1. UNHOLY Death Knight PvE DPS Guide [3.3.5a]

    Unholy Death Knight

    In this guide u will find every information u need to know about ur Death Knight.
    I have around 9 years of experience when it comes to DKs (2 years on retail and 7 on this server), I did all kind of tests when it comes to Spec, Itemisation, Rotation, all kind of stuff, and this is the conclusion.
    If u want to waste ur own time with some tests of ur own, feel free to do so, but i doubt u will find something better than this...
    If not, just read the guide, and read it again if there is something thats unclear. It will save you a lot of time, and just give you everything there is when it comes to information about the class on a silver plate. Feed yourself, dont ask me to spoon feed you with the information on top of everything, aka, before asking stupid questions, that are already answered in the guide, use your head.

    DO NOT blindly read the guide!
    Think about everything that I said in it and, again, use ur head...
    If u dont understand some of the things i wrote read the spells/talents/abilities.
    If u have the basic knowledge of how things work, u should be able to understand everything.
    There are also videos that will show you every step by step that i wrote in the rotation part of the guide.

    Guide is simply a guide!
    Its not a magical text that will make u do insane amount of DMG if u blindly follow it like a robot, or if u dont put in the time required in game, aka if u dont practice.
    So, learn about your class, read what is written here, and practice.

    Lets get introduced with some basic info on DK specs overall...

    If u want great Single target DPS with AoE Burst when ur procs align, u want to be a FROST DK.
    If u want great AoE constant DMG with nice Single Target DPS, u want to be a UNHOLY DK.
    If u want to Tank, u want to be a BLOOD DK.

    DK is a class that can do solid Single target DPS, AoE DPS, Tank with any of the 3 specs.
    If u find some other talent build that makes ur gameplay "fun" and u want to keep it, feel free to do it (altho i dont know how doing less dps than you can is considered "fun").
    However, if u want to maximise ur performance and be the best out there,
    u cant outdps a Frost DK on Single Target as Unholy or Blood,
    u cant outdps a Unholy DK on AoE as Frost or Blood,
    u cant Tank better than a Blood DK.
    U can do everything, but not as good...

    If u have any doubts or questions u can check my old Guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=344509
    U can find different itemisation choices and some of mistakes ive made on my way here (that "guide" is really outdated, so stick with the information you find here)...
    Overall this is the conclusion more or less.
    I will also post links of my other 2 guides (Frost and Tank) in the 1st Comment, so u can read them aswell if u are interested (would suggest doin that since the more u know, the better u are).

    Alternative Talent links can be found in the 1st comment, below the guide, in case any of the ones in the guide are not working properly. It is easyer to fix them than to go trough the whole guide every time one of the websites that provide with talent previews are broken.
    Please do tell in case u cant see any of the links i provided in the 1st comment so i can update them.

    The most important part of ur DPS as a Death Knight is ROTATION.
    Make sure u master that part, gear will come and go...

    Lets get started with some actual Unholy DK DPS only talk.


    Spoiler: Show
    When it comes to PvE, racials have a big impact on ur performance.
    These are the ones u can chose...


    5 expertise while using Axes, passive.
    5% Pet dmg increase, passive.
    Duration of Stun effects reduced by 15%, passive.
    Blood Fury - 322 atk power for 15sec, 2min CD, active.
    This is the best "pure DPS" race, for both PvP and PvE.

    Berserking - 20% haste for 10sec, 3min CD, active.
    Beast Slaying, 5% dmg increase versus beasts, passive.
    Da Voodoo Shuffle, 15% reduction of all movement impairing effects, passive.
    Some say this is the BiS race for end game PvE content duo to mini bloodlust, but i still prefer Orcs.

    Base Health increased by 5%, passive.
    Stomp - 8 yards AoE stun for 2sec with a 2min CD, active.
    Minor Melee range increase duo to bigger character model.
    Its great for tanking duo to increase in EHP.

    Blood Elf
    2% miss chance on spells, passive.
    Arcane Torrent - 8 yard AoE silence for 2sec with a 2min CD, active.
    If u want to PvP only, this race might be good for you.

    You can go for this one if you are into looks over performance.


    1% hit chance increase, passive (for u and ur whole group).
    This is the go to race on Alliance side if you want to PvE only.

    3 expertise while using Swords or Maces, passive.
    Every man for himself - Removes any CC from ur character, 2min CD, active.
    Best PvP race out there.

    5 expertise while using Maces, passive.
    10% armor increase with a 3min CD, active.
    BiS race for tanking, if u decide to go for a Mace as BiS item.

    Night Elf
    Brings 2% miss chance, passive, aka more avoidance when it comes to tanking.
    Shadowmeld - Gets u out of combat, can eat (apsorb) a spell if used corectly, 2min CD, active.
    Not so bad for tanking.

    You can go for this one if you are into looks over performance.
    Its also great for duels duo to Escape Artist.


    Spoiler: Show
    32.789 hit rating = 1% melee hit
    26.24 hit rating = 1% spell hit
    -8% chance (263 hit rating) is melee hit cap for special abilities and white swings when using a Two Handed weapon.
    -17% chance (446 hit rating) is spell hit cap
    (368 hit rating (14%) + 3% from Virulence, or 289 hit rating + 3% from Virulence + 3% hit chance debuff on the target from Spriest or Boomie)

    Note: U should try and go for 263-295hit rating from gear.
    Pet Hit and Expertise cap is reached when Death Knight has 9% MELEE HIT, which is arround 295 Hit Rating (which sadly cant be reached so u will have to get 299 Hit minimum).
    With "No Expertise" itemisation, u can reach this simply by gemming legs with 10str10hit and Nightmare Tear, and put 2x 20 Str gems in chest. If u decide to do this, get Engineering and JC as profesions.
    With "17 Expertise" itemisation, u can reach this with Enchants, which will require u to go for JC + BS as profesions.

    8.1975 exp rating = 1 expertise
    -26 expertise Caps DODGE.
    -56 expertise Caps PARRY.
    -U should try and go for 26 expertise (173 exp rating from gear + 5 expertise from Tundra Stalker talent)
    (136 exp rating from gear + 5 expertise from Tundra Stalker talent + 5 expertise from Orc Racial)

    1 Strength = 2 Attack Power
    -Get it as much as u can.
    -This is Unholy DK top prio stat, it buffs everything (Abilities, Spells, Pets).

    32.789 haste rating = 1% Spell Haste
    25.189 haste rating = 1% Melee Haste
    -Is a great stat to buff our Melee DMG, our Pet DMG (Both Ghoul and Gargoyle), and reduce our GCD on spells by a little bit (Icy Touch, Pestilence, Death Coil, Death and Decay,...)
    -When gearing up, this should be the secondary stat u want to get the most if posible.
    -When BIS, u could go for 6-12% Melee haste depending on if u want to cap Expertise or not.

    1 crit rating = 0.022% Crit Chance
    62.5 Agility = 1% Crit Chance
    -Duo to some talents and spells, our abilities deal 200-230% of normal DMG when they crit. That makes this stat valuable.
    -On top of that, Wandering Plague count depends on our Melee crit %.
    -Unlike Frost, we dont have talents that increase our crit % almost at all, and sadly, we cant get more than 40-50% (raid buffed) of this stat without sacrificing other stats, and that is not worth doing.
    -Just try to get items that have Crit rating + another stat (Hit, Exp, Haste, Arp) in them in all slots, and maybe 1-2 agility item (one-two of: wrist, ring, neck, cloak) when it comes to BiS list.

    Armor Penetration:
    13.996 armor pen rating = 1% armor penetration
    -This is a solid stat for end game UHDK DPS.
    -After u get 2/5 T10, around 50% of our total DMG done will be physical.
    -Dont gem for it, when u get BIS gear u will have enough Armor Pen (arround 50%+) from it alone.
    -When gearing up, u wont need this stat almost at all...

    When it comes to Stats and Unholy DK, there are couple of questions people ask a lot... "Should i cap expertise and should i gem Strength or Armor Pen?"

    My advice (short answer), when it comes to these two questions, would be: Cap Expertise and Gem Strength.

    First one: Should u can Expertise?
    The simple answer is: Its up to you...
    -With Pets beeing Fixed, they do a lot of our overall DMG done.
    Also, depending on certain Races, its easy or hard to cap this stat.
    -As Orc, i like to stick with 10 passive Expertise from Racial and Talents, and push for as much Haste as posible, which will be arround 12% as BiS.
    However, easyest way to cap this stat is to be Orc aswell. Whatever u decide to do in the end will end up doing almost exactly the same DPS.
    -As other races, i prefer to get T10 legs and end up with 17 Expertise. This will lower my Haste to 9%, and that alone wont hurt our DPS almost at all (going more Expertise and less Haste only Hurts your Pet DMG, so if they do 20% of our total DMG done, 3% less Haste will rougly be arround 0.5-1% DMG loss...).

    Final Word: U can stick with 5 Expertise as far as im considered and hope for good RNG on Plague Strike dodge / parry.

    Second one: Should i go for Strength or for Armor Penetration gems as BiS?
    The simple asnwer is: STRENGTH.
    -They do almost same amount of DPS when it comes to single target.
    -Armor Pen gemmed UDK will do a LOT LESS AoE DPS and a lot less DPS on fights where u have to move and switch targets a lot.
    -On top of that, for ARP gems to do more single target DPS u will have to be sticky to ur target and never leave melee range, and also use every double Death Rune for Scourge Strike. If u want this kind of gameplay, i would suggest u going Frost since it will be more rewarding.

    To help u understand with a simple answer:
    On tank and spank fight like Festergut, Rotface,... u can top Strength gemming build with Armor Penetration gems by a small amount.
    On fights like PP and Lich King, Strength gemmed itemisation will demolish Armor Pen build.

