1. [SUPER NEWBIE FRIENDLY] Get to da Raid!

    Just ding'd 80 thinking it would be a swift ride from now on, but soon found yourself not sure where to start from to get into raiding scene?

    This might be the guide just for YOU

    Howdy, my name is Silent. I am in no way the BEST player or the BEST raider, but I think of myself as a good "pathfinder" and experienced player.

    This guide will give you a general direction of how to get into raiding scene as a casual/hard core player.

    It also might help you become a better raider if you are already in a raiding scene.

    This will cover even the slightest little basic thing I myself was also confused about when I first started raiding in WoW.

    Hope you find it useful, and let's get into it.

    Reminders & List of Raids

    Spoiler: Show

    1. You can only attend a raid ONCE a week. When you kill a boss or trigger an important event within the raid or instance, you will be given a specific raid ID for a week and will be "locked" into that raid ID. Let's for instance, say, I killed a boss in Naxxramas and was given an ID 1234567. You will be holding on to this ID until the server "reset-day" and you will not be able to attend any other raids except for this raid with specific ID, 1234567. Your friend killed a boss in Naxxramas too in different group and he has an ID 999999. Then, he cannot join your group nor can you join his.
    2. However, let's say, you do not have any ID for Naxxramas and your friend needs you in his group which already killed a boss. In this case, when you run inside Naxxramas, you will be prompted with a question asking "If you will accept this raid ID". If you say no, you will be teleported to the nearest graveyard. If you say yes, you will be locked into your friend's raid ID.
    3. 10 men and 25 men raids DO NOT share the same raid ID. Let's say, you killed a boss in Naxxramas 10 men and have no ID in Naxxramas 25 men and your friend needs you for his Naxxramas 25 men which already killed a boss. In this case, you will be able to join his raid after you accept his raid ID.

    These are the "actual" raids meaning they take quite a lot of time with multiple bosses that require every individuals to understand the basic flaw of tactics and fight overall. Depending on the gearlevel of the raid group, the difficulty of raid will significantly differ. Number 1 is the easiest raid as the fresh new player, gearwise.

    1. Naxxramas [Naxx] - 15 Encounters
    2. Ulduar [Ulduar] - 14 Encounters
    3. Trial of the Crusader [TOC] / Trial of the Grand Crusader (Heroic Version of Trial of the Crusaders) [TOGC] - 5 Encounters
    4. Icecrown Citadel [ICC] - 12 Encounters
    5. Ruby Sanctum [RS] - 4 Encounters

    These are the more casual raids than the ones above. The order is in no particular manner on this one.
    1. Obsidian Sanctum [OS] - 1 to 4 Encounters depending on how many mini-drakes your group will kill before Sartharion
    2. Vault of Archavon [VOA] - 4 Encounters
    3. Onyxia's Lair [Onyxia] - 1 Encounter
    4. Eye of Eternity [EoE] - 1 Encounter

    Where they at?

    How to locate Obsidian Sanctum

    Spoiler: Show

    Read down in Lore section why Ruby Sanctum entrance has broken portal ring.

    At the end, there will be some explanations about the raids / lores and etc.(Under Raid Descriptions)

    Emblems / Currencies

    Spoiler: Show

    The emblems is a type of currency that is used to exchange for items or goods from friendly NPCs. There are mainly 2 Emblems to keep in mind for current state of Icecrown (3.3.5).

    1. http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=49426
    2. http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=47241

    http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=49426 is an emblem with the highest value in 3.3.5. It can be used to buy; ICC level gears / Relentless Gladiator sets / http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=49908.

    It can be obtained from:
    - 2x / bosses in Icecrown Citadel
    - 1x / mini-boss in Ruby Sanctum
    - 3x / Halion in Ruby Sanctum
    - Quests in Frozen Halls [Only once] *
    - Quests in Ruby Sanctum [Only once] **
    - 5x / Weekly Quests ***
    - 2x / daily Random Heroic Dungeons
    - 2x / Toravon the Ice Warder in Vault of Archavon

    It will take A LOT of time to obtain these to purchase items you need / want if you are on a fresh toon, so don't be worried.

    http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=47241 is what comes next. It can be used to buy : TOC or lower level gears / Furious Gladiator sets

    It can be obtained from (some values are not listed as I wasn't sure);
    - All bosses in any WotLK level raids (since 3.3) except for those that reward Frost emblems.
    - All Heroic Dungeon bosses.
    - All Frozen Halls bosses
    - 5x / Weekly Quests
    - 2x / Random Heroic Dungeons (After you are rewarded 2x Frost Emblems, you will be rewarded with Emblem of Triumph instead.)

    Locations of vendors in Dalaran

    * Quests in Frozen Halls
    Spoiler: Show

    This is a quest that leads into 3 dungeons in Frozen Halls located right next to Icecrown Citadel. These are "catch-up" dungeons designed to help new players get into Icecrown Citadel faster without needing to grind through Naxxramas - Ulduar - TOC. These will be the main dungeons where you will get your gears from.

    To enter these dungeons, you will need to have quests in your quest log or have them completed. This chain quest starts from Dalaran.

    For Horde :

    For Alliance :

    They are usually in each faction side's bank, but if you cannot find them, they should be somewhere near your faction's side in Dalaran. They are sometimes in the bank also.

    ** Quests in Ruby Sanctum
    Spoiler: Show

    This quest rewards you with 5 EoF (value might be wrong) upon completion. For deeper lore and explanation, refer to another section below. TL;DR, Ruby Sanctum is being assaulted by Twilight Dragons and needs Heroes of Azeroth's help ASAP.

    Quest starts at Rhonin in Dalaran. Link : http://www.wowhead.com/quest=26012/trouble-at-wyrmrest

    *** Weekly Quests
    Spoiler: Show

    To help new players catch up to Icecrown Citadel level gears as soon as possible like Frozen Halls dungeons, Weekly Quests will reward you with 5 EoF and EoT upon completion. As the name suggests, these can be done only once in a week. Quests will vary every week, but someone else with "easier" weekly quest can share it to you if you do not have any active Weekly Quests.

    Location where to ACCEPT and TURN IN Weekly Quests.

