1. What about insane strenght pot in frost spec, in combination with UA and rune of the fallen crusader? My point about speed pot is especially on the prepot, don't you risk of running out of runes with haste pot plus heroism resulting in much more downtime which weakens the value of an haste buff over a lesser strenght buff? Some of my non-dk friends said that haste potion badly stacks with heroism especially on warmane, idk what this means or if they are right at all, but for example some warriors of my guild have seen a slight increase of dps using insane strenght potions as prepot and pot of speed as 2nd pot, they cannot be considered the absolute best players however so maybe they are doing something wrong.
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  2. It would still be below the haste pot in terms of dps gained (although the difference won't be as big as it will be for unholy). There's no risk of running out of runes/runic power in either spec. Your friends can say whatever they like, doesn't necessarily make it true (same goes for my claims, but you can search for stat values on both specs and do some rough math). I can't speak for how good that pot would be on a warrior, I just don't know what's the EP ratio of Str vs Haste for a warrior.

  3. I wont add consumables part in any of the guide mainly cos i dont use any sort of pots or w/e is used today.
    I basicly dont remember when was the last time i used a potion.
    So, i dont know the best way to use them, therefor i wont add that section in the guide cos idk how its done.

    Sure, i use Flask on Sindra and Lich King from time to time, only if someone from the raid gives it to me, cos both lazy to farm gold and bad at it... eksdi
    For that u dont need to know much, attack power for DPS, health for tank. ggwp

  4. All 3 guides have been updated a bit.
    I didnt have the time to look trought them completely, so there still might be some minor mistakes in them.
    If u notice them please do inform me about them so i can fix them asap.

    The major updates in them are videos of rotation.
    There is a new section for those, so u can go and check them out...

    I also added alternate talent links in the first comment, since some of u told me that u cant see talents at all.
    U have both Glyphs and Talents in those links all combined.
    In case u cant see any of the talent links i provided, please do inform me so i can try to find another way to post them.

    Anyway i think that there is nothing else i can add to the guide.
    This is basicly everything i know about this class.
    Sure, they can be better written, sure they can be flashy and all, but some of us, while learning to play, didnt even have this much.

    Would like to ask all of u to stop asking trivial questions in game such as:
    I have 4k GS, should i gem Strength or Armor Penetration?"
    U lose Icy Talons for 0.01sec, should i use Glyph of Icy Touch instead of Glyph of Diseases cos of it?"
    Can u please type in the rotation again?
    In wisper yes, i need to see something..."

    U have everything in the guide.
    Just read it. Dont be lazy.
    If something is not in it, i eather think its not important, i eather dont know anything more, or i forgot.

    I dont have anything against good and constructive questions, but when u ask this kind of things, u are just a lazy scrub and im sorry i simply cant deal with those kind of questions anymore...

    Im glad i could help some of u out with ur DK skills.
    For those that i didnt, im sorry, and i hope u find someone who will.

    Best of Luck, have fun bois and grillz!

  5. Added another Video in "Videos" section of the guide.
    Fixed Itemisation and Rotation sections.
    Sorted other stuff in the guide and corrected mistakes.

    From this moment on, u basicly have EVERYTHING U CAN POSIBLY KNOW about Frost Death Knights in the guide (that i know...).

    Follow the guide, dont follow the guide, its all up to u to decide.
    I wont be answering any more questions.

    Best of luck bois and grills. :D

  6. Hello, I know that you won't answer anymore but I want to ask anyone who know : Is Bryntrol as a pve weapon is really good for Uh ? Is it better than a shadow edge , warmace of menethil etc ? Is the rng too much with this weapon ?
    I'll pleased to hear your answer as a fellow Uh dk

  7. Gnimo - What are your thoughts on Blood Subspec for T9.5 Hc set up? Though T10 hc might be best, I want to shoot for the T9.5hc set for fun and have been toying around with the gear. For my spec, I'm currently using the Frost subspec set up, but could the blood subspec be better? My reasoning is that it gives more AP and crit rating, where the frost subspec focuses on frost/shadow dmg and melee haste.

  8. t9 build is dog****, just go with the regular one

  9. May 18, 2018  
    Blood Subspec is a NOgo. Only good with Arp gems, which are bad for UDKs.
    It will never be better for overall DPS and DMG.
    UDK is best AoE class of WotLK expansion, trying to make it Single Target class is some bad thinking if u ask me...
    If u want Huge Single Target DPS reroll to something thats made for those kind of things.

    T9.5 also NOgo. Aka, Never go T9.5.
    It will never be worth it, mainly cos there is no Constant AoE fight, on single target u will do a LOT less, and most importantly DND will do a lot less DMG, which is our bread and butter when it comes to High AoE pressure...

    On the overall Spec and Itemisation update:
    At the curent state of UDK u want to use the "No Expertise" itemisation and talent build.
    Pets are OP, so Haste is OP, so Unholy DK is OP.
    If u notice way too many Dodged Attacks, from both Melee and Spells, get the 17 expertise itemisation going...

    Overall... Guide is Updated a bit.