    Final Word: Dont be bad. Gem Strength.


    Spoiler: Show
    >>> Unholy DK DPS PVE Spec <<<
    This IS the talent build that will provide u with the most Single Target DPS according to old Retail Guides.
    I agree, altho this spec might not be the best out there for overall Raiding and Dungeon farming experience since its mostly focused on maximising single target DPS.
    However, i prefer to use 1/3 Morbidity over Unholy Blight, just for that 5sec CD reduction on DnD, since you wont notice that 5% pure dmg vs 10% over time dmg on DC increase.

    Dungeon Hero Spec (in case u are doing a lot of World Questing and Dungeon Farming):
    With this spec u should always be in Unholy Presence.

    If u are a Fan of Armor Penetration Gems, this is the talent Build u want to go for:
    >>> Unholy Armor Pen, Blood Subspec <<<
    I personaly think this spec (Armor Pen Itemisation, and Gemming in general) is crap.
    If u feel otherwise and u want to play it, be my guest i guess...


    Spoiler: Show
    Unholy DK DPS PVE Spec
    Glyph of Icy Touch
    Glyph of Dark Death
    Glyph of the Ghoul
    Glyph of Horn of Winter
    Glyph of Raise Dead
    Glyph of Pestilence

    When it comes to Glyph of Disease, its NOT worth using this at all.
    -DMG from combined IT + PS + BS is almost the same as the DMG from SS + Pestilence, so in the end u will have easyer rotation but less DPS.
    -U generate less Runic Power with SS + Pestilence which will result in less Death Coil count.
    -U will use 1 less GCD for SS + Pestilence which will result (especialy in combination with less runic power) in having more DOWN TIME after using all the runes.

    Glyph of Death and Decay could be used instead of Glyph of Dark Death or Glyph of the Ghoul, depending on which one of these two (DC or Ghoul) is doing less DMG, especialy if u are using DnD every time its off CD (while having 2/3 or 3/3 Morbidity).
    It could be helpfull when u are gearing up and doing a lot of Dungeons.
    Other than this, there are no other glyphs that can be helpfull.
    Just Avoid using Glyph of Disease, and change btwn Glyph of Dark Death, Death and Decay and the Ghoul depending on which ability does most dmg in the fights you do the most.

    Unholy Armor Pen, Blood Subspec
    Glyph of Disease
    Glyph of Dark Death
    Glyph of the Ghoul

    You could also use Glyph of Scourge Strike, instead of Dark Death or Disease. The reason why GoSS is good only for Blood Subspec build is cos u dont spec into Icy Talons talent. Icy Talons lasts for 20sec and is activated every time u refresh Frost Fever. Ur diseases last for 21sec + 9 sec if u use Glyph of Scourge Strike, so u wont have a 100% uptime on Icy Talons with the glyph (diseases will last for 30sec so u will have 10sec downtime on Icy Talons). With Blood Subspec u dont have that kind of downside for extending the duration of ur diseases and u want to do as many Scourge Strikes as posible, since its DMG is going to hit trought the roofs with this spec.
    Main downside of this spec is less AoE pressure and lower DPS if u have to switch a lot of targets and/or cant be sticky on ur target.

    Presence Usage:

    Spoiler: Show
    -Blood Presence – Use it in Raids. It will increase your DMG the most, out of all 3 presences, and will reduce "Down Time" (more about it latter) by 99% on top of that. There are couple of Bosses, where using Unholy Presence is actually better, duo to high movement requirement and targets dying faster than you can apply/spread diseases and do couple of Obliterates and Frost Strikes.
    -Unholy Presence – Use it when leveling, doing world quests, when u need high burst DMG and on top of that extra movement speed, this presence can be awesome. Its usefull on bosses such as:
    Lady Deathwisper, phase1, when u need to switch from the Boss to the Adds, and DPS them asap,
    Profesor Putricide, where u need to constantly move and switch from Boss to Oozes,
    Blood Prince Council, on Heroic version, where you can use AMS to lose shadow stacks and gain a lot of runic power in return,
    Valithria Dreamwalker, adds all arround the boss,
    Any other boss where higher movement speed and burst potential will help a lot,
    like Yogg Saron in Ulduar for example...
    Unholy Presence is also usefull when Clearing Dungeons.
    Only downside of Unholy Presence is "Down Time". Since u have limited amount of resources, after u use them all, u will have to wait for Rune Cooldown to end before u can do stuff again.
    The time while u just auto attack and wait for those Cooldowns to end is called "Down Time"...
    So basicly, if u have to switch a lot of targets, burst them down, move a lot, all of this constantly (these are the things you do in dungeons constantly), Unholy > Blood Presence.
    If ur target Dies before u spread ur diseases and cast Obliterate/Scourge Strike, or Howling Blast/Death and Decay, that means u should’ve used Unholy Presence and not Blood Presence…
    -Frost Presence – Use it when u have to tank/survive something. Save Icebound Fortitude for these situations aswell. Dont forget to swap back to Blood/Unholy after that or u will most likely overaggro and die.

    I would suggest queing RDF as much as u can.
    Do 1 RDF fully with Blood Presence.
    Do another RDF fully with Unholy Presence.
    That is great practice and easy way to notice the diference in both of them...
    The more u know about ur class and how it functions, the better.

    Note: For Lich King encounter, use Blood Presence. Even tho u switch targets and move constantly. Most of ur Time will be spent tunneling the Boss, and since all of the targets spawn right next to each other, its easy to spread Diseases with Pestilence and keep on nuking them down with Obliterates. Unholy Presence is better in fights where u have to constantly reapply ur diseases manually, using IT and PS, thats the main difference here...

    Runes and Runic Power:

    Spoiler: Show
    This section will provide u with some Basic Knowledge when it comes to both Runes and Runic Power.
    This is our Mana, our Rage, our Energy.
    Altho its a bit more complicated...

    We need certain runes in order to cast our Abilities.
    After u cast any Ability that uses Runes, that Rune will go on a 10sec CD, and u will generate Runic Power:

    Runic Power Generation:
    IT = 10 runic power (+ Chill of the Grave)
    PS = 10 runic power (+ Dirge)
    BS = 10 runic power
    Pesti = 10 runic power
    SS = 15 runic power (+ Dirge)
    Obli = 15 runic power (+ Chill of the Grave)
    DnD = 15 runic power

    Any ability that uses 1 Rune will generate 10 runic power.
    Any ability that uses 2+ Runes will generate 15 runic power.
    (there are talents that increase Runic Power generation)

    As u alrdy noticed, our Runes have a 10sec CD after we use them... But! There is more to it.

    Rune Grace Period - RGP
    Our Runes have 10sec Cooldown while we are out of combat.
    The moment we enter combat RGP kicks in... (RGP = Rune Grace Period)
    RGP gives us extra 2.5sec CD countdown after our runes finish their cooldown.
    This means if ur Rune finished its cooldown, it will continue to count down 2.5sec as if u used that rune, even tho u didnt use it (10... 9... 8... 7.5sec).

    When we are out of combat, and our Runes finish their cooldown, the moment we use them (the same Rune) again they will be on the 10sec CD timer again. This is regardless of if you used the same Rune instantly, or u used it 2, 4, 7, 10+ sec after they finished their CD.
    When we are in combat, the moment Runes finish their cooldown is the time when they will start counting down those 2.5sec, regardless of if u use it instantly or not. Depending on when we use them (the same Rune) again, they will have 10 minus 2.5sec CD (7.5min - 10max sec CD).
    If u use that Rune instantly after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 10sec.
    If u use that Rune 1sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 9sec.
    If u use that Rune 1.2sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 8.8sec.
    If u use that Rune 1.9sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 8.1sec.
    If u use that Rune 2sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 8sec.
    If u use that Rune 2.5sec after it finished its cooldown, the new cooldown on that Rune will be 7.5sec.
    If u use that Rune 5sec after it finished its cooldown (while u are still in same combat), the new cooldown on that Rune will be 7.5sec.
    If u use that Rune 15sec after it finished its cooldown(while u are still in same combat), the new cooldown on that Rune will be 7.5sec.
    The range of Rune CD reduction is from 0-2.5 sec, it will never go below 7.5sec CD mark (while being in same combat from the time u used the Rune first time).
    I hope this helped u out to understand how this thing works.

    Death, Frost, Unholy, Blood Runes:
    When u look at ur runes u can see u have 2 blood 2 frost 2 unholy runes.
    So, lets call ur LEFT blood rune 1st and ur RIGHT blood rune 2nd (same goes for both Frost and Unholy runes)

    As u already saw, our Abilities consume certain runes when we cast them.
    Those same abilities will ALWAYS prio using LEFT (1st) rune.
    Those same abilities will ALWAYS prio using NORMAL (Frost, Unholy, Blood) runes over Death Runes. This means that if your LEFT (1st) rune is Death and your RIGHT (2nd) rune is Blood, if you use Blood Strike, you will consume RIGHT (2nd) rune, even tho LEFT (1st) rune was ready.

    You can test it all urself while doing this:
    <Left> <Right> <Left> <Right> <Left> <Right>
    Stand still, dont do anyhing.
    After u cast Blood Boil, ur 1st (left) rune will be on Cooldown, not the 2nd (right) one, cos they wer both Blood Runes. <Left> <Right>
    Now, use Blood Tap. U will have 1 Death and 1 Blood Rune. <Left> <Right>
    When u cast Blood Boil, u will see that ur 2nd (right) BLOOD rune goes on Cooldown, even tho ur 1st (left) Blood Rune was ready as Death Rune.
    This goes for both Frost and Unholy Runes aswell.
    Ur abilities will ALWAYS prio NORMAL runes over DEATH runes, and ur abilities will ALWAYS prio using LEFT rune over RIGHT rune.