    Few Questions about Raiding

    Spoiler: Show

    Q : I want to raid but I feel like I might embarrass myself because of my low performance / lack of knowledge.
    A : PLEASE don't be! Everyone has their first time on anything. I remember myself being kicked / removed from SO MANY RAIDS that I stopped counting at some point. But, never be intimidated because you got kicked. What is important is that you are gaining experience (or gears, if lucky enough) by experiencing all the different things. Over time, you will know which raid has a high chance of success and which type of raid leaders has a good leading skills.

    Q : I want to heal, but I feel like I might wipe the raid because I have never healed before / don't know how to raid heal.
    A : Regardless of raid size, there will be healer(s) assisting you. In 10 men, there will be 2 healers including you and in 25 men, 5 others including you. Usually if you are new in healing, 10 men will feel very challenging as you are given more responsibility (50-50 responsibility) compared to 25 men (20 per healer or 25 per healer if 4 heals.) For practice, there is no better place than an actual 25 men raid environment. Ice Watcher in VOA will teach you how to heal the raid AND the tank which is awesome for practice. Remember, don't be intimidated!

    Q : I want to tank, but I don't know how to. :/
    A : Take it easy and start from 5 men dungeons. Unlike healer, you have to start from a group with smaller scale because regardless of the raid size, there will be only 1 / 2 or 3 tanks with almost equal responsibilities on all of them. Go on to Warmane Class forum of your class, look for a tanking guide. Read through some tips and tricks and bind your spells correctly. Try practicing how to hold strong aggro on a single mob. If there's a DPS with extremely insane gearscore in your party, don't feel bad that you cannot hold aggro against him; it's not your fault! If you believe you are good with 5 men group, move on to 10 men and to 25 men. Again, don't be intimidated!

    Q : MY DPS IS **** OMG.
    A : Calm down and don't be worried. It is very normal that your DPS will be **** when you are completely fresh. Go on to Warmane Class forum of your class, look for a DPS guide. See if you have your talents, glyph-s, and rotations like the guide teaches you. BUT REMEMBER, these "guides" are NOT BIBLE; meaning, they are NOT 100% correct. Some might be out-dated or there will be a better way of playing that spec that no one knows yet (which is pretty unlikely considering this expansion is about 7 years old). Try to find a way of style that fits you yet is efficient at the same time.


    Spoiler: Show

    Professions are exactly what you want to MAXIMIZE your output. I won't go into all technical about professions as I am no expert in any of the professions either. I will

    List of professions and benefits :
    - Gathering Professions
    1. Herbalism : It will give you a spell that grants you certain amount of HP over-time. It scales with your maximum HP. (3 minute CD)
    2. Mining : +60 Stamina (Passive. value might be wrong. correction welcomed!)
    3. Skinning : +40 Crit Rating

    - Crafting Professions
    1. Engineering
      - Tanks : +45 Stamina (Head), +885 Armor (Hands), Nitro Boots
      - DPS : +340 Haste for 12 seconds (1 minute CD) (Hands), Nitro Boots, Parachute (+23 Agility or +27 Spell Power)
      - Healer : +340 Haste for 12 seconds (1 minute CD) (Hands), Nitro Boots, Parachute (+27 Spell Power), Free Mana Potion \' -'/
    2. Tailoring
      - DPS : +400 Attack Power / +295 Spell Power
      - Healer : +400 Mana Chance / Cast, +295 Spell Power
    3. Leatherworking
      - Tanks : +102 Stamina (Bracer)
      - DPS : +75 Spell Power / +130 Attack Power (Bracer)
      - Healer : +76 Spell Power (Bracer)
    4. Blacksmithing
      - 2 extra Jewel sockets for Bracer and Hands
    5. Alchemy
      - Fake Flask :D (Flask of the North)
      - Double the Flask duration (MONEYYYYYYYYYYYY) and roughly +30% on its effects.
      - Mad Alchemist's Potion (Really underestimated way of retrieving mana. With Mixology in effect, it will give you 5k Mana; that's almost an innervate.
    6. Enchanting
      - Tanks : +60 Stamina (2x Rings)
      - DPS : +46 Spell Power / +80 Attack Power (2x Rings)
      - Healer : +46 Spell Power (2x Rings)
    7. Jewelcrafting
      - 3 Improved Dragon's Eye gems. Too lazy to calculate how much extra stats you gain but roughly around 30% extra.
    8. Inscription
      - Never tried. Don't know the benefits.

    But honestly, the benefits from all the professions are ABOUT THE SAME in my personal opinion (excluding gathering professions), you gain around +80 AP, +60 Stamina, or +40 SP. If I have to recommend, I would say ENGINEERING and TAILORING.

    Nitro boots is something that is just too good to be ignored in raiding scene. When you forgot to move away from certain mechanics, you can pop Nitro Boots and move quickly, saving your life. You can even pop it to kite the boss, saving you from death situation as a tank (with significant DPS loss...) A CONTROLLABLE +340 Haste / Minute is also something that is hard to ignore. Not only Engineering is the only profession that grants Haste, but also it can be controlled; meaning, you can pop it when you WANT. That's HUGE.

    Tailoring is just my personal preferences as it doesn't cost so much materials with decent proc rate. I wouldn't go for MP5 enchant, however, unless you are a disc priest. I rather go for MP5 enchants on disc just to have a FLAT spell power for controlled Ratpure proc. I guess it is personal preferences.

    Where to find a raid?

    Spoiler: Show

    Okay, now you are set and ready to go to raid! But... how?

    The raids can usually be found in GLOBAL chat. If you are still not in global chat, you can simply type "/join global" to join and simply "/leave global" to leave whenever you want.

    Usually the ones that are related to raid starts with the phrase LFM.

    LFM stands for "Looking For Member". Usually it will state the type of raid, size, classes he/she is looking for and required achievements.

    *inside joke*

    If you wish to join this raid, you would whisper the leader (the one that advertised) stating your gearscore, class, spec and achievement. Normally if you don't get invite or reply in less than a minute, it is a No. It is not a good idea to keep on spamming the person "INVITE? INVITE? INVITE?" because you will end up in his/her ignore list which is not good.

    9 times out of 10, ICC/RS raids will ask you to link the achievement. Achievement for bosses/instances is the semi-definite proof that shows the raid leader/whomever that you are an experienced player for that encounter. But beware, since some players might have the achievement but have no idea how to play their classes or encounter overall.

