1. Yes it will. You can download from the button up there.

    Well it makes sense that if 1st phase is 15 days.
    2nd phase should be at least 15 days+... *speculation*

  2. Can upload ur own warmane launcher for this tbc realm pls?
    Yes please!!!!

  3. Man this will sound too dramatic but still, my body is currently working irl,, but my soul is raging toward this,, and my mind is somewhere around the Nagrands floating land.

  4. Oh my gooooddddd i'm going nuts in the good way i loved the burning crusade and honestly after reading that it was coming once more i got really thrilled and nuts i love you guys at warmane keep doing the great job

  5. Okay the day is comming. But for the fanatics like me, can you tell the time :)

  6. Will we keep the characters from phase 1 after transition to phase 2 in the state they will be at the moment? For example i level character Joethehealer to the lvl 70 at phase 1 and will get some gear from let's say Karazhan. Will I have this same character in phase 2 with the gear/reputations/inventory from phase 1?

  7. Awesome :D you guys should also do a vanilla 1x rate server it would be insane xD

  8. Good new everyone!
    Tastes like... Cherry! Oh! Excuse me!

  9. Is there a specific time the PTR will open or will it be from midnight ? just so i know when not to try log in haha!

  10. Down to hours..... The tension is so thick you could choke....

  11. "All times are GMT. The time now is 06:12 PM."

    so around of 6 hours left?

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