    Some may think knowing this is useless and that it wont help u...
    Believe me, sooner or latter u will be in a tough spot, where ur runes will be completely ****ed up, not synergised at all.
    Knowing this lets me make some wild decisions (like spamming **** ton of Frost Strike untill my Runes are aligned correctly, sometimes few, sometimes all of them) that will help me fix my runes and make more DPS on the long run.
    Always think about the long run...
    If the fight will last for 2 more min, and ur runes are ****ed up, try to fix them.
    If the fight will last for 30 more sec, try to get the most out of those ****ed up runes and think about what can u improve not to make the same mistake in the next fight.

    Keybinds and Macroes:

    Spoiler: Show
    Keybinds are important part of ur gameplay.
    Whatever u do, DONT BE A CLICKER (dont click on ur abilities using mouse).
    Bind as many abilities as u can and make ur life easyer (on top of that become a better player aswell).

    Keybinds I use:
    Q, E, R, F, C, X, Z, V, T, G, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, mouse scroll down, mouse scroll up, midle mouse button, all other mouse side buttons
    Shift + Q, Shift + E, Shift + R, Ctrl + (all the letters and numbers from above)... Shift + mouse scroll down, Shift + mouse scroll up, Shift + midle mouse button, Shift + all other mouse side buttons
    Ctrl + Q, Ctrl + E, Ctrl + R, Ctrl + (all the letters and numbers from above)... Ctrl + mouse scroll down, Ctrl + mouse scroll up, Ctrl + midle mouse button, Ctrl + all other mouse side buttons
    U can also use Shift + Space and Ctrl + Space to set up Focus Target and Target in btwn them.
    Use Alt + X, Alt + C, and Alt + V, to toggle inbtwn: All Name Plates, Enemy Name Plates only, Friendly Name Plates only.

    Eather use "A" and "D" to strafe Left or Right, or simply use them as Turn arround buttons, but constantly use ur Right Mouse Click and hold it to Strafe in the time of need.
    You can also use "A" to strafe left and "D" to turn right, or other way arround, its all up to you...
    I mainly bind my main spells on 1 2 3 4 Q E R F C V since they are easiest for me to push.
    I put my Major Cooldowns on Shift + Q E R F C V and i use Shift + 1 2 3 4 or Ctrl + 1 2 3 4 for some pet commands and god knows what, and Ctrl + Q E R F C V 1 2 3 4 for the same basic ability just for focus target. This is not set in stone, its just an example of how you can use those binds.
    Overall just find best solution for ur own gameplay.

    "/cancelaura" could be usefull when canceling Chaos Bane, Divine Favor, Divine Shield, Ice Block, Hand of Protection or any kind of buff u want to remove instantly.
    "/cast [target=focus]" could be usefull so u dont have to target ur focus, and simply cast a spell on him while auto attacking ur main target.
    "/cast [@party1]" could be usefull so u can cast suportive spells on ur team mate without targeting him (u can use numbers from 1-5).
    "/cast [target=Gnimo]" could be usefull if u want to cast a specific spell on a specific target, something like MD, Tricks, Hysteria (just tipe in the name of the player u want to cast any spell on, instead of "Gnimo").

    Full Macroes (examples):
    ''/cancelaura Hand of Protection
    #showtooltip Death Grip
    /cast [target=focus]Death Grip''

    ''/cancelaura Divine Favor
    /cast [target=Maintank] Misdirection/Tricks of the Trade''

    ''/cast [target=Topdps] Hysteria''

    U can use this for any spell...

    Usefull Addons:

    Spoiler: Show
    Deadly Boss Mods
    Will show u timers of Boss abilities and warn u when they come.
    Perfect for those that are new to the game.
    As u start getting used to game, boss and ur class start playing without relying on Warnings DBM gives u and just track timers.

    Move Anything
    U can basiclly move anything when it comes to ur Interface while keeping it simple. I like it since u can adjust the simple and basic Blizzard UI as u like. U can change the position of ur Portrait, Target, Buffs, w/e and wherever u want and set up and make a perfect UI that suits u, without those flashy thingies others use.

    GET THIS STUFF! Its not that usefull for DKs, u will only use it to see Debuffs on other Players and urself, but when it comes to Rets, Shadowpriests, Healers, this is the perfect addon. It will show u ur Group Frame and u can bind Spells in it that will help u assist ur raid with Dispels, Heals, Hand of Protection/Sacrifice/Freedom, Buffs,... Its gona be hard to set up at first, but all u need to do is Bind Spells and Ajust Frame size and maybe change how it looks, but its worth it.

    Need to Know
    Great addon to track anything u want. Debuffs on ur Targets, Buffs on urself, Spell Cooldown, Item Cooldown, anything, its awesome.

    U cast ur abilities after u release the button u pushed. Thats how it is... So basicly, u do ur abilities with a 0.001sec delay. This addon makes u use abilities as soon as u press that button. Its GREAT for MELEE classes, but it sucks when it comes to CASTERS (Mage, Warlock, anything that casts spells constantly).
    As a DK i would suggest using this addon.
    (Test this by holding ur Blood Boil keybind without releasing it while not using this addon. U will see that nothing will happen untill u release that key. After u turn on this addon, do this again and ul see that even tho u didnt release the keybind, u will cast Blood Boil.)

    Helps u track the remaining time on ur CDs.

    Mics Scrolling Battle Text
    It can help u track ur procs and when u crit (its SHINY!).
    Overall it gives u better view on how much DMG ur abilities did and if some of them missed, got dodged, resisted, parried...

    Helps u manage ur threat.

    Helps ur penis grow when u outdps others. Seriously, DONT use it for this ****...
    Try not to tunnel and try not to be that one moron in the raid grp that links it 24/7 without any reason if he tops.
    Use it so u can track ur abilities after every fight (how many Obliterates and how many Frost Strikes you did), analyse ur overall dmg (how many melee attacks wer hits, crits, misses, ...), dmg on some certain abilities u want to track (% of Blood Caked Blade), track how u improve and check ur avrg dmg and talent value, so u can change whatever u need.

    Couple of more Addons u might find usefull:
    Atlas Loot
    Combat Log Fixer

    Google is a great way to find all of these addons.
    Just type in the addon name and "3.3.5 WotLK".

    Thank you Linaq for the list of almost all the addons.
    U can download anything u want here.
    *Linaq said he got DDOSd so idk if he fixed the website. If it doesnt work for u, sorry, try using google i guess.*


    Spoiler: Show
    If you want to PvE and PvP aswell, go for JC + BS.
    JC - 3x 34 Armor Penetration/Strength/Resilience Gems
    (total of 42 Extra Stats from JC gems)
    BS - 2 Extra Gem Sockets
    -Total of passive 82 bonus Armor Penetration/Strength/Resilience

    If you want to PvE ONLY, go for JC + Engineering.
    Engineering is an awesome PvE profession mainly because of Rocket Boots. This enchant alone lets you play a bit more greedy and sticky to the target, just remember, it has 3min cd, so if you use it once, play carefull after that. On top of that, Haste active from gloves enchant syncs perfectly well with UA, which is another great plus for this profession.

    -U can also go for Tailoring (especially if you dont have a lot of gold), since its cheap to level up, and has a nice cloak enchant. You can always change it once you get your hands on some nice amounts of gold or mats for JC, BS or Engineering.

    Get this one aswell. There is NO reason why u shouldnt get this prof. Its awesome!
    It will provide u with extra 40 Strength / Armor Penetration / Expertise / Hit (and u dont have to beg for Fisk). Its easy to level, and mats are cheap on AH, and/or easy to farm. If u want to maximise ur DPS, u want this prof (if u lvl Fishing aswell u will be able to farm all mats urself).
    Those extra 40 Armor Penetration from food will let u gem better, aka match some yellow socket bonuses u couldnt otherwise and gain more stats overall. Get cooking!


    Spoiler: Show
    No Expertise Cap "Retail BiS List" Itemisation:
    Spoiler: Show
    This is the "Retail BiS List".
    I personaly dont like this, mainly cos im unlucky with RNG when it comes to Dodge.
    If u dont have that problem, use this itemisation since it will provide u with most DPS gain acording to all kind of sims...
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet] - M [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] + R - 50atkp 20crit
    [Penumbra Pendant]- Y (10str10haste)
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates] - R - 40atkp 15crit
    [Winding Sheet] - Y (10str10haste) - 23haste
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate] - R + [Nightmare Tear] - 10 to all stats
    [Umbrage Armbands] - R + R - 50atkp
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Gauntlets] - Y (10str10haste) - 340 haste Active (Engineering)
    [Coldwraith Links] - Y (10str10haste) + R + R
    [Scourge Reaver's Legplates] - R + R + R - 75 Attack Power + 22 Crit
    [Apocalypse's Advance] - R + R - 24 crit Rocket Boots (Engineering)
    [Signet of Twilight]- Y (10str10haste)
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might] - Y (10str10haste)
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Shadowmourne] - R + R + R - Fallen Crusader / [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter] - R + R + R - Fallen Crusader
    [Shadow's Edge]
    [Sigil of Virulence]

    40 Strength Dragonfin Filet
    30 Strength and Stamina for Pet Spiced Mammoth Treats

    BiS Profesions for this itemisation are Engineering and Jewelcrafting.
    Both 340 Haste and Rocket Boots are A LOT better than the Attack Power u get from Enchants.
    If u decide to go for this itemisation, get Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

    This itemisation works best for Orcs.
    They will end up on 10 Expertise which is enough to avoide too much Dodged Attacks.
    U can also use it on any other Race if u dont care about Expertise at all...