    For instance, this is the achievement you get upon defeat of Halion - Ruby Sanctum:

    This is the "proof" that you have done this fight at least once which will increase the chance of you getting into the raid. Some raid leaders will just straight up not even respond if you don't link any achievements, which will be very tough for fresh players as there is no way to get the achievement if they are unable to go into the raid at all.

    Something more serious - Guild

    Spoiler: Show

    After awhile of doing pugs (raiding from Global chat), you are so sick and tired of doing raids with random people who have 0 sense of how to play this game. You want to look for a group of other people to play this game as you do. Guild is what you need.

    There are many guilds in Icecrown that will surely fit you in some sort of way. Guilds can be found from Global Chat or Warmane Forum (http://forum.warmane.com/forumdisplay.php?f=270).

    Those in 1st page of forum are VERY serious end-game only raiding guilds, so they won't be suitable for fresh players. If you can't find any, you can always look for a guild by chatting in global or forum. You can simply introduce yourself saying you are a fresh player trying to get into raiding and there surely will be home for you. :)

    Sick and Tired of Default UI - Addons

    Spoiler: Show

    At some point, you will know the limitation of just using default Blizzard UI while raiding. They are pretty inefficient as you will have to look from corner to corner to check your procs, debuffs on target and etc.

    Here are some addons that might be helpful for you. Links updated! These links are managed by myself via Google Drive instead of just giving you random link that might not work later on. If any of them doesn't work, let me know.

    Proc Tracking
    - SurgeTrack : This is the simplest proc tracking addon that can easily be configured. Install and good to go! I would highly recommend for those who are fresh in addons.
    - Cheese : This needs a slight knowledge in opening Lua file to edit some lines to configure to your taste, but is a CPU&Memory friendly addon that will show Cataclysm Visual proc alerter.
    - TellMeWhen : Improved and more customizable SurgeTrack. Would recommend for those who have experienced SurgeTrack and ready to use something more and better.
    - WeakAura for 3.3.5 : A better version of PowerAura. It was backported for 3.3.5 usage by a user. Link can be found in Warmane Forum somewhere. Absolute CPU-hog if you track many different auras at once. Recommend for those with good CPUs and basic understanding about coding. (if-else conditionals should be enough.)

    Boss Mods
    These addons help you doing the encounters!
    - DBM : DeadlyBossMods. Most well-known mod. It does its job. CPU-hog.
    - DXE : Deus Vox Encounters. My favorite. It wasn't working on old core and haven't tried it since then. Would love to give it a go and see how it is!
    - Bigwigs : My 2nd favorite. Easily customizable. CPU-light (almost none). Alerts are less spammy than DBM which is good and bad at the same time.

    DPS / HPS meter / Aggro meter
    - Skada : Recommended. Shows Absorb+Healing done and compromises less CPU then Recount.
    - Recount : Does the same job as Skada!
    - Omen : Aggro meter for tanks / DPS.

    - ElvUI : Complete replacement of default Blizz UI. Easily and HIGHLY customizable! Simplistic/Minimalistic. This is how my UI looks like with ElvUI.
    Spoiler: Show

    - LUI : Also a complete replacement of default Blizz UI. Less customizable and an ABSOLUTE CPU-hog. Beautiful design.
    NOTE : LUI has different way of installing addons. You must replace the ENTIRE Interface folder. Simply comment out your current Interface folder by putting "back-up" at the end, and move the entire thing you extract from the link to WoW folder.
    - MSBT : Replacement of default Blizz Scrolling UI. Medium CPU-hog, but this is the only good scrolling battletext out there.
    - OmniCC - Shows Cooldown texts above the spell icon! It is compatible with almost all other addons that put any kind of icons on the screen. (TellMeWhen, for exmaple).
    - PallyPower - Essential addon for Paladins. Helps you buff the raid faster and efficiently!

    Note : Google Drive has pretty slow download, so it might take some time.

    Raid Lores

    Spoiler: Show

    This will provide you a GLIMPSE into the raid only. This is by no means an absolute guide/tutorial to these raids.


    Location : Dragonblight
    Encounters : 15
    Recommened iLvl : 190(10), 200(25)

    It is a very easy raid that doesn't have intense tactics on most of the encounters. It is made up of 4 quarters that can be cleared in different orders and when all 4 are cleared, the final 5th quarter with Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad will open up. After 3.3 patch, players can access Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad quarter without clearing the entire raid instance. There is no Heroic mode on Naxxramas.

    Titles that can be gained from this instance : The Undying [10] / The Immortal [25] , Conqueror of Naxxramas [Realm First Naxxramas]


    Location : The Storm Peak
    Encounters : 14
    Recommended iLvl : 200(10), 220(25)

    2nd raid in WotLK. The concept of "Hard Mode" was introduced. In order to trigger "Hard Mode", players had to trigger a specific event every bosses. Some bosses didn't have Hard Mode, however. It was designed so that when the 4 primary bosses were defeated on Hard Mode, an extra bonus boss was unlocked named Algalon the Observer.

    Quick Lore
    Spoiler: Show

    Quick Lore : After Titans defeated Old Gods, they realized that the death of Old Gods would result in the death of Azeroth itself. Titans decided to imprison Old Gods and build some creatures (vrykuls, mecha gnomes, earthen) to guard the prisons. The prison for Yogg'Saron was Ulduar and 4 guardians were Freya, Hodir, Mimiron and Thorim. However, Yogg'Saron cursed all these creatures with something called "Curse of Flesh" which turned their bodies made out of metals and rocks into human-like flesh. This is the origin of all races in Azeroth (Vrykul -> Human, Mecha Gnomes -> Gnomes, Earthen -> Dwarves OR Troggs (Corrupted version is troggs)). Anyways, Yogg'Saron managed to corrupt all 4 guardians and smash everything he wants to smash. That's why Heroes of Azeorth comes in to play.

    Upon defeat of all guardians in Hard Mode, players are notified that Algalon the Observer who is a representative of Titans has come to Ulduar to measure the seriousness of corruption in Azeroth. Of course, in his eyes, all these humans, dwarves, and gnomes running around is nothing but corruption because, ultimately it is the result from Curse of Flesh by Yogg'Saron. Players are given 1 hour to stop Algalon or he will send Code Alpha, which means planetary reorigination of Azeroth. In Halls of Lightening, players were notified that "planetary reorigination" means taking everything into particle level, turning them into basic elements; fire, earth, wind and water.