    Important parts in ROTATION VIDEO to look at and remember:
    @0:37 - not refreshing diseases as soon as runes are ready, waiting for that last dmg tick
    @0:57 - things are perfectly synced, PS > IT as soon as runes are ready
    @1:14 - refreshing diseases cos of the trinket procs, right after they tick, to sync **** up in the next 3 trinket cycles
    @1:35 - delaying diseases to get that last tick of dmg to min max
    @3:23 - Gargoyle poped for the 2nd time
    @4:10 - how to DnD if too much runic power for DC dump or if u have to AoE
    Video can be found below the rotation part of the guide.

    this was used as a bump, eks deee

    On a Serious note...
    Unholy Death Knight is REALLY OVERPOWERED at the moment, top DK DPS spec on both Single Target and AoE DPS.
    The sooner u learn how to play it, the better for you.

  10. May 18, 2018  
    On the overall Spec and Itemisation update:
    At the curent state of UDK u want to use the "No Expertise" itemisation and talent build.
    Pets are OP, so Haste is OP, so Unholy DK is OP.
    If u notice way too many Dodged Attacks, from both Melee and Spells, get the 17 expertise itemisation going...
    I'd also like to point out that a lot of Unholy's damage (excluding pets) doesn't necessarily come from melee strikes all that much either. Yeah, autos and whatnot may be at the top of the damage list, but there are a LOT of other damage sources.
    Am just saying this because it further supports what you're saying here.

  11. May 18, 2018  
    To better explain once again, to everyone that is unclear with how this works, or want to ask something regarding it, or argue, or w/e...

    Expertise is mainly there to make your gameplay feel better/worse.

    More Haste will mean more Lucky Auto Attacks (if they didnt get dodged) and more Pet Auto Attacks/Casts.
    More Expertise will mean more Death Coils, since u wont have to Repeat some of your Strikes that got Dodged during the fight.

    When it comes to DPS, the sad truth is that, that stat (Expertise), or any minmaxing in the end (+/-10 of this and that stat), it wont matter almost at all...
    Most of factors that will decide on which DK wins, if they dont have the same gear, or even if they do, is RNG (considering they are equaly skilled when it comes to rotation and decision making in some situations).

    As i said multiple times over the years, the ONLY reason why i dont like playing with 5 Expertise is simply cos i feel like im unlucky, which gets confirmed when 3 Dodged Plague Strikes happen in a row.

    That is ME, Gnimo, and what I, MYSELF, prefer.

    So, to avoid getting in any kind of argument regarding this topic with anyone on these forums, i really dont care what u decide to do.

    Get 5 Expertise.
    Get 26 Expertise.
    Get 17 Expertise.
    Get 56 Expertise.

    Its all up to you. :D

    Do yourself a favor and focus on rotation (cant repeat this thing enough).

  12. May 23, 2018  
    Hello, hope i get a reply even tho this post its kinda old, okay, so im an UH dk semi end game geared, about 6.1k gs, i have expertise capped at 26, hit at 8% and i have about 300 haste, arpen is at 45% just from gear and SE (i have dbw and hwt). I feel like shadows edge has fall a little behind in dmg, i want to replace it, so with my current stats, żgetting hc bryntroll and gemmin strx3 will do more dmg than having SE? If not what other options do i have? i dont like the haste pole arm since it gives agi, and i wont replace SE for lk weapon unless its the hc version, which for now i dont think i can get, so what can i do get more dmg from my weapon? Im doing 14k avg dps at Festergut.

  13. May 24, 2018  
    I really dont understand what people expect to get from answers regarding these kind of questions...

    Equip a Weapon.
    Do 10 Dummy Runs of 5min each, minimum.
    Repear with a diferent weapon

    What works on a dummy, while dpsing only self buffed without any extra debuffs on ur target, most of the time, if not always, works in a raid...

    There are also all kind of sims that will answer ur question a lot better and more accurate than any forum user not using it.

    But since im alrdy here...
    From my pov weapon choice comes depending on what race u play.
    Human - Glorenzelg
    Orc - Bryntroll HC > Shadows Edge
    Any other race i would use Oathbinder.

    But again, this is all my personal pov with no actual data from any kind of testing to back it up, so i might be wrong.

  14. May 24, 2018  
    I really dont understand what people expect to get from answers regarding these kind of questions...

    Equip a Weapon.
    Do 10 Dummy Runs of 5min each, minimum.
    Repear with a diferent weapon
    B-but Gnimo, that would require about 50 minute of testing per weapon and it is so much more easier to poke a stick at a forum thread than to use a brain :(

  15. May 25, 2018  
    In this guide u will find every information u need to know about ur Death Knight.
    I have arround 8 years of expirience when it comes to DKs (5 of which are on this server), i did all kind of tests when it comes to Specs, Itemisations, Rotation, all kind of stuff, and this is the conclusion.
    If u want to waste ur own time with some tests of ur own, feel free to do so, but i doubt ul find something better than this...
    If not, just read the guide, and read it again if there is something thats unclear.
    I really don't understand people like you, Nemmish, what's the point to post something like that, do you really like being so toxic?I understand why Gnimo would be annoyed and give such an answer considering he made this guide, but you?You made literally 0 input to the question considering Gnimo already answered the person to test, your imply is just toxic and unnecessary.
    The person that made the question also said he's not completely into end-game content yet, so it's normal to ask, considering he doesn't have all the resources available to test every single item (possibly including time).
    You should also maybe consider that he'd be taking away a much needed item from someone else and then that item turns out to be useless to him, hence damaging someone that ACTUALLY needs the item.

    Edit:Sorry to Gnimo for going off topic, and probably contributing to a cancerous discussion :/
    Edited: May 25, 2018

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