    17 Expertise Itemisation:
    Spoiler: Show
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet] - M [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] + R - Arcanum of Torment
    [Penumbra Pendant] - Y (10str10hit)
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates] - R - Greater Inscription of the Axe
    [Winding Sheet] - Y (10str10hit) - Greater Speed
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate] - R + R - Powerful Stats
    [Polar Bear Claw Bracers] - Y (10str10hit) - Greater Assault
    [Fleshrending Gauntlets] - Y (10str10hit) + R - Crusher
    [Coldwraith Links] - Y (10str10hit)+R+R
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates]Y (10str10hit) + [Nightmare Tear] - Icescale Leg Armor
    [Apocalypse's Advance] - R+R - Greater Assault
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might] - Y (10str10hit)
    [Skeleton Lord's Circle] - Y (10str10hit)
    [Death's Verdict]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Shadowmourne] - R+R+R - Rune of Fallen Crusader / [Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General]
    [Sigil of Virulence]

    If you have BS + JC, i would suggest going for Hit enchants on Gloves and Feet, and gemming 10str10haste instead of 10str10hit.
    If you have Engineering + JC, just enchant Gloves with 340 haste active and Feet with Rocket Boots.

    This itemisation is here for most of the classes without 5 passive Expertise when using Axes.
    The difference between this, and the No Expertise Itemisation is mainly decided duo to Pet DMG.
    The Haste u lose wont affect Melee dmg, since u will have less Dodges there, but will affect Ghouls and Gargoyle DMG by a bit, which is the only downside of this itemisation.

    Note: If you are lucky, and your DK is Orc, you should use Umbrage and Signet of Twilight with this itemisation, and simply get 3x 10expertise10hit (Accurate Ametrine) gems. This will cap you with expertise and give you better stat balance overall.

    Itemisation With [Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand]:
    Spoiler: Show
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet]
    [Penumbra Pendant]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates]
    [Winding Sheet]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate]
    [Umbrage Armbands]
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Gauntlets]
    [Coldwraith Links]
    [Scourge Reaver's Legplates]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Signet of Twilight]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Death's Verdict]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand]
    [Sigil of Virulence]

    You can Cap Expertise @26 if u Enchant Gloves/Wrist with 15 Expertise and use 40 Expertise Food.

    Armor Penetration Itemisation
    Spoiler: Show
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Helmet] - M [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] + R - Arcanum of Torment
    [Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation] - Y (10str10haste)
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates] - R - Greater Inscription of the Axe
    [Varian's Furor] - R - Greater Speed
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Battleplate] - R + P (10arp15stam) - Powerful Stats
    [Toskk's Maximized Wristguards] - R+R - Greater Assault
    [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy] - Y (10str10haste) + R + R- Expertise
    [Coldwraith Links] - Y (10str10haste)+R+R
    [Sanctified Scourgelord Legplates]R + R - Icescale Leg Armor
    [Apocalypse's Advance] - R+R - Icewalker
    [Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance] - R
    [Signet of Twilight] - R
    [Deathbringer's Will]
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale]
    [Shadowmourne] - R+R+R - Rune of Fallen Crusader
    [Sigil of Virulence]

    Most of "R" (Red, Cardinals) gems are Armor Penetration gems. This is the itemisation for the "Blood Subspec" spec build. In case u want to try it out...

    Note: I didnt care to check if this itemisation is legit, since armor penetration gems and unholy dk are not going well together from my pov. So, if you want to go this "fun" build, ask someone else i guess.

    Spoiler: Show
    When it comes to gemming u should always try to go for those STRENGTH socket bonuses if there are [yellow], and/or [yellow and red] gems in them (aka +4/+6 strength if u match the color).
    Use Etched/Fierce/Inscribed/Accurate Ametrine gems.
    U should only match 1 Blue gem with [Nightmare Tear] (Chest, or any other item that gives u +6 Strength in return). In other blue gem slots just put those Red Cardinal Rubyes.

    [Whispering Fanged Skull], [Deathbringer's Will], [Death's Verdict], any of these 3 trinkets work well, DPS diference wont be noticable, it all comes to personal preference.
    DBW might be better for Heavy Single Target fights like DBS and Festergut,
    but DV/WFS should win over DBW on fights like Lich King 25m HC or any Heavy AoE fight.


    This is the most important part of ur DPS.
    Spoiler: Show
    Guide for dummies (skip this part if u are not completely new to DKs):
    Spoiler: Show
    Since some people said this part of the guide is aids and they dont understand it, here are some explanations for those who are lazy enough to use their brains and try to figure some stuff on their own...

    PS - Plague Strike
    IT - Icy Touch
    BS - Blood Strike
    SS - Scourge Strike
    DC - Death Coil
    HoW - Horn of Winter
    ERW - Empovered Rune Weapon
    Garg - Gargoyle (the more u know)
    AotD - Army of the Dead

    How to start and become a good DK in only 9 steps...

    Go Blood Presence, wait for 15sec, summon Ghoul Pet, get infront of a dummy and use HoW.
    AutoAttack > /pet Attack
    PS > IT > BS > BS > SS > ERW > GARG
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC > ...
    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > DC >
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC >
    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > DC >
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC > ...
    (use HoW instead of DC if u dont have Runic Power)
    Repeat "Step3" over and over and over again...
    Stop for 5min. Think about what u just did, where/if u made any mistakes, what can u do to improve...
    Repeat "Step1" > "Step2" > "Step3" > "Step4" > "Step5" couple of times untill u understand how stuff works.
    Read and start practicing all Openers, from the guide. Find the one that suits u the most and master it.
    Read, try to understand, practice "Perfect Rotation", from the guide.
    Combine everything and try to do a 5min perfect run on a dummy from opener till the end.
    Repeat "Step9" couple of more times untill u are 100% sure u did everything right and that u know what u are doing.
    Now that we got that out of the way, lets get started...

    It doesnt matter which stats or talents u go for, if ur rotation sucks u wont do good DPS.
    Basic Rules:
    Always start with: Auto Attack > /pet Attack >
    Plague Strike (PS) > Icy Touch (IT) > … (or: IT > PS > ...)
    ALWAYS prio RUNE usage over RUNIC POWER usage.

    Spend ur Runes FIRST and use Runic Power as a filler while u wait for ur Rune Cooldown to end.

    When DPSing 2+ targets, Spread Diseases and prio Death and Decay before any other ability (SS and BS).

    Gargoyle will not get buffed if u do Horn of Winter after u summon it.
    Gargoyle gets buffed by the attack power and haste rating which u had at the moment u pressed that button, so track ur procs and buffs and summ it at the best posible time, when u have all of the procs and buffs up.

    Remember these "Basic Rules". In combination with "Perfect Rotation" section below, they are bread and butter of any good Unholy dk.

    For Unholy DK DPS, there are couple of ways to open.
    Every single one of them that i will explain below is viable, find the one that suits u the most and use it.

    Note: DO NOT change presence right before the pull. Set your presence 12+ sec before the pull.

    Opener - The things u should do when u start DPSing ur target, OR when u swith to a new Target, OR Reaply Diseases in case u lost them...

    *Unholy Presence*
    Auto Attack > /pet Attack >
    BS > PS > IT > BS > SS > BT > Gargoyle > Blood Presence > ERW >
    (/cancelaura Blood Tap)
    SS > BS > SS > BS* > DC > DC

    (Skip "/cancelaura Blood Tap" if u dont have Bone Shield up. Use Bone Shield instead of BS* in this case.)

    *Blood Presence*:
    HoW 2-3 sec before the pull
    Auto Attack > /pet Attack
    PS > IT > BS > BS > SS > ERW > Gargoyle >
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    Note: U can start with BS > PS > IT here aswell, so ur diseases get stronger from procs. Do this if u know u will have to Pestilence with ur 2nd Blood Rune instantly after aplying diseases!
    (U can use BT after PS, before BS, in order to gain extra 10 runic power, and instantly /cancelaura Blood Tap after it. DONT use this If u think u will need that BT for something in the next 1 minute or so...)

    DnD > Army of the Dead, 8-9sec / 11-13sec before the pull / combat starts.

    If u pull while in *Unholy Presence*:
    Cast Army of the Dead 11-13sec before the pull only (dont DnD).

    If u pull while in *Blood Presence*:
    Cast Death and Decay > Army of the Dead 8-9sec before the pull.
    Make sure that EVERY SINGLE RUNE is on 1-2sec cooldown when u enter combat. Otherwise this wont work.

    If ur target is in melee range, start with PS > IT
    If ur target is NOT in melee range, start with IT > PS
    (Be as close as posible to the boss before the pull, DO NOT NINJA PULL URSELF)

    If u are used to one of these rotations / openers (IT>PS or PS>IT) and u dont like the other one, just do ur own thing, this will be a 0.1% diference thing anyway.

    (If u use DnD and AotD 8-9sec before the pull u will triger Rune Grace Period the moment u get in combat, aslong as the runes wer on CD. Be carefull with this. If u do it too soon, u wont have runes for couple of sec when the boss is pulled. If u do it early, u might get 3/6 runes effected by Rune Grace Period and **** up ur rotation a bit. Think ahead…
    Also, If u do this, care with ERW usage, u might be able to use another full rotation before using it. I ussualy use ERW on one pull and AotD on another in case the raid is clearing bosses fast. If u can do both every pull do it i guess...)

    *When i said "before the pull" i didnt count in ninja pulls, be carefull about those cos they can fk u up.*

    U will do same Burst using any of the 3 Openers I wrote down, so its up to u how much u want to tryhard.
    Opener 2, is the easy one.
    Opener 1, u need to be fast with ur fingers. (I prefer this one)
    Opener 3, if u pull bosses fast and speed trough the raid, u wont be able to cast AotD for each one of them, so chose the bosses u wana use it on wisely.
    (Again, In case u are in a speed raid, u can use Opener1 with ERW on one boss, and Opener3 with AotD 8-9sec before the pull on another one. This way u wont have problems if bosses are pulled too fast and have a bursty opener every time.)