    When defeated, Algalon says he is amazed by the courage of heroes of Azeroth and proceeds to hand over Code Delta (all good) to PLAYERS to bring it to the highest place in Azeroth (Dalaran). Why didn't he do it himself? I don't know.

    Titles that can be gained from this instance : Conqueror of Ulduar, Starcaller, The Astral Walker, Death's Demise [Realm First Yogg'Saron +0g], Celestial Defender [Realm First Algalon]

    Trial of the Crusader

    Location : North East of Icecrown
    Encounters : 5
    Recommended iLvl : 220(10), 240(25)

    3rd raid of WotLK. Release of TOC meant immediate demise of Ulduar as it was MUCH faster with MUCH better loots. First introduction of Heroic Mode that required better iLvl / DPS / HPS / Gamesense. Probably most common raids in global with almost no requirements necessary. (Around 5k gs and you are good to go!)

    Quick Lore
    Spoiler: Show

    You are being tested by Tirion Foldring if you and your friends are worthy enough to battle The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel.

    spoiler : Arthas comes in surprise.

    Titles that can be gained from this instance : The Argent Defender, Grand Crusader [Realm First TOGC 50 Attempts]

    Icecrown Citadel

    Location : Icecrown
    Encounters : 12
    Recommended iLvl : 240(10), 250(25)

    4th and last MAIN raid of WotLK. One of the most remembered raids of all time. First introduction of dynamic raiding. (Able to change between normal and heroic inside the instance) The end of father-killing-depraved-edgy-manchild.



    No lores needed.

    Titles that can be gained from this instance : the Kingslayer, Bane of the Fallen King, The Light of Dawn

    Ruby Sanctum

    Location : Icecrown
    Encounters : 4
    Recommened iLvl : 250(10), 260(25)

    Final raid of WotLK that announces the imminent arrival of Deathwing in Cataclysm. There really is nothing special about this raid besides Halion having 1 billion HP on 25 Heroic Mode which is insane.

    Quick Lores
    Spoiler: Show

    Destruction of Obisidan Sanctum raised anger of Black dragons. They united with Twilight dragons (created artificially via black magic in Grim Batol) and invaded Red dragons' sanctum; Ruby Sanctum. That's why the "ring" is broken on the screenshot.

    Halion is the "leader" who is probably still the biggest twilight dragon in WotLK. He uses both Shadow and Fire magic reminding players that he is a twilight dragon.

    If you find any information terribly wrong or off, let me know in the comments down below. Will fix asap.

    If you have any questions, comment down below also. Anyone would be more than happy to assist you.


    Spoiler: Show

    March 21.2017
    - Written
    - Added Download links for all listed addons.
    - Added note regarding LUI installation
    - Added PallyPower to list of addons.
    Edited: March 21, 2017

  2. Reserved for maybe something later.

  3. I wanted to do something like this... damn. :D
    Suggestion. U can add another section full of Tankspot youtube guides.
    There are good Tankspot videos that give full explanation of how fights work and how to do them.
    Im not saying add every single one of them, just couple of the hardest one.
    Twin Valks, Anub (submerge phase especialy), Saurfang, Profesor, Sindra, Lich King, Halion, Mimiron, Yogg, Algalon.

  4. Serbian version of this guide

    Spoiler: Show

    Upravo ste dostigli level 80 misleci da ce sve biti lagano, ali ste se ubrzo nasli nesigurni gde da pocnete sa raidovanjem?

    Ovo bi mogao biti vodic za VAS

    Zdravo, moje ime je Silent. Ja nisam NAJBOLJI igrac niti NAJBOLJI raider, ali vidim sebe kao dobrog "snalazitelja" i iskusnog igraca.

    Ovaj vodic ce vam dati dobru smernicu za vase ostvarivanje kao casual/hardcore igrac.

    Takodje vam moze pomoci da poboljsate svoje raidovanje ako ste vec aktivni raider.

    Vodic ce pokriti cak i najmanje sitnice oko kojih sam ja bio zbunjen kao pocetnik.

    Nadam se da ce vam biti od koristi, pocnimo.

    Podsetnici & Lista Raidova

    Spoiler: Show

    1. Mozete prisutvovati raidu samo JEDNOM nedeljno. Kada ubijete bossa ili zapocnete vaznu borbu u raidu ili instanci, automatski ce vam se dodeliti Raid ID za tu nedelju i bicete "zakljucani" u tom Raid ID-u. Recimo da sam ja ubio bossa u Naxxramasu i da mi je dodeljen ID 1234567. Ovo ce biti vas ID sve do "reset-dana" i necete moci da udjete u nijedan raid osim ovog raida sa specificnim ID, 1234567. Vas prijatelj je ubio bossa u Naxxramasu i dodeljen mu je ID 999999. To znaci da on ne moze uci u vasu grupu niti vi u njegovu.
    2. Kako god, recimo da vi nemate ID za Naxxramas a vasem prijatelju treba pomoc u grupi koja je vec ubila bossa. U ovom slucaju, kada udjete u Naxxramas, na ekranu ce se pojaviti pitanje koje glasi "da li prihvatate ovaj raid ID". Ako odbijete, bicete teleportovani na najblize groblje. Ako prihvatite, bicete zakljucani u raid ID-u vaseg prijatelja.
    3. Raidovi za 10 i 25 osoba NE DELE isti raid ID. Recimo da ste ubili bossa u Naxxramas 10 men a nemate ID za Naxxramas 25 men a vasem prijatelju treba pomoc za Naxxramas 25 men u kojem su vec ubili bossa. U ovom slucaju, mozete se prikljuciti njegovom raidu kada prihvatite raid ID.

    Ovo su "pravi" raidovi sto znaci da ce dosta trajati i da ima vise bossova koji zahtevaju od svakog igraca da razume tok borbe i generalne taktike. U zavisnosti od levela opreme(gearlevel) grupe, tezina raida ce se znacajno razlikovati. Broj 1 je najlaksi raid za pocetnika, sto se tice opreme.

