questions like is this item better than this item?
    Always work on a better Stat balance. Dont be that moron who uses tank and healer items just to boost Gear Score and do 0 DPS. Get what u can and hope those BIS items will drop soon.

    Just PRACTICE A LOT. Like seriously... Spend 3 days on a dummy, switching from one to another, DPSing one dummy for 4min, stop after that for 30sec, wait for ur CDs and ERW and PRACTICE opener, stop DPSing after 1min and PRACTICE opener without ERW, PRACTICE how to use CDs and try to see when ur Trinket Proc so u can align them perfectly, just PRACTICE.
    U can read 1000 guides, if u dont have the practice, u wont get any better.

    READ everything i wrote. There is a good reason behind every word i said.
    I didnt read a guide when i started playing my DK back in the days on Retail, i had to learn it the hard way.
    I read my spells, talents, connected the dots and tought about how can i use them combined for most amount of DMG, i started practicing a lot, DPSed the dummy like crazy for months, tryed diferent things, some failed, some succeded...
    The point is, u can come to all these conclusions urself, u just need to use ur head, care and try.
    If i forgot to mention something, or u have an idea what i can add to the guide to help new players find their answers in one thread please comment below. Or if u see any mistakes i made i guess...

    Thanks for reading.
    Hope i did help some of u slacks...
    Regards, Gnimo.

    Guide is not perfectly written.
    It still has some things i could work on when it comes to estetics.
    However, it has ALL the information about Death Knights that i know.
    Some of us didnt have this kind of Shortcut and had to go trough all the painfull tests ourselves. With this guide, u can just copy paste all kind of stuff and do the maximum DPS posible.
    As said at the start of the Guide, PRACTICE and LEARN the ROTATION part, rest is not as important. I might update it again and make it look better, i might not, its really boring and it doesnt bring me any kind of satisfaction. I had to google a LOT and do all kind of stuff to be here where i am, all u have to do is read this tiny guide, so dont nitpick. If i forgot something or if u have any questions, ask below in comment section.
    U have more than enough Information in all 3 Guides to be a GREAT DK.
    Just read them...
    Best of Luck.

    P.S. Any question Answered by "Rifokelt" in the comment section is legit (unless i reply and suggest something from my pov, like agility ashen ring, but even so, he has a legit point whatever he talks about when it comes to FDK). So if he answered and i didnt, i agreed with him so follow his suggestions. :D

    All of the comments are outdated, i wont update them aswell. If i said something diferent in the comments that is not in the guide, follow the guide. I made some mistakes and i will always update the guide ONLY after i realise them.
    Again, Guide is UPDATED, comments are OUTDATED.

    28th January:
    Guide is completely updated.
    Im done.

    I wont be answering any questions regardless this guide, unless its something thats not in the guide (which i doubt there is).
    So, if u see me not answering ur question, it means that IT IS IN THE GUIDE AND U DIDNT READ IT, aka: U are lazy.

    Don't be lazy.
    Edited: April 7, 2018 Reason: 7th April, 2018

  2. UHDK DPS Guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349829
    DK TANK Guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349830

    Solid Blood DK DPS guide, if anyone is interested since im lazy to make one:


    4/5 KM Frost spec:
    Raiding Spec - use this if u use: Obli > FS > Obli > FS > Obli > FS rotation.

    5/5 KM Frost spec:
    Raiding Spec - use this if u use: 3x Obli > 3x FS rotation.

    3/3 Subversion Frost Spec:
    dungeon master spec.
    Cos of the higher crit chance and more RP it should help u burn down targets a bit faster.

    2/3 Frost Spec:
    This spec should be used in case u have aggro problems, aka if tanks in ur guild suck.
    The point is 2/3 points in Subversion and BcB, u can use any of the 4/5 or 5/5 KM talent combinations.
    If u still have aggro problems, tell ur tank to learn how to play. If u might get in trouble cos of that, spec like:
    There is no chance in hell, if ur tank has any brain cell running in his head, that u will overagro with this spec...

    2v2 Frost PvP spec:

    3v3 Frost PvP spec:

    If any of these links are not working, please inform me in the comments so i can find a new website to update them...
    Edited: January 28, 2018 Reason: 28th January 2018

  3. Empty comment for god knows what reason...
    Might turn on to be helpfull in future, will see...

    pls no delete.
    Edited: May 21, 2017

  4. Good guide, happy to see that you perfected the list.
    For proffessions I'd add that I feel Tailoring is BiS in Naxx due to gear being so bad that BS offering some 16 STR gems is not spectacular compared to a 400 ap proc this early on.
    As for Ulduar, ToC and early ICC progress I feel Engi is better, since you start picking up good ARP pieces already in Ulduar and Nitro boots offer a lot in Ulduar for sure. At this moment you swap spec to UH supspec where you benefit from haste and Engi gets way better when synergizing with BCB.
    But you're correct, for the absolute end-game gear BS/JC is indeed best, at this point you look to get the last caps of ARP through those gems potentially and with 20 Str gems it just offers more than the procs of Tail/haste usage of Engi.

    gg gnimo

  5. Wouldn't PS>IT be better for opener rather than IT > PS >
    Glacier Rot talent effect misses out on the opener IT if u do IT>PS.
    Any reasons why u mentioned IT>PS everywhere that I'm missing?