    Opener without ERW:
    *Blood Presence:
    Auto Attack >
    IT > PS (PS > IT) > BS > SS > BS > Garg* >
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC* > DC* > …

    Note: Depending on how close/faraway u are from ur target, u will do IT > PS if its far away, or PS > IT if its close to u (in melee range).
    Horn of Winter - use it 2sec before the pull, OR, before u cast Gargoyle in case u need both Runic Power and BT for latter.
    Garg* If u are not using atleast 1/2 Dirge u most likely wont have the runic power for it.
    (Same goes here... If u want/need some extra Runic Power for Garg, use BT > /cancelaura Blood Tap after IT or PS, before doin BS. On top of that, u can always use Horn of Winter 2sec before pull happens, that way u will have couple of extra runic power on start and sum Garg without using BT)

    Constant rotation:
    step1: PS > IT (IT > PS) > BS > SS > BS > DC > step2
    step2: SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC* > step1

    DC* - If u dont have runic power for this use Horn of Winter

    AoE rotation:
    IT > PS (PS > IT) > BS* > Pesti > BT > DND > DC > HoW > ...
    SS > DC > BS > SS > BS > DC > ...
    IT > PS > Pesti > DND > DC > ...

    Skip BS* if u dont have BT ready.

    Dont quote me on this one, its NOT EXACTLY like that every time u have to AoE, its highly situational.

    Always keep Diseases up on all the targets u want to DPS and cast DnD when off CD.
    That is the basic idea of AoE rotation, DoTs on all targets + DnD as much as u can while keeping the Desolation buff active constantly...

    *How to refresh, In case u lose Bone Shield during combat*
    PS > IT (IT > PS) > BS > SS > BS > DC
    SS > BT: > Bone Shield > SS > BS > DC > DC

    Death and Decay

    This ability is highly underrated.
    It is the ability that makes Unholy DK an AWESOME AoE DPS.
    It will ALWAYS deal more DMG than normal hit SS and crit BS on single target.
    It destroys both Normal Hits of SS and BS on single target.
    It destroys both Critical Hits of SS and BS on 2+ targets.
    The only downside of this ability is that it gives u 10-15less runic power, its 1 GCD instead of 2 (which can be a good thing in case u have too much Runic Power), and if ur target moves out of the zone, u wont get full DMG out of it (be carefull where u put it).
    Anyway, u should be using this ability a lot. If u are not using it at all, u are not a good Unholy DK (especialy when u want to DPS 2+ targets).

    Any time u know u will have to DPS 2+ targets, always prio DND over SS and BS.
    Diseases on Target > Pestilence > Death and Decay, this is ur bread and butter when it comes to AoE rotation (2+ targets).
    Perfect example for this is Lich King phase 2 when valks come down. Not using DnD there is like not using a Cleave or WW as a Fury Warrior (or Divine Storm/Seal of Command as Ret Paladin).

    Use the damn Death and Decay!

    When it comes to single target:
    If SS gets dodged at any point, and u have **** ton of runic power, u can simply use Death and Decay (DND) instead of "SS > BS" and dump that extra Runic Power on 1-2 extra Death Coils.

    U can also use this if u have Anty Magic Shell up and incoming spell dmg in ur direction. Use that AMS carefully (think ahead).
    Using AMS deffencively is always better than using it offencively!

    If u have to Move Away from the target u are DPSing, pop DnD instead of SS > BS again on the place where ur target stands. Care, ur target might move so place it right (again, think ahead).

    If u are wielding a Shadowmourne, u can use: /cancelaura Chaos Bane macro.
    When it comes to PvE its NOT a DPS increase... Especialy when facing multiple targets. I like to keep the Strength buff.
    If u prefer the Strength Buff aswell just skip this macro.
    When it comes to PvP, i like that extra DMG burst, and u generate stacks a lot faster thx to Unholy Presence, so i like to use this macro in PvP.
    Note: use it carefully, bind it to a sertain button.
    Example: if ur target is far away, u cant hit it with melee attacks, and u are about to spam Death Coils, its better to keep the Strength buff untill u completely dump ur runic power or reach the target. Bind it to spells like Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Scourge Strike, the things u use while in melee range, so u can get some of the stacks back instantly.
    DO NOT use this macro in PvP if u are playing with a combo that relies on CC (Sheep, Trap, anything that Chaos Bane is going to break). In these situations u might want to /cancelaura Soul Fragment...

    Rotation Preview:
    This one is a bit outdated. Focus on "Perfect Rotation" section below.
    However, u can see how to use DnD and how to refresh Bone Shield in this section, so id suggest reading it anyway.
    Spoiler: Show
    *Blood Presence*
    12 (*13)sec before the pull: (*DnD >) Army of the Dead > HoW
    PS > IT (IT > PS) > BS > BS > SS > ERW > Garg
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > HoW

    PS > IT > BS > DnD > DC > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC

    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > HoW > DC

    PS > IT > BT > Bone Shield > SS > BS > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > HoW
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > DC
    DnD > SS > BS > DC > DC

    PS > IT > BS > SS > BS > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    Before every PS > IT (IT > PS) always watch the remaining timer on ur Diseases.
    If they are about to tick for one more time, wait 1sec or Cast an Extra DC/HoW before u cast IT > PS (PS > IT).
    This one is situation and might not work for some people. If u feel like this doesnt suit u and is something that only makes u lose DPS, skip this part and just do IT > PS (PS > IT) normaly.
    It wont be any huge DPS gain/lose anway.
    (*this is explained a bit better in "perfect rotation" section of the guide*)
    Blood Subspec Armor Penetration Unholy DK rotation:
    Spoiler: Show
    <Blood Presence>
    PS > IT > BS > BS > SS > ERW > Garg > SS > SS > SS > DC > DC > ...

    Constant Rotation goes something like:
    PS > IT > BS > BS > SS > DC >
    SS > SS > SS > DC > DC >
    SS > BS > BS > SS > DC >
    PS > IT > SS > SS > HoW >
    SS > BS > BS > SS > DC >
    SS > SS > SS > DC > DC > ...

    Refresh ur Diseases when they FULLY run out of time.
    Use 2 Blood Strikes in a row, so u can use those Death Runes for Scourge Strike in next cycle. (just like as Frost Death Knight DPS)
    Try not to use too many Death Coils. Use 2 only if ur rune cycle used 3 GCDs (3x SS). Use more if u feel like u wont have Downtime. Fill the downtime with Horn of Winter.
    Stick to ur target as much as posible...
    Spoiler: Show
    ...some extra tips and tricks, refreshing diseases fully explained.
    Open with:
    *Unholy Presence*
    Army of the Dead 11-12+sec before the pull
    Auto Attack >
    PS > IT > BS > BS > SS > BT > Garg >
    HoW > Blood Presence > ERW > /cancelaura BT
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC

    This is the constant part of the rotation which u will most likely repeat untill Boss is dead:
    SS > BS > PS > IT > BS > DC (wait for Frost Fever and Blood Plague to do the last tick before u IT > PS)
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC
    SS > BS > DC > IT > PS > BS (wait for FF and BP to do the 3rd sec tick, refresh IT > PS on 2sec before FF and BP runs off)
    SS > BS > DC > SS > BS > DC

    (repeat the next part)
    SS > BS > PS > IT > BS > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC
    SS > BS > HoW > IT > PS > BS (use IT once FF expired completely, same goes for PS and Blood Plague)
    SS > BS > DC > SS > BS > DC

    (this is the repeat part again)
    SS > BS > PS > IT > BS > DC
    SS > BS > SS > BS > DC > DC
    SS > BS > HoW > PS > IT > BS
    SS > BS > DC > SS > BS > DC

    Disease Tick Timer:
    21sec... 18... 15... 12... 9... 6... 3..now!.... 2... 1... now!
    "now!" (right after ur diseases run out of time, or right after 3rd sec tick happens) is when u should refresh ur Diseases.
    Remember these seconds, in a perfect world, every time u refresh diseases with IT and PS u should be doing it after these marks.

    For this rotation u need only 1/2 Dirge (dont go less), if u go more u might replace some HoWs with DCs.
    This rotation will be ****ed up if u miss something or ur abilities get dodged (get Hit and Expertise capped).
    This strickt rotation is here to help u see how and when u should refresh ur diseases.
    It is also perfectly posible to do this in the raids, just add DnD instead of SS > BS on 2+ targets.

    When it comes to single target DPS u should aim to do as close as this rotation posible whatever happens (if u need to stop dpsing, when switching targets, ****ing up cos of lag, ...)

    -IF ur target is far away from u, and u have to run to it for more than 2sec in order to PS > IT, i would suggest using IT while running followed by PS right after u reach melee range. It wont be almost any DPS lost but u will start ur rotation sooner.
    -If ur target is close and u are used to IT > PS opener, it wont matter and u wont lose almost any DPS. Ive been doing IT > PS as both Frost and Unholy DK and i dont have problems cos of that...
    -If ur target is far away and u are used to PS > IT opener, just run to it and use that, again, it wont matter that much. Long run DPS is more important.
    -Just try to follow ur opener. If u opened with PS always use PS first always, if u opened with IT always use IT first, while u are on that target (if u have to switch targets, than u can open as best as u think it is for that situation).

