1. who cares about ur DPS, Boss dmg is What Matters, even my hamster could play for Meterwhoring

    and dont open with IT.... PS>IT, since u talk about Lord were Death's Choice/Verdict is bugged atm only triggers on Physical DMG, u'll have to open with PS to gain the TrinketProcc Extra DMG on ur IT
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  2. and 1 more reason for not doing it is since IT is a spell if ur spriest or balance druid ****s up (wont provide a debuff for 3% spell hit in a time) there is a chance that u'll get a miss lul

  3. Opener1:
    *Unholy Presence
    IT > PS > BS > SS > BS > BT > Gargoyle > HoW > Blood Presence > ERW >
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    I don't understand this opener at all
    u lose DMG on the first 6 Globals, but also ur Diseases will do way lower DMG because all of them u do in Unholy Presence
    only reason i could think why u would open like this is because u have 0.5sec faster GCD what means u spare 3,5sec for a big dps lose ??
    Starting in Blood Presence>PS>IT>BS>BS>SS>BT>Unholy Presence>Garg>ERW>Blood Presence>2xSS>BS>HOW>RPdump
    Reason for 2xBS befor SS is i'm playing on Lord. with Tier 9/9,5 Content for 2 Setbonus Procc
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  4. Out of 10000000 Icy Touches ive casted over the years, maybe one of them Missed when it comes to opener.

    On the topic of PS > IT:
    If u cant be in melee range on the pull and cast PS instantly, u are wasting 1 GCD atleast while running towards the boss. And when switching targets again, running to them and waiting to get in melee range so u can cast ur first spell is dumb if u ask me.
    Also, diseases with or without procs will do more or less same damage. I never tryhard so much to buff them, nor do i prepot/pot/flask and i rly dont have any problems when it comes to DPS and DMG. The only thing u can basicly do when it comes to diseases is manage when u refresh them. Other stuff is not worth and almost completely RNG if u ask me...

    On the topic of Opener1:
    Its mainly there to buff Garg without wasting time. Doin those spells in Unholy Presence u wont lose almost any DPS, u might gain it cos u will have more time on ur procs to spam ****. Also it gives ur Garg Horn as extra buff...
    And again, as i alrdy said, it doesnt matter which opener u use, u will do more or less same DPS with any. There are atleast 3 more ways to open, the point was to get diferent **** out there so ppl can see them and maybe experiment more to find what fits them most.

    On the topic on how much DPS/DMG u should do with ur curent GS:
    It doesnt matter nor do i know tbh. Ive always played as Frost when it comes to gearing Stage. Just practice and master the proper rotation and u will do maximum amount of what ur gear alows u to do.

  5. Out of 10000000 Icy Touches ive casted over the years, maybe one of them Missed when it comes to opener.
    On the topic of Opener1:
    Also it gives ur Garg Horn as extra buff...
    Maybe u're lucky but i acutally missed alot if i open with IT...
    Idk how Icecrown RestoShaman speccing but on Lord most of them have 3/3 Enhancing Totem's were i can skip buffing my Garag and use HOW to gain RP

  6. If u have less than 11% spell hit chance from gear and ur Boomie is slow on applying FF or Spriest isnt precasting u will miss IT i guess.

    But again, i hardly ever miss it. I actualy cant remember when was the last time i missed a single spell as Unholy.
    On top of that, if u dont play with expertise cap, or if u dont cap spell hit with gear argument that its better to PS first cos IT can miss is kinda not legit...

    When it comes to Horn vs Totem, i prefer Horn and Armor totem. U never know if that Shaman will position those totems like a gawd, and u never know where u have to move, so u can get out of range easy. Its better to place those talents elsewhere and to keep Horn on everyone 100% of the time. Perfect fight examples for this are Yogg, Halion, Lick King... In these fights u have to move a lot and change rooms in which u are DPSing. Its better to Horn than to rely on shaman (even the best Shaman i know failed to reposition them all the time).