  6. For Unholy it might be a 0.01% DPS increase if u start with PS > IT (cos ur Frost Fever deals nice amount of DMG as UH), for Frost it wont.
    On top of that, if u have higher chance to Miss IT u SHOULD start with it. Its better to miss IT before u hit ur target and get all procs active and waste ur time on them while repeating the spell u missed. And also, if u are starting a fight while not beeing in melee range of ur target, waiting and running towards it before doing IT just to get some minor DMG increase is ******ed if u ask me... Yes, cos that Damage wont matter, ever, and that one GCD might be extra Obliterate or Frost Strike on that target.
    And no. Using PS > IT wont increase ur DPS. Ive been doin IT > PS for years and i never had any problems. If u want to tryhard, sure, do it, but its more important to get a healty rotation than squizing extra 10-20% DMG on something that deals 0.01% of ur total DMG.
    Like, do u really think that 20% DMG increase on first IT will help u reach any great DPS?

    Dont get me wrong, im 100% up for everyone finding their own way of how to DPS as a DK, use the things i wrote as a guideline to finding ur own playstyle, this is simply how i play my DK, nothing else...

    Im not mad or anything, im glad u asked, i just tryed to use this so i get over with this topic once and for all.
    This, again, is how i play my DK. If u find a flaw in what im doing and fix it, and actualy get more DPS out of it in the end, il be more than happy for u. But i did think of all of those stuff and ended up saying what i said for a reason.
    The focus was on Obliterate > big pile of krap > Frost Strike, when it comes to rotation, cos i saw way too many DKs use FS even tho they could use Obli instead. Those minor things like PS > IT wont matter at all in the end.

    Best of Luck. :D

    Edit: mistakes wer made...
    Edited: April 4, 2017

  7. Most spectacular guide I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Keep up with the good work bro!

  8. Best guide hands down, if you can add a section for FDK BiS gear for A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity would be perfectly 100% well done guide <3

  9. great guide, vote for sticky!

    btw: any suggestions w/o Varian's furor?

  10. btw: any suggestions w/o Varian's furor?
    Your best bets would be EoF cloak (might of the oceant serpant) or Winding Sheet (rotface 25hc). The former is primarily used by non-orc dks while the latter can and imo should be used on an orc dk if some fight is going to be short and with no important cleave.
    Edited: April 21, 2017

  11. Easyest to get solution is:
    [Ahn'kahar Onyx Neckguard] (from LDW)
    [Might of the Ocean Serpent] (from Emblems)
    U will have same stats but a bit less Strength overall duo to lower item level and cos u have to get 1 extra 10exp10hit gem to cap Expertise.

    Another way of doin it is going for:
    [Penumbra Pendant] (from Halion)
    [Might of the Ocean Serpent]
    [Signet of Twilight] (as 2nd ring, instead of MoB)
    With this itemisation u will lose 100 Attack Power and gain 2% Crit Chance.

    This is for all classes. Orc will only enable u to gem/enchant more Strength/AP instead of Expertise, and since Expertise is curently faked up on this server going for some extra wont hurt.

    Overall i would suggest getting those Coins with Gold or Cash and buying that Cloak, unless u are in a guild that farms ToGC 50/50.

  12. I just wanna know if damage of FS is bugged or not? I get confused when i see on MSBT crit only 25k fully buffed and STR gemmed almost bis dk 6541 gs properly geared ..

  13. Im not sure tbh but i belive in Abra...

    I deleted the last comment about: what to do if u cant get [Varian's Furor]/[Garrosh's Rage]?, and put it in the guide and also updated it a bit...
    Edited: April 29, 2017

  14. May 25, 2017  
    Frost Death Knight DPS Guide is complete.

    Next guide il be working on is Unholy. I dont know when its gona be completed, hopefully next week so i can start working on Blood aka tank guide aswell.
    Il bump them all again once they are finished.

  15. June 3, 2017  
    So im at 263 hit right now as frost dps. should i drop some of the hit to get down to 164? im so confused. every dk i talk to is like ya just get ( random number of hit) and i t make no sense. im 6.1k with 1018 arp as well if that matters

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