    Final Word
    Practice a lot!
    Chose ur Opener and Presence and perfect that one only!
    Practice Opener with Army of the Dead and that chosen Presence. Perfect that one aswell...
    On opener, try to start with an Auto Attack and than do Plague Strike > Icy Touch. This way u have a chance to proc ur trinkets and make ur diseases stronger. (sometimes i even do 1xBS before PS > IT)
    Watch how and when u do PS and IT (aka when u refresh ur diseases). Always try to refresh them RIGHT AFTER they do their "last" tick of DMG. After 3rd sec or when they fully run out is the best time when it comes to constant DPS.
    (Try to fully understand the "Perfect Rotation" Section)
    In case u have to switch targets or run away from them, refresh ur diseases if u can before that.
    (dont do this in case u have 15+ sec left on them on ur target or in case u have to completely stop DPSing them for whatever reason)
    On AoE DPS, spread ur diseases and use Death and Decay. Use Blood Strike to refresh Desolation. Only use Blood Boil if u are confident that u wont lose Desolation and that u wont have to delay ur next DnD.
    Use Death and Decay on both Single and 2+(Multiple) targets.
    Use Death and Decay when DPSing 1 target in case u have too much Runic Power and spam Death Coils after.
    Think ahead.
    Move before the tank and always position urself to maximise ur DPS.
    Think ahead of everyone!

    Practice a lot.

    Rotation with Glyph of Disease (diseases on target):
    step1: SS > SS > Pesti > BS > DC > step2
    step2: SS > SS > SS > DC > HoW > step1


    U should NOT use Glyph of Disease. EVER, NEVER!


    Movie of "Rotation" part, aka: Rotation on Screen!
    Spoiler: Show
    Spoiler: Show
    Unholy Presence opener:

    Blood Presence opener:

    It get a bit slopy towards the end, but the things u should look at are When i Refresh my Diseases (both on Trinket Procs and when they tick and/or are about to run out of time), and how i placed couple of DnDs.
    Lag hit me during the end of the 2nd video but i kept on going to show u that u need to find a way to do the best u can, regardless of the situation u are in.

    Army of the Dead pull (activation of RGP):
    I did **** it up a bit, i was slow to move to the dummy, so i had to taunt in order to be sure i wont have to record again in 6min cos of the CD.

    DO NOT TAUNT, never taunt, just auto attack, or dont be late.
    In raids u should do this 9sec before the pull, so ul get in combat anyway if the tank pulls on time.

    28th January 2018
    This is the newest video.
    It has EVERYTHING u need to know about UDK and DPS.
    Watch it closely...
    Spoiler: Show
    Recount of the fight: https://imgur.com/a/SHpJg
    Video of the dummy run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ4Z...ature=youtu.be
    Spec used had 1/3 Morbidity and 3/3 BcB.
    Food was 40 Strength.
    Itemisation: "Orc" list, with 15 expertise enchant in Gloves and Wrist.

    Important parts in rotation video to look at and remember:
    @0:37 - not refreshing diseases as soon as runes are ready, waiting for that last dmg tick
    @0:57 - things are perfectly synced, PS > IT as soon as runes are ready
    @1:14 - refreshing diseases cos of the trinket procs, right after they tick, to sync **** up in the next 3 trinket cycles
    @1:35 - delaying diseases to get that last tick of dmg to min max
    @3:23 - Poped Gargoyle for the 2nd time during the same combat.
    @4:10 - how to DnD if too much runic power for DC dump or if u have to AoE

    U can see, when i reuse Gargoyle during the fight (right after the spell finishes its CD), how all of the procs are perfectly sinced. That, and the 14k DnD when all procs align, are why i prefer Deaths Verdict over Deathbringers Will.
    However on Shorter Single Target Fights that Haste and Strength proc from DBW can really boost your DPS by a lot...

    I made some mistakes in this dummy run:
    Did Horn of Winter before i casted Army of the Dead (that was my fault),
    Poor refreshing of diseases at the midle/end of the fight, duo to some ******ed lag im getting whole morning when using this recorder...
    There are probably more mistakes, but i cba recording anymore since i got really pissed (this is the best out of 10 200+ MS and 1sec delay videos i recorded). Find them and learn how to fix them, or better, learn how to play without getting in those situations.

    If u dont understand Rotation part, nor u understand what is going on in all the Videos i linked here, reroll to another class.

    PvP Itemisation and Spec:

    Spoiler: Show
    This one i prefer to use for Arenas:
    This one can be usefull if u spend a lot of time on ur mount:
    U can find more specs in Great PvP Unholy DK guide thats on these forums:
    in case u want to check it out for some serious PvPing (check itemisations here aswell).

    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm]
    [Penumbra Pendant]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders]
    [Varian's Furor]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Chestpiece]
    [Bracers of the Heir]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Gauntlets]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Legguards]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Might of Blight]
    [Death's Verdict]
    [Death's Verdict](HC)
    [Shadowmourne] / [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter] / [Wrathful Gladiator's Claymore]
    [Sigil of the Vengeful Heart]
    This one will give u most Armor Penetration out of gear. U should go with 945 Resi (really greedy build) using this one and play with a Healer.

    U will have to gem a lot of Resilience Mystic gems (Both 34 resi and 20 resi) to reach 945 or 1039 resilience as Human (depending on if u want to play with a Healer or DPS).
    The upside of beeing Human is 2nd trinket proc, which will provide u with insane burst.
    As a non Human race, use [Medallion of the Alliance/Horde] instead of [Death's Verdict](normal). U will be able to gem more Strength gems since u will have the extra Resilience from the trinket.
    If u are Draenei, use [Winding Sheet] in this itemisation.

    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm]
    [Ahn'kahar Onyx Neckguard]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders]
    [Winding Sheet]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Chestpiece]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Bracers of Triumph]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Gauntlets]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Legguards]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Skeleton Lord's Circle]
    [Death's Verdict]
    [Death's Verdict](HC)
    [Shadowmourne] / [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter] / [Wrathful Gladiator's Claymore]
    [Sigil of the Vengeful Heart]
    This one should give u the most amount of Resilience from gear. U can use it for 3v3, and in situations u want to survive as much as posible.
    In case u want to have maximum amount of resilience with this build, go for:
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Victory]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Victory]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Greaves of Triumph]
    U will lose **** ton of Strength but gain insane amount of Resilience.
    From my PoV this should be only used in case u play double DPS comp in 2v2 and 3v3 i guess...

    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm]
    [Penumbra Pendant]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders]
    [Winding Sheet]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Chestpiece]
    [Polar Bear Claw Bracers]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Gauntlets]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph]
    [Wrathful Gladiator's Dreadplate Legguards]
    [Apocalypse's Advance]
    [Ashen Band of Endless Might]
    [Skeleton Lord's Circle]
    [Death's Verdict]
    [Death's Verdict](HC)
    [Shadowmourne] / [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter] / [Wrathful Gladiator's Claymore]
    [Sigil of the Vengeful Heart]
    This itemisation is more or less all arround. Go for 1039-1084 Resi with this one and u can play double DPS comp ez. If u face more melee classes like warrior and rogue use Skeleton Ring. If u want a minor (really low) dmg increase and u face a lot of casters, get Might of Blight (in the end it wont make much diference when it comes to DMG in btwn these 2 rings).

    More or less the itemisations that i linked are the same.
    The point is to get as many Strength Items as posible with gem slots in them. That way u get a lot of Attack Power for both u and ur Pet and u can gem Resilience.
    If u ask me u should use PvP Cloak, Neck and Boots ONLY if u need **** ton of resilience, which wont ever be needed if u plan on playing 2v2 only. If u play 3v3 and u notice u are getting bursted really fast, use Cloak, Neck and/or Boots for extra resilience i guess...
    U should be able to reach maximum amount of 1119 resilience with JC + BS while using Itemisation2, so u should be fine.

    Weapons are Aligned in Value Order in all itemisations, meaning:
    SM is best >
    Bryntroll is 2nd best >
    Glad Wep (sword for Human, mace for Dwarf, axe for Orc) is 3rd best.
    U can also go for Glorenzelg, or Shadows Edge, if u dont have anything from the above i guess...

    Dont follow my advices on spec and itemisation blindly (when it comes to PvP).

    I consider myself to be a Solid PvP DK player.
    Overall i think these items will provide u with the best stats.
    I could be wrong tho, since i dont know which and how many stats u want once u go above 2.2k...

    If a Gladiator DK tells u this itemisation and spec is ****, belive him and go for what he tells u.

    How to get to End Game raiding:

    Spoiler: Show
    First of all, open ur Spellbook and READ EVERY SINGLE ABILITY!
    Second of all, open ur Spellbook and READ EVERY SINGLE ABILITY U HAVE THERE, AGAIN!
    Now, there is no spec for everything when it comes to, lets call it Early game.

    U need both Frost and Unholy specs. Get that Dual Talent Specialisation and spec into both.

    Check both Frost and Unholy guide "Spec" sections. U have explanations there how u could use the specs aswell... The more u know the better...

    Im serious, if u dont know how ur class, spells and talents work, u can NEVER maximise ur DPS/Gameplay in the curent situation u are facing. Knowledge is power...

    Use Frost Spec for Raids.
    Use Unholy Spec for Clearing Dungeons.
    Check both "Rotation" sections in the guides on how to play these specs correctly.
    Note: you can use Frost in Dungeons and Unholy in Raids, this is mainly good if you want to main 1 spec only, so if thats the case, ignore my statement from above.

    Now when it comes to Raids and Dungeons... ALWAYS BE PREPARED!
    Never, i repeat NEVER enter a raid grp without knowing how that boss works.
    If u are completely new to the game there are Guides back from retail that give detailed info on how **** works
    (TANKSPOT guides): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWtJL-A81u0
    Go to: Youtube > Search for: Tankspot ___(type in the name of a boss and difficulty u want to watch)
    and u have urself a great guide.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1x9MErf5NA one of the great LK guides u can find outside of Tankspot videos.