    1. Naxxramas [Naxx] - 15 Borbi
    2. Ulduar [Ulduar] - 14 Borbi
    3. Trial of the Crusader [TOC] / Trial of the Grand Crusader (Heroic Version of Trial of the Crusaders) [TOGC] - 5 Borbi
    4. Icecrown Citadel [ICC] - 12 Borbi
    5. Ruby Sanctum [RS] - 4 Borbi

    Ovo su malo laksi raidovi od onih gore. Redosled nije bitan u ovom slucaju.
    1. Obsidian Sanctum [OS] - 1 to 4 Borbi u zavisnosti od toga koliko ce zmajeva vasa grupa ubiti pre Sarthariona
    2. Vault of Archavon [VOA] - 4 Borbi
    3. Onyxia's Lair [Onyxia] - 1 Borba
    4. Eye of Eternity [EoE] - 1 Borba

    Gde se oni nalaze?

    Kako locirati Obsidican Sanctum

    Spoiler: Show

    Procitajte u 'Lore' sekciji zasto je jedan portal za Ruby Sanctum pokvaren.

    Na kraju ce biti jos objasnjenja u vezi raidova / istorije i slicno.(Pod Raid Descriptions)

    Emblemi / Valute

    Spoiler: Show

    Emblemi su tip valute koja se koristi da se njom kupi oprema ili korisne stvari od prijateljskih NPC-ova. Uglavnom postoje 2 Emblema na koje treba obratiti paznju na trenutnom patchu wotlka - Icecrown (3.3.5).

    1. http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=49426
    2. http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=47241

    http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=49426 je emblem sa najvecom vrednoscu u 3.3.5. Njima se mogu kupiti; ICC level oprema / Relentless Gladiator setovi / http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=49908.

    Moguce ga je dobiti iz:
    - 2x / bosses u Icecrown Citadel
    - 1x / mini-boss u Ruby Sanctumu
    - 3x / Halion u Ruby Sanctumu
    - Kvestovi u Frozen Halls [Samo jednom] *
    - Kvestovi u Ruby Sanctum [Samo jednom **
    - 5x / Nedeljni kvestovi ***
    - 2x / dnevno Random Heroic Dungeons
    - 2x / Toravon the Ice Warder u Vault of Archavon

    Trebace PUNO vremena da bi se uzela jedna stvar koja vam treba / koju zelite ako ste novi na levelu 80, ne brinite se.

    http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=47241 je sledeci. Njima se mogu kupiti : TOC ili oprema nizeg levela / Furious Gladiator setovi

    Moze se dobiti u (neke cifre nisu postavljene jer nisam bio siguran);
    - Svi bossovi u WotLK level raidovima (od 3.3) osim onih koji daju Frost embleme.
    - Svi Heroic Dungeon bossovi.
    - Svi Frozen Halls bossovi.
    - 5x / Nedeljni Kvestovi
    - 2x / Random Heroic Dungeons (Nakon sto vam se dodele 2x Frost Emblems, dobijacete Emblem of Triumph umesto Frosta.)

    Lokacije prodavaca u Dalaranu

    * Kvestovi u Frozen Halls
    Spoiler: Show

    Ovo je kvest koji vodi u 3 dungeons u Frozen Halls koji se nalazi odma pored Icecrown Citadel. Ovo su "catch-up" dungeoni dizajnirani da pomognu novim igracima pri ulasku u Icecrown Citadel bez potrebe da rade Naxxramas - Ulduar - TOC da bi napredovali. Ovo su glavni dungeoni iz kojih cete uzimati opremu.

    Da bi ste usli u dungeon, potrebno je da ili imate kvest ili da ste ga vec odradili. Ovaj lanac kvestova pocinje u Dalaranu.

    Za Hordu:

    Za Alijansu :

    Obicno su ispred banke vase fakcije u Dalaranu, ali ako ih ne mozete naci, trebalo bi da su blizu vase strana grada u Dalaranu. Nekad se nalaze u samoj banci.

    ** Kvestovi u Ruby Sanctumu
    Spoiler: Show

    Ovaj kvest ce vam doneti 5 EoF (cifra moze biti pogresna) po zavrsetku. Za istoriju i objasnjenje, pogledajte drugu sekciju ispod. Ukratko, Ruby Sanctum je napadnut od strane zmajeva sumraka i treba im pomoc heroja Azerotha sto pre.

    Kvest daje Rhonin u Dalaranu. Link : http://www.wowhead.com/quest=26012/trouble-at-wyrmrest

    *** Nedeljni Kvestovi
    Spoiler: Show

    Da bi pomogli novim igracima da stignu do Icecrown Citadel level opreme sto pre bas kao i Frozen Halls dungeoni, Nedeljni Kvestovi ce vas nagraditi sa 5 EoF i EoT po zavrsetku. Kao sto i samo ime govori, ovi se kvestovi mogu raditi samo jednom nedeljno. Kvestovi ce se razlikovati od nedelje do nedelje, ali neko ko ima "laksi" nedeljni kvest moze ga podeliti sa vama ako vi vec nemate neki Nedeljni Kvest.

    Lokacije gde da PRIHVATITE i PREDATE nedeljne kvestove.

    Par pitanja o raidovanju

    Spoiler: Show

    P : Zelim da raidujem ali mislim da cu se osramotiti zbog mog nedostatka vestine/znanja.
    O : MOLIM VAS ne plasite se! Svako ima svoj prvi put u svemu. Secam se kada su mene kickovali / micali iz BAS PUNO RAIDOVA prestao sam i da brojim koliko. Ali, ne dajte da vas uplasi to sto su vas kickovali. Vazno je da sticete iskustvo (ili opremu, ako imate srece) tako sto se nalazite u raznim situacijama. Vremenom, znacete koji raidovi imaju bolju prolaznost i koji su ljudi najbolje vodje raidova.

    P : Zelim da budem healer, ali imam osecaj da necu biti dobar za raid jer nikada ranije nisam healovao.
    O : Nije bitno koja je velicina raida, uvek ce biti healera koji vam pomazu. U 10 men, bice ukupno dva healera brojeci i vas a u 25 men, bice 5 healera brojeci i vas. Obicno ako ste pocetnik u healovanju, 10 men ce biti veoma tezak jer imate veliku odgovornost (50-50 odgovornost) u poredjenju sa 25 men (20 po healeru ili 25 po healeru ako vas je 4.) Za vezbanje, ne postoji bolje okruzenje od 25 men raid okruzenja. Ice Watcher u VOA ce vas nauciti kako da healujete raid i tenka. Zapamtite, nemate se cega plasiti!

