1. Defence cap is 539. That means bosses can't land crushing blows on you(crit immunity). Doesn't matter if its Naxxaramas or ICC 25hc. If you go and tank 25hc bosses with your t9 set and 539 defence bosses wont do crushing blows on you, but they will still most likely oneshot you because you simply don't have enough armor/health.
    Defence is not a good marker to tell when you are ready for 25hc. It's a thing in early gearing process, that's all.

  2. I just pick up the equip in hc dungeons, for emblems etc., and my question is... It is worth put gems for stamina bonus (+6 stamina, +9 stamina) ?

  3. Some people will say YES.
    Some people will say NO.

    I consider it to be worth if u use couple of 10hit15stam and/or 10exp15stam gems to cap Hit and Expertise.
    From my pov +9 are ALWAYS worth, while +6 are only worth if like 1 or 2 gems will cap that Hit and Expertise (26), but no more i guess...

  4. Thx Gnimo! Can you recommend me some crafting equip which would be worth buying?

  5. If you are not in a guild that is going to carry you, and you have to gear on ur own, all those crafting items are welcome if you have the gold.

    I made those 226 ulduar, 245 toc and 264 icc boe items, on top of buying icc trash items on my fdk dps, and changed them rather quickly, for better items that dropped in icc10hc and 25mnormal.
    I was lucky with the drops, but without the gs and stats those items gave me, i wouldnt been able to get in the raids in the first place.

    So, all in all, its completely on you if you are going to buy/make/farm those items.

    Just dont be one of those guys that tank with healing belt and cloth shoulders.......

  6. 1 Week Ago  
    Hey Gnimo. First of all, thank you for the guide, I refer to it often for itemization, rotating CDs and looking at talents.

    I just had one question that I couldn't find an answer for.

    This is a variation of the spec I use for my guild's ICC10 runs as MT - https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#j0E...xbxcMIz:ipm0Mm
    Well, a variation of it, cause i'm under hit cap so 1 pt from glacier rot goes to virulence

    Anyway, my question was regarding Spell Deflection and how useful it is. A few told me that it's useless in ICC because it's only for Keleseth, but imo it's probably better than Bloody Vengeance or Bloody Strikes when it comes to survivability as we know DK threat will come from IT. But I've also heard that this does not work on boss spells from some people. What's your take on it?

    Also how is the EoF trinket? The stamina on it seems great but the on use effect would probably only absorb say 1 of marrowgar's cleaves every 2 mins so it doesn't seem that good to me. As I'm still gearing, am still using The Black Heart because of both the stamina and armor proc.

  7. 1 Week Ago  
    I think we had a discussion somewhere on the forums how usefull Spell Deflection is...
    Whoever says it works only on Keleseth, never tryed to understand or learn the talent.
    I tought it worked that way aswell long time ago, and than i used Google and searched the real usage and the meaning behind the text, i also tested it in game.

    Spell Deflection can work on both spells like Keleseths Shadow Lance, and can also work and reduce the dmg of Sindragosas Breath, and can also work against some kind of AoE, probably it can reduce Infest initial DMG hit aswell.
    The only thing Spell Deflection cant reduce is Damage Over Time spells, something like Infest tick, after the first initial dmg is done.

    So any kind of Burst DMG that comes at your way, Single Target, AoE, Cone, it all can get reduced.
    "Direct spells are spells that apply all the damage or healing at one time. That is, they have an instant duration." This is from WoWwiki.

    So, all in all, Spell Deflection IS WORTH taking over any other talent, mainly cos u dont need those extra Aggro Talents like Bloody Strikes.

    As for EoF trinket, its good i guess.
    I would rate it 3rd best stamina trinket, after Sindragosas (25m hc ICC) and Champion Faction (25m hc ToC) trinkets.
    So, its worth spending 30 emblems on i guess.
    However, if u dont have 4/5 or if u have bad Belt, while having solid trinkets, i would suggest going for T10 or that Armor Belt first.

    As for your spec, i would go for something like this:
    You can also use Blood Tap glyph instead of Taunt one, if u feel like its going to be more helpfull for both you and the raid/grp.

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