    Try to get a Two Handed Weapon for Unholy and 2x slow, 2.6sec Speed One Handed Weapons for Frost.
    Frost has greater single target DPS potential when it comes to early game, so its perfect for boss fights.
    Unholy has greater aoe DPS potential when it comes to early game, so its perfect for clearing dungeons.

    When Gearing up, try to get 237-367 Hit rating (any rating in between these 2 is good, dont ever try to push for 367 on purpose) and 26 Expertise asap, for both specs, and just gem Strength.
    When it comes to other stats u cant do much about it since u lack items. Try to get as much Crit as possible without sacrificing those 3 stats from above (hit, exp, too much strength) and wait for better items.
    Feel free to use Frost for Dungeons and Unholy for Raids aswell as said above. U should try out both in those situations (both raids and dungeons) so u can transition to ur Main Spec in End Game. However, if u notice doing a lot more DPS with one spec, dont use the other one when the raid needs ur top performance.
    After couple of Raids and Dungeons u should see which spec and playstile suits u more.

    Don’t be afraid to waste those emblems on both Gloves and Legs in Early game stages. There will come a time when u join a good Guild when u will have to play both specs for them, so u wont waste emblems since Gloves are BiS for Unholy DPS and Legs are BiS for Frost DPS in end game (talking about T10).
    Never stop farming Emblems of Frost, especially if u want to play both Frost and Unholy in PvE. Those two specs require different gems when BiS (Frost - Armor Penetration / Unholy - Strength) so u might need double T10 set, aka 2x 4/5 T10 set items (2 Helms, 2 Shoulders, 2 Chest, 2 Legs).

    Since u will most likely have nice reputation when it comes to Knights of Ebon Blade, u can find almost perfect Blue (rare) Weapons for both Frost and Unholy at their vendor in Icecrown.
    If u are starting from Scrach, and u are new to this game, try to look into some guides on how to level profesions.
    Going for Blacksmithing will provide u with some nice close to 200 ilvl gear and Jewelcrafting with some nice Jewelry. Altho u might need to get Mining in order to lvl these profesions and make some money out of it first...
    (Both Mining and Herbalism can be awesome for farming Gold. U can start with those 2 profesions and once u are confident in ur welth u can go Mining + BS and in the end BS + JC)
    Farm some quests in Northrend for gold which will on top of that give u Reputation with other factions. There are nice 200 ilvl Rares and Epics u can get from Northrend reputation vendors for some minor gold amounts that can help u start farming RDFs better (try to get Atlas Loot addon to help u with this, so u know which reputation faction can give u what item, so u know where to farm and do quests).
    Overall questing on lvl 80 will reward u with lots of gold, and some nice items from Reputation vendors.

    Overall Conclusion for Early Game stages:
    Open that Spellbook and Talent tree, READ EVERYTHING. Learn how ur class works!
    Watch some Tankspot or w/e Guides on how Bosses work.
    Get both Specs. (dual talent specialisation)
    Get 237+ (Frost) or 279+ (Unholy) hit rating, 26 Expertise, asap, go for Strength and Crit in items, and keep on farming and practicing.
    T10 2/5 is perfect start(Gloves and Legs), get a great Sigil (Virulence for both at start, Awareness for Frost after u get 2/5 T10), and a Weapon hopefully, and keep on farming and practicing.
    Use Professions, quests, Reputation to gear up and farm some Gold.
    Keep on Practicing.

    While u are gearing up there is not much u can do. Focus on getting 9-14% spell hit (237-367 rating) and 26+ Expertise (173+ rating). This will remove any chance of a random miss or a dodge interrupting your rotation, which is really important when you are trying to get a hang of it.
    U want to work ur way and PERFECT ur Rotation and playstyle asap.
    All the Best in Slot items will be gained once u start raiding TogC 25m hc, ICC 25m hc, RS 25m hc.
    Untill than, aslong as Item A gives u more Strength, Crit and Armor Penetration/Haste than Item B, u want to go for Item A (aslong as u are Hit and Expertise capped), so pls dont ask questions like is this item better than this item? Agility items are as good, and even better than some Strength items. How to see that? Compare the overall stats on both items and use the one that has more.
    Always work on a better Stat balance. Dont be that moron who uses tank and healer items just to boost Gear Score and does 0 DPS. Get what u can and hope those BIS items will drop soon.

    PRACTICE A LOT. Like seriously... Spend 3 days on a dummy, switching from one to another, DPSing one dummy for 4min, stop after that for 30sec, wait for ur CDs and ERW and PRACTICE opener, stop DPSing after 1min and PRACTICE opener without ERW, PRACTICE how to use CDs and try to see when ur Trinket Proc so u can align them perfectly, just PRACTICE.
    U can read 1000 guides, if u dont have the practice, u wont get any better.

    READ everything i wrote. There is a good reason behind every word i said.
    I didnt read a guide when i started playing my DK back in the days on Retail, nor when i came back to WotLK on Warmane, i had to learn it the hard way.
    I read my spells, talents, connected the dots and thought about how can i use them combined for most amount of DMG, i started practising a lot, DPSed the dummy like crazy for months, tryed different things, some failed, some succeded...
    The point is, u can come to all these conclusions urself, u just need to use ur head, care and try, and waste a lot of time. What this guide offers you is to save all that time, and just go straight to the end game where you can polish your skill to perfection.

    If i forgot to mention something, or u have an idea what i can add to the guide to help new players find their answers in one thread please comment below. Or if u see any mistakes i made i guess...

    Thanks for reading.
    Hope i did help some of u slacks...
    Best regards, Gnimo.

    Guide is not perfectly written.
    It still has some things i could work on when it comes to aesthetics.
    However, it has ALL the information about Death Knights that i know.
    Some of us didnt have this kind of shortcut and had to go trough all the painfull tests ourselves. With this guide, u can just copy paste all kind of stuff and do the maximum DPS possible.
    As said at the start of the Guide, PRACTICE and LEARN the ROTATION part, rest is not as important.
    I might update it again and make it look better, i might not, its really boring and it doesnt bring me any kind of satisfaction.
    I had to google a LOT and do all kind of stuff to be here where i am, all u have to do is read this tiny guide, so dont nitpick. If i forgot something or if u have any questions, ask below in comment section (just please, read the guide before asking about stuff that are already answered in it).
    U have more than enough Information in all 3 Guides to be a GREAT DK.
    Just read them...
    Best of Luck.

    P.S. Any question Answered by "Rifokelt" in the comment section is legit (unless i reply and suggest something from my pov, like agility ashen ring, but even so, he has a legit point whatever he talks about when it comes to FDK). So if he answered and i didnt, i agreed with him so follow his suggestions. :D

    All of the comments are outdated, i wont update them aswell. If i said something different in the comments that is not in the guide, follow the guide. I made some mistakes and i will always update the guide ONLY after i realise them.
    Again, Guide is UPDATED, comments are OUTDATED.

    28th January:
    Guide is completely updated.
    Im done.

    I wont be answering any questions regardless this guide, unless its something thats not in the guide (which i doubt there is).
    So, if u see me not answering ur question, it means that IT IS IN THE GUIDE AND U DIDNT READ IT, aka: U are lazy.

    Don't be lazy.
    Edited: January 10, 2019 Reason: 10th January 2019, only thing i have to check and maybe update is the rotation part

  2. FDK DPS GUIDE: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349828
    DK TANK Guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349830

    GREAT Unholy DK PvE Guide (was used on Retail aswell):
    Its great if u want to learn even more things.
    (yes i know some of the things from this and my guide are diferent,
    i simply think these things i do are better, u decide which one u are going to follow)

    GREAT Unholy DK PvP Guide:
    In case u want to PvP aswell, check it out.


    Retail Single target DPS spec:

    My Single target DPS spec:

    Dungeon + Raid farm spec:

    Dungeon Master Spec:

    If any of these links are not working, please inform me in the comments so i can find a new website to update them...
    Edited: January 28, 2018 Reason: 28th January 2018

  3. Hey Gnimo, first off, I am a huge, huge fan. Thanks to your guides I learned so much about my class, and had so much fun dpsing in raids, min/maxing talents, rotations and stats that I feel a big THANK YOU MAN! is well deserved.

    I have a question though. I didn't understand why Mordbidity + Glyph of Dark Death won't increase your Death Coil damage and how exactly Dirge outweights it. Current talent build I'm using has 2/3 Morbidity ( because 1 talent in Unholy Blight). I am focusing on singletarget more than aoe atm and I feel that the DnD cd red is wasted, but I'm not sure about dropping 2 points into Dirge . Won't I lose 10% deathcoil dmg? I am really bad at math and can't calculate the difference. Also I am seeing a lot of people on Lordaeron drop BCB 3/3 to go Max Morbidity + Dirge. As BCB does a total of 3%~ of my damage (tested on dummies endlessly, max I get is 3,4%~) I am seriously considering dropping the talent, but all of your recommended builds use it. Maybe it has to do with the patch? ( We are at ToC still). Thanks for all that you have done for this class, you have helped me immensely.

  4. http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=326654
    "Morbidity. As readers of past versions of this thread may have noticed, I no longer bother to specifically differentiate between a single target spec and an AoE spec. Why? Because the only difference between the two, talent wise, is Morbidity. Morbidity is a strict dps loss on any single target encounter, yet invaluable on multiple-target encounters. If you don't have the luxury of dual-speccing a dps spec with it and a dps spec without it, simply look at how many fights in the current tier of content you actually use DnD on more than every 15 seconds, and decide how much those fights matter to you."