    P : Zelim da budem tenk, ali ne znam kako. :/
    O : Opustite se i pocnite od 5 men dungeons. Za razliku od healera, vi morate poceti od manjih instanci jer nebitno koja je velicina raida,bice samo 1-3 tenkova sa skoro jednakom odgovornoscu pojedinacno. Podjite na Warmane Class forum i pronadjite vodic za svoju klasu. Procitajte savete i napraviti bindove za svoje magije. Vezbajte kako da napravite dobar aggro na jednom protivniku. Ako se u grupi nalazi neki DPS sa veoma dobrom opremom, nemojte se osecati lose ako protivnik krene da napada njega i ne mozete zadrzati aggro; nije do vas! Ako vam krene dobro sa 5 men grupama, polako krenite sa 10 i 25 men grupama. Ponavljam, nemojte se plasiti!

    O : Smirite se i nemojte se uzrujavati. Potpuno je normalno da je vas DPS sranje kada ste pocetnik. Podjite na Warmane Class forum i nadjite vodic za vasu klasu sto se tice DPS-a. Pogledajte koje vam talente, glifove i rotacije preporucuju. ZAPAMTITE, ovi "vodici" NISU BIBLIJA; znaci, oni NISU 100% tacni. Neki od njih mogu biti zastareli ili postoji bolji nacin na koji se taj spec moze igrati a niko ne zna (sto je skoro pa nemoguce jer ova ekspanzija postoji vec sedam godina). Pronadjite stil koji vama odgovara i sa kojim ce vam biti zabavno.


    Spoiler: Show

    Profesije su ono sto vam je potrebno da bi ste doveli sebe do MAKSIMUMA. Necu ulaziti u najsitnije detalje oko profesija jer u nijednom smislu te reci nisam ekspert sto se toga tice.

    Lista profesija i sta njima dobijate :
    - Gathering Profesije
    1. Herbalism : Dace vam spell koji vas healuje vremenom. Ovaj heal je veci sto imate vise HP-a. (3 minuta CD)
    2. Mining : +60 Stamina (Passivno. cifra je mozda pogresna. popravka pozeljna!)
    3. Skinning : +40 Crit Rating

    - Crafting Profesije
    1. Engineering
      - Tanks : +45 Stamina (Head), +885 Armor (Hands), Nitro Boots
      - DPS : +340 Haste na 12 sekundi (1 minut CD) (Hands), Nitro Boots, Padobran (+23 Agility or +27 Spell Power)
      - Healer : +340 Haste na 12 sekundi (1 minut CD) (Hands), Nitro Boots, Padobran (+27 Spell Power), Besplatan Mana Potion \' -'/
    2. Tailoring
      - DPS : +400 Attack Power / +295 Spell Power
      - Healer : +400 Mana Chance / Cast, +295 Spell Power
    3. Leatherworking
      - Tanks : +102 Stamina (Bracer)
      - DPS : +75 Spell Power / +130 Attack Power (Bracer)
      - Healer : +76 Spell Power (Bracer)
    4. Blacksmithing
      - 2 extra Jewel socketa za Bracer i Hands
    5. Alchemy
      - Lazni Flask :D (Flask of the North)
      - Duplo vreme trajanja Flaska (PAREEEEEEEEE) i oko +30% delotvornosti.
      - Mad Alchemist's Potion (Veoma potcenjeno sto se tice vracanja mane. Sa Mixology, daje vam 5k Mane; to je skoro kao Innervate.
    6. Enchanting
      - Tenkovi : +60 Stamina (2x Rings)
      - DPS-ovi : +46 Spell Power / +80 Attack Power (2x Rings)
      - Hileri : +46 Spell Power (2x Rings)
    7. Jewelcrafting
      - 3 Improved Dragon's Eye gems. Previse sam lenj da izracunam koliko stats dobijate koristeci njih ali otprilike 30%.
    8. Inscription
      - Nikad probao. Ne znam koji su benefiti.

    Iskreno, benefiti svih profesija su OTPRILIKE ISTI po meni (osim gathering profesija), dobijate oko +80 AP, +60 Stamina, ili +40 SP. Ako moram da predlazem, rekao bih ENGINEERING i TAILORING.

    Nitro boots su predobre da bi se ignorisale kad je raidovanje u pitanju. Kada zaboravite da se pomerite kad treba u borbi, mozete upaliti Nitro Boots i zahvaljujuci ubrzanju pri kretanju, spasiti sebi zivot. Mozete ih upaliti da bi ste pobegli od udaraca bossa i naterali ga da vas prati, vadeci vas iz sigurne smrti kao tenk (po ceni izgubljenog DPS-a...) A CONTROLLABLE +340 Haste / svaki minut je takodje tesko ignorisati. Ne samo da je Engineering jedina profesija koja daje Haste, vec ga mozete i kontrolisati; znaci mozete ga upaliti kad vi ZELITE. To je ODLICNO.

    Tailoring je moj licni izbor jer ne zahteva bas previse materijala i cesto se pali. Ne bih isao po MP5 enchant, kako god, osim ako ste disc priest. Uzimam MP5 enchante na discu zato sto zelim RAVAN spell power da bih kontrolisao Rupture. Ali to je sve stvar izbora.

    Gde pronaci raid?

    Spoiler: Show

    Ok, sada ste spremni za polazak u raid! Ali... kako?

    Raidovi se obicno mogu naci u GLOBAL chatu. Ako vec niste, prosto napisite "/join global" da bi ste se prikljucili, a"/leave global" da napustite global chat kad god pozelite.

    Obicno one poruke koje su povezane sa raidovima pocinju sa LFM.

    LFM znaci "Looking For Member". Obicno se tu mogu naci podaci o raidu, velicini, klasama koje su potrebne i achievements koje morate imati.

    *interna sala*

    Ako zelite da se prikljucite takvom raidu, whisperujte lidera (onog koji je napisao poruku) sa porukom koja sadrzi vas gearscore, klasu, spec i achievement. Obicno ako vam ne odgovore sa porukom ili pozivom za grupu to znaci da nisu zainteresovani. Nije dobra ideja da spamujete tu osobu sa "INVITE? INVITE? INVITE?" zato sto tako samo mozete zavrsiti na njihovoj ignore listi, sto nije dobro.