    On topic of ur opener with Uh / Blood presence swap when about to Garg, u lose 1 Blood Strike in the process. Also its better to SS > BS > SS > BS than to 2x SS > 2x BS cos u are able to keep Desolation up more efisiantly and cast DnD whenever u want.

    This nitpicking i just did and any other when it comes to rotation doesnt lead anywhere. Everyone has their own way of how to DPS and ur rotation might not fit me, mine might not fit u and we can end up doin same DMG/DPS in the end. In Unholy King of Anything guide i linked in first comment u can find PS > IT opener so il let others decide what to do.

    As for the guide itself:
    This is the Best way of DPSing when it comes to DK as far as i know, and im playing DK for a long time... Ive tought a lot about the PS / IT topic and i still think the way i linked is better. Even if it isnt, if most of the ppl reading thid perfect the rotation i linked and they do 99% of maximum DPS potential their gear offers il be happy. If they want to push for that last 1% and max their DPS il let them find their own way of doin it.

  7. All 3 guides have been updated today.

    Frost DPS guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349828
    Should be completely finished.
    Unholy DPS guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349829
    Might add some things in "Rotation" section and visualy improve the "Stats" section like in FDK DPS guide and maybe even "Talent/Glyph" section aswell.
    Tank guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349830
    Might work on it more in future but nothing too soon. I think u have more than enough information in it for now...

    Overall u should have more than enough information in each one of them in order to get a good start as a fresh DK which was the whole point of these guides.
    Make sure u read the guides (all 3 of them), read ur spells, read ur talents. If u have any questions READ it again.
    And if u still have questions, ask them in comment section below so i can answer them and add those answers in the guide i guess...

    Best of Luck.

  8. From what i know, both Pets should be buffed by the Haste u get from Unholy presence.
    Any resource that says they shouldnt?

  9. Hello, as this is crutial info for a good DK opener I immediately went and tested it. These are the results:
    Blood Presence + Goyle : http://imgur.com/a/axIh5 17 hits (casts)
    Unh Presense + Goyle : http://imgur.com/a/0WX6Q 19 hits, 1 mis ( 20 casts)

    So i got 3 extra casts from Unholy Presense opener, which is how it's been for a while. Can you elaborate on your tests please? Thanks.
    Sorry if the images are bad.
    Edited: April 4, 2017

  10. Deleted my posts because I tested again and it's working with Unholy Pres again like it was. Idk why it wasn't working for 1 specific day, but it's back to how it was. Strange.

  11. Well i dont know really... I might be wrong, im not saying im 100% right when it comes to Unholy Presence and Gargoyle.
    That extra Attack Speed might aswell behave like Haste itself, who knows... But i do get ur logic. Aswell as Garg wont get buffed if u get Heroism/Power Infusion, or from Icy Talons, cos it increases ur speed and not Haste, might aswell be the same when it comes to Unholy Presence.
    But, have in mind that some of the spells and talents have tricky text in them and that they might work a bit diferently from what we feel like (thx to blizz logic).
    Will work and finish rotation section anyway this weekend most likely. Thanks for the info tho... :D

  12. DV hc vs DBW hc? I've played UH for ages and thought DV was better than DBW. Why do you feel differently?

  13. DV hc, WFS hc, DBW hc, its all same sheeet in the end... Personal preference. The one that makes u feel like u are doin more DPS is the best 2nd trinket u can get.
    Based on retail info DBW is BiS. That and 66% chance to get Haste or Strength proc, which will boost ur Burst by a HUGE amount, are 2 reasons why i put DBW over other two... I used to use WFS hc instead of DBW hc before i made this guide.
    WFS and DV are kinda better when it comes to AoE DPS. DBW is better for singletarget.
    Overall, just go w/e makes u feel like u are doin more DPS overall. :D

  14. Ran dbw hc for single target, DV hc for multi target. Dps is pretty damn sweet for single target, especially since im exp capped. Thanks for the tip!

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