    I tought the same, that 10% DMG increase on DC will be better for single target DPS than Dirge. Sadly its not...

    Aparantly there is some kind of DR when u combine Glyph of Dark Death and Morbidity, i dont know what exactly is the reason but its how it is.
    I tested both talents before making this guide and Dirge is 100% dmg increase when it comes to single target DPS. The main reason is that u lose arround 8-9% DMG increase on Death Coil from Morbidity and u gain 5 extra Runic Power per PS and SS (thats total of 20 extra Runic Power per rotation cycle). With this u get extra Death Coil every 2 rotation cycles, and in the end more overall DMG on Death Coil.

    Lets say ur DC deals 10k DMG. 2/3 Morbidity will put it on 10.9k.
    With Dirge u get 1 extra DC every 2 rotation cycles, which is 10k dmg increase. Morbidity is 900 DMG increase per DC. Have in mind that if u dont go for Dirge u have to use Horn of Winter every now and than to fill up that GCD and get some extra Runic Power for DC spam. With Dirge u wont have that problem and with a proper usage of Blood Tap > /Cancelaura Blood Tap u wont need to use Horn of Winter almost at all. So conclusion is that Dirge will provide u with more Death Coils that will in the end outdmg the 8-9% dmg increase on each DC from Morbidity.

    When it comes to BCB, its basicly 1% total DMG increase per point in it. If u put 1 point in Morbidity u wont get 1% total DMG increase, nor u will get it with Dirge 1/2. BCB might not seem like a huge DMG increase but when u take all calculations into account, it always gets out as a winner compared to those talents. As it is for frost, its same for unholy, those last 3 talent points, once u get the major talents, should be put in BCB to maximise the DMG.

    If u want more AoE potential u should trade 2/2 Dirge for 2/3 Morbidity.
    If u want more Single Target potential u should go for 2/2 Dirge instead of 2/3 Morbidity.
    BCB should not be sacrificed aslong as its doing 3%+ of ur total DMG done on most of ur Fights.

    I always try to spec and build so i can maximise my performance on fights such as Lich King 25m hc and Halion 25m hc cos those are the bosses that actualy matter.
    If ur end game Boss curently is Anub, 2/3 Morbidity might be better than Dirge cos u want to constantly AoE the adds (unless they spawn every 25 or 30 sec, in that case u want 1/3 or 0/3 Morbidity). On LK and Halion u only need to DnD every 30sec so its not worth going for it.
    Dont follow my Guide as a Holy Bible. Especialy if u are not raiding ICC and RS. If u already have a rotation that works for u, test both, merge them, try to get the best out of it. Most importantly be objective.
    Im glad i could help. Best of luck. :D

  5. Sorry for spamming this bit thank you! That was the exact info I needed, even more, cheers!

  6. nice guide as always. good share :D

  7. FF procs separatly from BP, Wandering Plague can proc from each one of them since WP has 1sec CD, if u use GoDisease both FF and BP proc in the same time and with that u lose a lot of Wandering Plague

    Holy fk didnt knew about that, so if i replace Glyph of disease my DPS will increase ? Atm i have 40% crit and 4/5 t9 set.

  8. It should increase yes.
    Ignoring the fact that u lose almost 50% of extra Wandering Plague procs, IT + PS + BS = Pesti + SS when it comes to DMG done. If SS doesnt crit, it deals less dmg overall, if it does crit it deals a bit more dmg, so overall its not worth going for GoDisease if u go for frost subspec.

    Now when it comes to 4/5 T9 vs T10, T10 wins every time.
    Lets take again LK and Halion fight as an example. Even tho u have to aoe like crazy when Valks / Embers spawn, u are basicly DPSing the boss more often. T10 wins over T9 on single target fight by a huge margine and it only deals a bit less aoe DMG duo to less overall stats and 3% less dmg from 4/5 T10 bonus.
    DnD is a huge part of ur AoE dmg potential and it deals less DMG when wearing T9. So if u have to chose btwn T10 and T9 for most fights, even if u have to AoE, go for T10 cos adds will die without u tryharding but boss might not.
    Only place when T9 is more valuable is when u clear the trash cos u constantly AoE. In all WotLK boss fights T10 > T9.

  9. Aoe rotation is wrong: is one bs and one bb.

  10. If u BB u can have a hard time keeping 5% dmg increase buff from Desolation if u place DnD using the next blood rune.
    Not using BB wont lower ur DPS. Using BB wont increase ur DPS almost at all. Losing 5% DMG increase buff, not spreading Diseases asap, not using DnD off CD will most sertainly lower ur DPS. When it comes to AoE...
    On top of that I said it myself:
    "Dont quote me on this one, its not EXACTLY like that every time u have to AoE, it cant be perfectly executed in raids, but it looks something like that..."
    The point of linked rotation is to show the basic and most important thing u have to do. Disease up, spread, DnD, not lose Desolation.
    Its higly situational and ul have to find ur own way to perfect it. All i can say is that i almost never use Blood Boil and i never had hard time outdpsing DKs that use it.

  11. Never had trouble keeping up desolation, but guess we are playing two different games... Also bcb if you play without expertise is not 1% dps gain but is sightly lower. Dirge is good only on fight where you cannot use ams to gain extra rp, otherwise you get stucked with too much rp even with how skipping.

    Not using ams every 45sec is a huge dps loss, expecially if you play with overgeared healers. To use it well make a cancel macro on absorption buffs.
    Edited: March 20, 2017

  12. I guess we are playing 2 diferent games.
    Canceling heals/shields is something i wouldnt recomend doing.
    AMS and IF are 2 defencive CDs that shouldnt be used every time when off CD. In most fights u wont even have the need to use them but generaly, its better to save them in case of high danger (if Infest is not instantly healed, if u get the debuff in Shadow Realm and noone casts freedom on u). Dead DPS is worse DPS than the one that is alive and does 1 less DC.
    Now to answer couple of ur comments:
    Unholy Blight (10% DC dmg increase) alone harldy reaches 1% of overall DMG. 1/3 Morbidity is 5% increase so that will increase ur overall DMG by 0.5%.
    U get total of 140 Runic Power per rotatio Cycle with Dirge, within that Cycle u can use 4 Death Coils so idk how u get too much Runic Power.
    With or without exp cap BCB will do 3% of overall DMG. If u dont cap exp, u get more haste so even if ur melees get dodged u do more in the end. Capping expertise only helps u keep a healty rotation.
    Going Dirge without capping exp might get u Capped with Runic Power if u get dodged and cant fit that extra DC in but otherwise no.
    But i guess if thats how u play ur DK and if it works for u, keep doin a good job. :D

  13. Hello, its really amazing to see you starting to write guides to share with the rest of the community, reading through your guide however a question popped into my head. What is exactly the rune grace period? How can we use it to maximise dps? How can we avoid losing dps due to it? Thanks in advance!

  14. Rune Cooldown is 10sec. If u are out of combat and u use Blood Boil for example, once the rune cooldown is over and u use Blood Boil (using the same blood rune), rune cooldown will be 10sec again.

    Now, once u get in combat and use ur rune for the first time u activate "Rune Grace Period".

    Lets use the same example, if u get in combat and u use ur 1st Blood rune for Blood Boil, rune CD will be 10sec. Now, after ur rune CD is over u can see how RGP works.
    If u use Blood Boil instantly, using that 1st Blood rune, rune CD will be 10sec.
    If u use Blood Boil 1sec after ur 1st Blood rune ended its CD, that rune will have 9sec CD.
    If u use Blood Boil 2sec after ur 1st Blood rune ended its CD, that rune will have 8sec CD.
    If u use Blood Boil 3sec after ur 1st Blood rune ended its CD, that rune will have 7.5sec CD.
    If u use Blood Boil 4+sec after ur 1st Blood rune ended its CD, that rune will have 7.5sec CD.

    Basicly, once u are in combat, aslong as u are in combat, u will have 2.5 sec counting down after ur runes finish their CD.
    I made a bugtracker report long time ago about this u can find in which i have a bit better explanation if u didnt get this one:

    How can this be used to help u increase DPS?
    With this u can squise in 1 extra Death Coil/Frost Strike in ur rotation, if u have the resources, without sacrificing ur Rune Usage. Remember, when u have a ready rune, USE IT ASAP, even tho u are runic power capped. Rune usage > Runic power usage. But since there is a thing called Rune Grace Period, u can squize one extra GCD aka Death Coil/Frost Strike in ur rotation even tho ur rune is ready.

    It can sound complicated but dont bash ur head on the wall about it. Uve used this even before u read this, u will use it even if u dont know about it... Im just trying to explain how this thing works so u can maximise its usage.
    If u simply follow the rotation i put in the guide u will take advantage of this without even knowing, so again, READ and PRACTICE the rotation. :D
    Edited: March 20, 2017

  15. Hello

    Thank you for your guide. Excellent work.

    I am playing only unholy dps (what is more, i am a tauren.. couldn't be worse :V ). I have read that pre ICC UNH + BLOOD is better than UNH + FR, I tested that and it seemed to be truth.

    Moreover I am playing with Glyph of the disease instead of glyph of the ghoul. I have to force myself to switch it...

    My question is: How big DPS should I do? I never met true unholy at any raid so i dunno if i am good or bad. As I say, i have 5100 GS, Anguish as a weapon (can't get that fkin 2h sword from ony..) 3/5 Koltira of Triumph, 2/5 of Conquest.

    My current avarage DPS for whole TOC 10 is 7k dps and for TOC25 it is 8k. Ofc full buffed, enchanted, potion of haste etc. (and Lord Jar. doesnt spawn his infernals so it is like ~1000 dps less at fighting him)

    There is a lot of dps to improve or no?

    Thank you.
    Edited: March 21, 2017

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