    9 od 10 puta, ICC/RS raidovi ce traziti da linkujete vas achievement. Achievementi koje dobijate za ubijanje bossova/zavrsavanje instanci je skoro pa definitivni dokaz lideru/kome god da ste dovoljno iskusni za tu borbu. Ali cuvajte se, uvek postoje igraci koji imaju achievement a nemaju pojma kako da odrade borbu.

    Na primer, ovo je achievement koji dobijate kada ubijete Haliona - Ruby Sanctum:

    Ovo je "dokaz" da ste ovu borbu uspesno odradili barem jednom sto povecava sanse za vas ulazak u raid. Neki raid lideri vam nece uopste ni odgovarati ako odma ne linkujete achievement, sto je tesko za sveze level 80 igrace koji nemaju achievement.

    Nesto malo ozbiljnije - Guild

    Spoiler: Show

    Nakon nekog vremena radeci pugove (raidovanje iz Global chata), bicete umorni od raidovanja sa ljudima koji nemaju pojma kako se ova igrica igra. Potrebno je da pronadjete grupu ljudi koji igraju ovu igricu bas kao i vi. Guild je ono sto vam treba.

    Mnogi guildovi na Icecrownu ce vam sigurno odgovarati. Guildove mozete naci na globalu ili Warmane Forumu (http://forum.warmane.com/forumdisplay.php?f=270).

    Oni sa prve stranice foruma su VEOMA ozbiljni guildovi, tako da u njima nema mesta za sveze levele 80. Ako tu ne mozete naci nijedan, probajte na globalu. Jednostavno se predstavite kao novajlija kojem je potreban guild da nastavi svoj progres u ovoj igrici i sigurno cete naci svoj dom. :)

    Umoran od genericnog UI - Addoni

    Spoiler: Show

    U jednom momentu, primeticete koliko vas ogranicava genericni Blizzard UI tokom raidovanja. Nisu bas dobri jer svako malo morate da gledate po svojim razbacanim spellovima po ekranu da bi ste videli koji vam je proc aktivan i slicno.

    Evo addona koji vam mogu biti od pomoci. Dodati linkovi! Ovi linkove sam ja napravio preko Google Drive tako da bi trebalo da rade. Ako neki ne radi, recite mi.

    Proc Tracking
    - SurgeTrack : Najjednostavniji proc tracking addon koji se lako konfigurise. Instalirajte ga i sve je spremno! Preporucujem onima koji su novi u celoj ovoj prici o Addonima.
    - Cheese : Zahteva malo znanja o otvaranju Lua fajla da bi se editovale neke linije zbog prilagodjavanja vasem ukusu, ali to je CPU&Memory friendly addon koji pokazuje Cataclysm visual proc obavestenja.
    - TellMeWhen : Unapredjen i jos slobodniji za promene SurgeTrack. Preporucujem onima koji su vec probali SurgeTrack i spremni su da koriste nesto sto nudi vise i bolje je.
    - WeakAura for 3.3.5 : Bolja verzija PowerAura. Vraceno je na 3.3.5 verziju od strane nekog korisnika. Link se moze pronaci negde na Warmane Forumu. Apsolutan CPU-hog ako pratite puno Aura odjednom. Preporucujem onima sa dobrim CPU i osnovnim znanjem o kodiranju. (conditionals su dovoljni.)

    Boss Mods
    Ovi ce vam addoni pomoci u borbama!
    - DBM : DeadlyBossMods. Najpoznatiji mod. Radi svoj posao. CPU-hog.
    - DXE : Deus Vox Encounters. Moj omiljeni. Nije radio na proslom core i nisam ga probao od tada. Zelim da ga probam i vidim kakav je!
    - Bigwigs : Moj drugi omiljeni. Prosta kustomizacija. CPU-light (skoro nista). Obavestenja nisu ucestala kao kod DBM-a sto je i dobro i lose.

    DPS / HPS meter / Aggro meter
    - Skada : Preporucujem. Prikazuje Absorb+Healing uradjen i manji pritisak radi na CPU nego Recount.
    - Recount : Radi isto sto i Skada!
    - Omen : Aggro meter za tenkove / DPS.

    - ElvUI : Kompletna zamena za Blizz UI. Laka i VELIKA mogucnost kustomizacije! Pojednostavljuje i minimalizuje. Ovako moj ElvUI izgleda.
    Spoiler: Show

    - LUI : Takodje kompletna zamena Blizz UI. Manje kustomizacije i APSOLUTNI CPU-hog. Prelep dizajn.
    NOTE : LUI ima drugaciji nacin za instaliranje addona. Morate zameniti CEO Interface folder. Na trenutni Interface folder stavite "back-up" na kraju imena ili nesto slicno po cemu cete znati da se vratite na taj folder ako nesto podje po zlu sa novim, a novi Interface folder koji skidate ovim linkom premestite na mesto starog.
    - MSBT : Zamena za Blizz Scrolling UI. Osrednji CPU-hog, ali jedini dobar scrolling battletext.
    - OmniCC - Pokazuje Cooldown tekst iznad spell ikonice! Kompatibilno sa skoro svim ostalim addonima koji se nalaze na ekranu. (TellMeWhen, na primer).
    - PallyPower - Obavezan addon za Paladine. Pomaze pri buffovanju raida!

    Raid Istorija

    Spoiler: Show

    Ovo ce vam pomoci da ZAVIRITE u raidove. Ovo definitivno nije apsolutni vodic/tutorial za ove raidove.


    Lokacija : Dragonblight
    Borbi : 15
    Preporucljiv iLvl : 190(10), 200(25)

    Veoma lagan raid koji nema intezivne taktike u borbama. Sastoji se od 4 krila koja se mogu odraditi u bilo kojem redosledu i kada se sva 4 odrade, peto krilo u kojem se nalaze Sapphiron i Kel'Thuzad ce se otvoriti. Nakon 3.3 patcha, igraci mogu pristupiti Sapphironu i Kel'Thuzadu bez ciscenja cele instance. Za Naxxramas ne postoji Heroic mode.

