1. Just pick the side that you like the most look/lore wise, both sides are pretty much equally good. Horde has lower queue times than ally, which results in more 15m premades but that doesn't mean you can't win. Since you are a gearing person the human racial won't blow you away it grows exponentially in power at endgame gear.

    Both sides have friendly people and have people that spread negativity in the bg chat, just tell them to either play or /afk to make room for people that want to play.

    Both sides have equal winrate in solo que from my experience as a person that plays both sides, both factions also have healthy pvp guilds it's just a matter or preference and meeting the joining requirements.

    Both sides zerg, especially when you play with a premade that intents to top the scoreboard.

    Edit: this is pretty much an unbiased opinion, since there are some wannabe faction heroes here using this thread as an excuse to just bash the other faction.
    Edited: April 21, 2017

  2. Premades vs pugs usually a stomp for the premade, unless it's those "special" proteus or warbringer premades where the players are mostly actual apes then pugs may win. Pugs vs pugs I will say alliance wins more, and for arenas I will go alliance as well.

    Edit: Premades vs premades don't know
    Edited: April 21, 2017

  3. Horde wins more BGs(2pm - 10pm EU time) and has better gear, Allies win more arenas.

  4. Edit: Premades vs premades don't know
    there is no such a thing as premade vs premade : due to que time it is impossible to make decent premade on alliance time, while horde can que up 20 ppl with AV enabler and get instant inv

  5. Stop missinforming people, every BG is pure ez win by the horde, talking about EU times, only in the morning Allies win, but what European can play then?
    I have a horde and ally char.
    Horde ez gear, ALLY was hard to lvl up plus even harder to gear up.

  6. Hey there! :)

    Which faction would you say is the most 'healthy' experience for a PvP player who is gearing- BST/GMT +1 (EU Time)
    Not what wins the most, because that is subjective.

    What faction would you say has:

    * The most friendly and healthy PvP guilds
    * The fastest BG queue times
    * Zergs the least and plays for objectives

    I did try to look for posts around this topic, but it just brought up posts with people flaming each other about which side won the most. Which isn't what I'm after :/
    I don't really know much about the guilds. Fastest queue times is mostly for horde so it would be great if you're gearing up and want that fast honor farm. As for playing for objectives, it's really random most of the time. Depends on the time and the group.

  7. Join best guild pvp and pve

  8. No such thing as "healthy", "gg" or people playing for objectives in warmane. CS:GO public servers will give you more "gg" compared to the never ending circus here. This picture is the best description of what warmane battlegrounds look like

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