1. Outland: The Burning Crusade realm announcement

    Greetings Warmane community,

    We are proud and exuberant to announce that Warmane will soon offer a realm that will feature The Burning Crusade expansion. It has been etched in our minds for many years, a subject we were always keen on taking on but always stayed away due to the poorly realized emulation and our will to deliver a quality gaming experience. Many staff members recall it as our favourite expansion and it took a toll on us to decline player suggestions of it ever coming to fruition. It has been only a faint dream for both the Warmane community and us, until now.

    The way we designed Lordaeron was always so its content can be versatile and immediately implemented on other expansions we have offered. What we also, immediately realized is because the content is so versatile, it can go backwards as well. Whilst Lordaeron was taking its shape, so was Outland, slowly but surely, adapting itself to Lordaeron's image and quality.

    And so it was born, in summer of 2016, first ever Burning Crusade realm forged by Warmane, based on the legendary Lordaeron and the new Icecrown realm. Over the many months since then, we have spent perfecting it until it lived up to the Warmane name.

    The realm itself offers something unseen before when it comes to the Burning Crusade projects. As the thread name itself suggests, Warmane has left its mark of purity and completeness on it. Therefore on its launch, it will mark many firsts in the world of TBC emulation. The realm will offer a truly unique experience and on it's launch it will be the most complete Burning Crusade realm in the world. Among many features, here are some worthwhile mentions:

    • Remarkable stability and performance, bearing player amounts similar to Icecrown, if not higher.
    • Properly working transports in the truest sense of the word, collision calculations, pathfinding on the transports for players, NPCs and pets.
    • Pathfinding in all instances, the world and arenas in which years of development went in.
    • Fully working spells, mechanics and such, based on many years of experience that went into creating and running tournament realms.
    • Outstanding and proven record anti-cheat with frequent updates, optimizations, anti-spamming detection systems and shadow punishment systems ensuring that being a cheater never pays off.
    • Fully working dungeons and raids with tiniest details taken into account.
    • Fully working quests, events and outstanding quality of such. Instead of writing a thousand words, we'll let them speak by themselves. Examples can be found below at the end of the thread.

    As months of development have been poured into the project, the realm design has been an ongoing subject of discussion among ourselves. Whilst the realm provides outstanding quality and could easily be a x1 realm we have decided to provide a realm designed for the majority of the playerbase we serve, a high-rate PvP realm. If there is enough demand, an x1 realm can be provided at a later time. The design of the realm will be as following:
    • x5 experience rate.
    • All other rates will be x1.
    • The realm will be progression based.

    We are dedicated to provide a worthwhile experience for both heroes that are driven to defeat the most challenging content and those who seek to fight for glory in Arenas and Battlegrounds. Outland will exceed any other TBC realm in quality, performance, stability and reliability in the same way our Wrath of the Lich King realms tower over anything else. We invite everyone to join us on our Public Test Realm and try out the content themselves. The PTR is scheduled to appear on our list of realms on April 11, 2017!

    This is just a small piece of quality content Outland will offer, more will come. Examples can be found below:

    See you in Outland,

  2. hehe tbc realm would be nice but today is good date to trick people as well

  3. Was just about to believe this then remembered the date good job lol

  4. awh man !
    They sure put a lot of effort into it... dang

  5. Look at the videos people, this is legit stuff.

  6. ok......................................

  7. I found the WoD announcement last year way more distressing. Like, why focus on the worst expansion when there is other work to be done :D.

  8. Look at the videos people, this is legit stuff.
    I dont know.. it looks real, but I just get sceptical about everything on this date.

  9. Inception -> Deception
    you got me there lel

  10. If this is legit, couldn't they have picked a better date to announce it? Seems fishy :D

  11. Let's hope it wont turn out like the 'New Core' update on Icecrown.

  12. Haha I sure hope it's real, I've been craving for a good TBC server and don't want to play other that's not from Warmane.

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