    Titule koje se ovde mogu uzeti : The Undying [10] / The Immortal [25] , Conqueror of Naxxramas [Realm First Naxxramas]


    Lokacija : The Storm Peak
    Borbi : 14
    Preporucljiv iLvl : 200(10), 220(25)

    Drugi raid u WotLK-u. Koncept "Hard Mode" se pojavio ovde. Da bi se zapoceo "Hard Mode", igraci su morali da odrade specificne stvari na svakom bossu. Neki bossovi nisu imali Hard Mode. Dizajnirano je tako da ako se odrade 4 bossa na Hard Mode, dodatni bonus boss bi se pojavio, njegovo ime je Algalon the Observer.

    Brza Istorija
    Spoiler: Show

    Brza Istorija : Nakon sto su Titani pobedili Stare Bogove, shvatili su da bi smrt Starih Bogova znacila unistenje Azerotha. Titani odlucise da zatvore Stare Bogove i naprave razna stvorenja (vrykuls, mecha gnomes, earthen) da cuvaju taj zatvor. Zatvor Yogg'Sarona je bio Ulduar i 4 cuvara su bila Freya, Hodir, Mimiron i Thorim. Kako god, Yogg'Saron je prokleo sva ova stvorenja kletvom koja se zove "Kletva Mesa" koja pretvori njihova tela prvobitno napravljena od metala i kamena u meso. Ovo je poreklo rasa Azerotha (Vrykul -> Human, Mecha Gnomes -> Gnomes, Earthen -> Dwarves ILI Troggs (Korumpirana verzija su Troggs)). Naime, Yogg'Saron je uspeo da korumpira 4 cuvara i unisti sve sto je hteo da unisti. Iz tog razloga heroji Azerotha stupaju na scenu.

    Nakon ubijanja svih 4 cuvara u Hard Mode, igraci su obavesteni da Algalon the Observer koji je predstavnik Titana dolazi u Ulduar da izmeri kolika je pretnja ova korupcija za Azeroth. Naravno, po njemu, svi ti ljudi, patuljci i gnomovi koji trce unaokolo su nista vise od korupcije, rezultat Kletve Mesa od strane Yogg'Sarona. Igraci imaju jedan sat da ubiju Algalona, u protivnom ce on aktivirati Code Alpha, sto znaci planetarna reorganizacija Azerotha. U Halls of Lightning, igracima je objasnjeno da "planetarna reorganizacija" znaci da ce se sve pretvoriti u cestice, u osnovne elemente; vatra, zemlja, vetar and voda.

    Kada ga pobedite, Algalon kaze da je odusevljen hrabroscu heroja Azerotha i predaje Code Delta (znaci dobro je proslo) IGRACIMA da ponesu na najvisu tacku u Azerothu (Dalaran). Zasto to nije uradio sam? Ne znam.

    Titule koje se mogu uzeti u ovoj instanci : Conqueror of Ulduar, Starcaller, The Astral Walker, Death's Demise [Realm First Yogg'Saron +0g], Celestial Defender [Realm First Algalon]

    Trial of the Crusader

    Lokacija : North East of Icecrown
    Borbi : 5
    Preporucljiv iLvl : 220(10), 240(25)

    Treci raid WotLK-a. Pustanje TOC-a je bio kraj Ulduaru jer je nudio MNOGO brzi i bolji loot. Prvi Heroic Mode koji je zahtevao veci iLvl / DPS / HPS / Osecaj za igru. Verovatno i najcesci raid na globalu sa skoro nikakvim zahtevima. (Oko 5k gs i mozete poceti!)

    Brza Istorija
    Spoiler: Show

    Tirion Foldring testira da li ste vi i vasi prijatelji spremni da se suocite sa The Lich Kingom u Icecrown Citadel.

    spoiler : Arthas dolazi da vas iznenadi.

    Titule koje se mogu uzeti u ovoj instanci : The Argent Defender, Grand Crusader [Realm First TOGC 50 Attempts]

    Icecrown Citadel

    Lokacija : Icecrown
    Borbi : 12
    Preporucljiv iLvl : 240(10), 250(25)

    Cetvrti i poslednji GLAVNI raid WotLK-a. Jedan od najbolje zapamcenih raidova. Prvi put da se koristilo dinamicno raidovanje. (Mogucnost da se promeni izmedju normal i heroic u samom raidu) Kraj pokvarenog-detinjastog-oce-ubice.



    Istorija nije potrebna.

    Titule koje se mogu uzeti u ovoj instanci : the Kingslayer, Bane of the Fallen King, The Light of Dawn

    Ruby Sanctum

    Lokacija : Icecrown
    Borbi : 4
    Preporucljiv iLvl : 250(10), 260(25)

    Finalni raid u WotLK-u koji najavljuje dolazak Deathwinga i pocetak Kataklizme. Stvarno nema niceg specijalnog u vezi ovog raida osim cinjenice da Halion ima jednu milijardu HP-a na 25 Heroic Mode sto je ludo.

    Brza Istorija
    Spoiler: Show

    Unistenje Obisidan Sanctuma je naljutilo Crne Zmajeve. Ujedinili su se sa zmajevima sumraka (zmajevi napravljeni vestackim putem uz pomoc crne magije u Grim Batolu) i napali utociste Crvenih zmajeva; Ruby Sanctum. Zato je jedan "prsten" slomljen na slici.

    Halion je "lider" koji je verovatno najveci zmaj sumraka u WotLKu. On koristi magiju senke i vatre da bi nas podsetio da je zmaj sumraka.


    Spoiler: Show

    Mart 21.2017
    - Dopisao
    - Dodao Download linkove za sve addone.
    - Dodao uputstva za instaliranje LUI addona.
    - Dodao PallyPower u listu addona.

    Ako imate informaciju o necemu sto je pogresno, obavestite me o tome u komentarima ispod. Bice popravljeno sto pre.

    Ako imate pitanja, takodje komentarisite ispod. Bilo ko ce biti vise neko srecan da vam pomogne.

    Guide je napisao Zelda1220 a ne ja, ja sam ga samo preveo.
    Isto kao sto on kaze da mu prijavite greske u samom vodicu, tako i ja trazim da mi prijavite greske u prevodjenju, molim vas odgovarajte na engleskom ako cete pisati u ovom threadu ili mi napisite privatnu poruku ako bas mora na srpskom.
    Edited: March 21, 2017

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